Meaning of 择

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(Trad.: 擇)
English Definition: to select; to choose; to pick over; to pick out; to differentiate; to eliminate; also pr. [zhai2]
Chinese Definition:
Total strokes: 8; Radical:
Character Formation:
Similar Characters: 驿
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 择
Example Words
选择 xuǎn to select; to pick; choice; option; alternative
抉择 jué to choose (literary)
不择手段 shǒu duàn by fair means or foul; by hook or by crook; unscrupulously
选择题 xuǎn multiple-choice question
择偶 ǒu to choose a spouse
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Example Sentences
The authors point out that there are two factors at play: supply, or who's available in the market to marry at any given time, and demand, people's choices of who they'd be willing to marry.
Use "pull" not" push" to help them make hard choices and don't let your own fear of the unknown dictate what your children should or shouldn't do.
Tons of sports you can choose from: weight lifting, running, strength training, swimming, etc.
And for the romantics among us, maybe sometimes we're just lucky enough to fall in love with the right person, regardless or perhaps unaware of "mate value.
And then you might raise all sorts of questions about, well, was this part of God's plan that they ought to know this and should know this, so that their choice for good actually becomes meaningful.