Meaning of 承前启后

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chéng qián hòu (Trad.: 承前啟後)
to follow the past and herald the future (idiom); part of a historical transition; forming a bridge between earlier and later stages
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Antonyms: 空前绝后
Example Sentences
ROIC is a bridge in UV FPA system uniting UV detectors array and signal processing circuit.
It needs no saying that this meeting is of great significance, as it serves as a link between past and present.
Its common, popular features play an important role of taking over from the past and set a new course for the future in the course of development and change of modem literature.
The years from 1996 to 2010 are a critical time for china to carry forward the cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics.
We think that Shangshu serves as a link between the past and the future in the development of the history of Chinese language.