Meaning of 怅然若失

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chàng rán ruò shī (Trad.: 悵然若失)
to be in a despondent mood (idiom)
Related Words
Antonyms: 得意忘形
Example Sentences
I thought again of their family circle and felt the sharp ache of emptiness I thought I had grown accustomed to.
A child stood looking with wistful eyes at the toys in the window.
A flash of red hair flew in front of her face. Her heart leaped for a moment, then flattened when she realized that it wasn' t Fiona.
I cleared my throat. I got up, rummaged through a drawer of old washers, and found a pack of Camels I'd stashed for mornings when I felt lost without bourbon.
And any argument between us would not cause me to lose heart or feel a sense of loss.