Meaning of 异域

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(Trad.: 異域)
foreign country; alien land
Related Words
Synonym: 他乡 异乡 异地
Antonyms: 故乡
Example Sentences
The once exotic fruit now can be found in most supermarkets.
For the truth is that America's next president does indeed have a biography that is worlds apart - and, yes, more exotic - than the rest of his fellow citizens.
A pity, because her icy qualities and exotic looks could have made her a far bigger star.
Just as some of the youth in Japan attempt to appropriate parts of American culture, I too (and I'm sure there are others!) tried to grasp at the allure of this foreign aesthetic and make it my own.
Other linguists in the earlier part of this century, however, who were less eager to deal with bizarre data from "exotic" language, were not always so grateful.