Meaning of 厄运

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è yùn (Trad.: 厄運)
bad luck; misfortune; adversity
Related Words
Synonym: 倒霉 灾祸 恶运
Example Sentences
They cannot solve the problem they face because they have offered no challenge but only a call to arms, which they themselves are unwilling to lead, knowing that doom would be its reward.
Be there to set them straight about the facts and tone down those doom and gloom reports.
There are many more, I fear, colleagues whose fates, we have to prepare for the worst.
Instead of dwelling on gloom and doom, they should appeal to American optimism, emphasising that the problem can probably be solved after all, and cheaper and faster than anyone thinks.
Fortunately, if life has taken root in the Alpha Centauri system, it is not likely to suffer this fate.