Meaning of 运

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(Trad.: 運)

Total strokes: 8; Radical: ; Structure: 辶 + 云
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 运

Pinyin: yùn
English Definition: to move; to transport; to use; to apply; fortune; luck; fate
Example Words:
运行 [ yùn xíng ]: to move along one's course (of celestial bodies etc); (fig.) to function; to be in operation; (of a train service etc) to operate; to run; (of a computer) to run
运算 [ yùn suàn ]: (mathematical) operation
托运 [ tuō yùn ]: to consign (goods); to check through (baggage)
运用 [ yùn yòng ]: to use; to put to use
运输 [ yùn shū ]: transport; haulage; transit; Classifiers: