Meaning of 劳顿

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láo dùn (Trad.: 勞頓)
(literary) fatigued; wearied
Related Words
Antonyms: 休息
Example Sentences
Today I want to touch upon something I think is important, but all too easy to forget when you' re out to make money and cut those day-job shackles from your ankles.
That night, both my husband and I were very tired from our trip and we went to bed exhausted.
You avoid the travel to and from class, and on the Internet it is easy to cancel or change your tutor whenever you want.
I didn' t know Browner before I interviewed her, but was impressed with her; my friend Governor Lawton Chiles thought highly of her; and Al Gore wanted her to have the job.
It was only a slight attack of faintness, resulting from the tedious day's journey, and the excitement of arrival.