Meaning of 兔死狐悲

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lit. if the rabbit dies, the fox grieves (idiom); fig. to have sympathy with a like-minded person in distress
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Antonyms: 幸灾乐祸
Example Sentences
The idiom, "The fox is sad at the death of the hare, " comes from the story above, illustrating how one feels sad for the death or misfortunes of his companions.
Some, among his own tribesmen and in parts of sub-Saharan Africa that received his largesse, may mourn his demise.
Perhaps the cicada effect, also perhaps the like grieves for like, after all especially will detect the group with difficulty from peacefully, behind will possibly create effect difficult material.
The rabbit and fox are both considered to be smart and resourceful, so the saying "When the rabbit dies, the fox grieves" describes the bond between opponents who are also kindred spirits.