Meaning of 假扮

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jiǎ bàn
to impersonate; to act the part of sb; to disguise oneself as sb else
Example Sentences
Posing as a teacher, Ternovskiy got access to some practice tests before they were delivered to his school.
More than twice my size, she seemed too solid and stout to be real, especially when compared to the skinny body of the boy I had assumed.
Who they wanted to be, or pretend to be to themselves, their family and friends, really has nothing to do with what they own or buy.
She and her ugly daughter came to the castle when the queen had a little baby, and one of them pretended to be a nurse, and at last got the mother and child into their power.
But some simple software lets just about anyone sitting next to you at your local coffee shop watch you browse the Web and even assume your identity online.