Meaning of 乐不思蜀

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shǔ (Trad.: 樂不思蜀)
indulge in pleasure and forget home and duty (idiom)
Example Sentences
But the new rules to a new concern, if you do not forget reluctant to leave when the new transfer missed the best time, it does not matter, your instructors to retain the skills, you can come back up.
Get drunk when you're trying to impress. Stockton has encountered several interns who spend too long in the bar then struggle to get up for induction the next morning.
Home?Well, no one is earned it more. Don't get too comfortable. I may call on you before long.
But what was to be a punishment for Carl has' proved a prize: makes friends with the fishermen, she falls in love with a girl of the place and does not want more 'return home.
"We cannot stay here forever, thought it is so delightful, " said Madame Beaumont .