Meaning of 一览无余

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lǎn (Trad.: 一覽無餘)
to cover all at one glance (idiom); a panoramic view
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Example Sentences
One consequence is never more obvious than at this time of year, when hundreds of thousands of college freshmen move into their dorms and promptly begin destroying their laundry.
First of all, you need to pick a location where you can go that will allow you to have a clear view of the sky without obstructions. You should also have minimal interference from city lights.
But his famous impatience is still close to thesurface.
These are the Big Six, quite literally, the in-your-face emotions - the ones that everyone the world over exhibits with the same dramatic and characteristic facial expressions.
His criticism (though he is a most composite double- sexed creature who should not have a designating personal pronoun) is all-revealing.