Meaning of 一视同仁

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shì tóng rén (Trad.: 一視同仁)
to treat everyone equally favorably (idiom); not to discriminate between people
Example Sentences
He told them that in our area, we are known as a refuge; we treat all victims of the conflict equally, no matter what side they' re on.
In a chapter called, "Of the Office of the Sovereign Representative," Hobbes argues that justice be equally administered to all classes of people, rich, as well as poor, equal application of justice.
Government-run schooling must be equally accessible to all citizens regardless of their ethnic or religious backgrounds, gender, or physical disabilities.
But for this competition to benefit us both, it must take place on a level playing field with rules that are clear and treat all countries fairly and equally.
"If all revenues are not equally profitable, and some are not profitable at all, why do virtually all sales compensation systems treat all revenues as equally desirable?