Meaning of 面

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(Trad.: 麵)

Total strokes: 9; Radical: ; Structure: 面 + *
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 面

Pinyin: miàn
English Definition: face; side; surface; aspect; top; classifier for flat surfaces such as drums, mirrors, flags etc; flour; noodles; (of food) soft (not crunchy); (slang) (of a person) ineffectual; spineless
Example Words:
局面 [ miàn ]: aspect; phase; situation
面貌 [ miàn mào ]: appearance; face; features; Classifiers:
平面 [ píng miàn ]: plane (flat surface); print media
场面 [ chǎng miàn ]: scene; spectacle; occasion; situation
书面 [ shū miàn ]: in writing; written