Meaning of 见

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(Trad.: 見)
Total strokes: 4; Radical:
Ideographic: Simplified form of 見; a man with the eye emphasized
Character Formation:
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 见
  • Pinyin: jiàn

    English Definition: to see; to meet; to appear (to be sth); to interview
    Example Words:
    看见 [ kàn jiàn ]: to see; to catch sight of
    再见 [ zài jiàn ]: goodbye; see you again later
    见面 [ jiàn miàn ]: to meet; to see each other; Classifiers:
    意见 [ jiàn ]: idea; opinion; suggestion; objection; complaint; Classifiers:
    可见 [ jiàn ]: it can clearly be seen (that this is the case); it is (thus) clear; clear; visible
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  • Pinyin: xiàn

    English Definition: to appear; also written
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