Meaning of 紧张

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(Trad.: 緊張)
nervous; keyed up; intense; tense; strained; in short supply; scarce; Classifiers:

Related Words

Synonym: 紧急 吃紧

Antonyms: 从容 松弛 松懈 镇静 放松

Example Sentences

  • 告诉我们他们为什么紧张
    Now, tell me why they should be more nervous?
  • 当然紧张因为第一次现场演出可不任何差错
    I’m nervous because this will be my first live show so I cannot make any mistakes.
  • 如果事情变得紧张父母记住他们为了孩子不是他们自己
    If things get tense, parents need to remember that they are there for the children, not themselves.
  • 什么事情使这样紧张?
    What's she so nervous about?
  • 喜欢高跟鞋它们紧张尽管我们看上去漂亮
    Oh,I do not like heels. They make me nervous, though they make us prettier.