Meaning of 松懈

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sōng xiè (Trad.: 鬆懈)
to relax; to relax efforts; to slack off; to take it easy; complacent; undisciplined
Related Words
Synonym: 松弛 懈弛
Antonyms: 紧张 警惕 紧密
Example Sentences
If slacking off is an accepted and unwritten practice among colleagues, young professionals should think of changing - not themselves - but jobs.
This is not to help your slacking, mind you.
If you find yourself slacking from time to time, then you need a good motivation boost.
It' s an inspiration when I'm tempted to slack off on my saving or my career.
On the other hand, if you share your goals with your significant other, they can keep you accountable and remind you when you' re slacking.