Meaning of 石涛

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shí tāo (Trad.: 石濤)
Shi Tao (1642-1707), Chinese landscape painter and poet
Example Sentences
Chinese flower-and-bird painting is an important part in Chinese painting; it creates several peaks in art history, and shows different styles in periods.
Through research and discussion in the last part mainly talks about that the important impacts on paintings which are from Chinese culture of calligraphy.
The first section mainly talks about Shi Tao's drawing stage, the style characteristic, esthetics thought meanwhile makes an outline and analysis.
It is similar to "lighting" proposed by Haidegger, a great master of the Western phenomenology, who pondered over the essence of truth and advocated the theory.
Chapter one and two give a brief introduction to the social and historical background of the society Shi Tao lived, the status quo of the painting circles at that time as well as his life experiences;