Meaning of 牵线

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(Trad.: 牽線)
to pull strings; to manipulate (a puppet); to control from behind the scene; to mediate

Example Sentences

  • 永远不会停止别人牵线因为喜欢而且使双方从中受益如果请求帮忙后续跟进表现那么几乎可以肯定下次可不
    I'll never stop doing this part of my job because I enjoy it and it's a great way to help folks on both sides, but poor follow ups are a sure way to make sure that favor won't be repeated.
  • 其次大约一年以前时间努力公司之间牵线希望促成它们达成商业合作关系
    Second, I facilitated an introduction between the companies about a year ago, and spent time with both parties trying to figure out a commercial relationship.
  • 事实上我们初创公司投资人牵线它们会面根本没有邀请微软
    In fact, we've never even invited them to the demo days we organize for startups to present to investors.
  • 记住一旦别人牵线不再仅仅代表自己而是同时代表介绍
    Remember that once you've engaged, you're no longer just representing yourself, but the person who made the introduction as well.
  • 但是那个拥有公司股票有钱叔叔打电话从中斡旋幕后牵线马上雇用
    However, after my rich uncle who owns stock in the company called there and pulled the strings, I was hired right away.