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Pinyin: cáo
English Definition: class or grade; generation; plaintiff and defendant (old); government department (old); surname Cao; Zhou Dynasty vassal state
Chinese Definition:
Total strokes: 11; Radical:
Character Formation:
  • Above to below
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Example Words
阴曹 yīn cáo hell; the inferno
萧规曹随 xiāo guī cáo suí lit. Xiao's 萧何 (idiom); fig. to strictly adhere to the policies of the predecessor; to follow precedent
身在曹营心在汉 shēn zài cáo yíng xīn zài hàn live in Cao camp but have the heart in Han camp (idiom); to be somewhere while longing to be somewhere else
曹丕 cáo Cao Pi (187-226), second son of Cao Cao 曹操 , king then emperor of Cao Wei 曹魏 from 220, ruled as Emperor Wen 魏文帝 , also a noted calligrapher
曹参 cáo cān Cao Can (-190 BC), second chancellor of Han Dynasty, contributed to its founding by fighting on Liu Bang's 刘邦 [Liu2 Bang1] side during the Chu-Han Contention 楚汉战争 [Chu3 Han4 Zhan4 zheng1]; also pr. [Cao2 Shen1]
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Example Sentences
"Many women earned less [in] bonuses this year, " says Mr. Cao.
Mr. Cao, the Beijing flight company owner, said the state meteorological agency also must be consulted.
"It is the first time for us to find such an existence in the excavation history, " Cao said.
Like Pinocchio, he suffers from a nose that grows longer every time he tells a lie.
Sentencing was adjourned for an hour after Cao collapsed in the dock where he had sat throughout the three-week trial beside security officers and a translator.