Meaning of 富有

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rich; full of

Related Words

Synonym: 宽裕 富裕 富饶

Antonyms: 贫穷 贫苦 贫寒 贫乏

Example Sentences

  • 有些认为富有
    Some people suppose me to be wealthy.
  • 如果个人富有
    If that were true, everyone would be rich.
  • 多么富有
    How rich I am!
  • 如果更多以前富有为什么成为其中
    If more people are getting richer than ever, why shouldn’t you be one of them?
  • 是的我们传达信息我们爸爸接收一样我们出生富有
    So our message to you is the same message we received from our rich dads: "We are all born rich.