Meaning of 贫困

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pín kùn (Trad.: 貧困)
impoverished; poverty
Related Words
Synonym: 贫苦 贫穷
Antonyms: 富裕 富有 丰裕
Example Sentences
Younger and better educated than their predecessors, they are motivated less by the poverty of the countryside than by the opportunity of the city.
Again, this is just a very brief introduction to the causes of Third World poverty, but it serves as an illustration for what we in the First World can do to help.
Where I once saw only poverty, I learned to see systemic inequality and the possibility of change.
The first Hope School, funded by UNESCO to educate poor children, opened in FENGNING COUNTY in Sept. 1993.
Advocates of the Welfare system say that by giving money to the poor - either unemployed, or low income, helps them to survive - but often there is no means to get them out of the rut they are in.