Meaning of 国语

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guó (Trad.: 國語)
Chinese language (Mandarin), emphasizing its national nature; Chinese as a primary or secondary school subject; Chinese in the context of the Nationalist Government; Guoyu, book of historical narrative c. 10th-5th century BC
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Antonyms: 方言 外语 雅言
Example Sentences
As for fun, many youngsters prefer the roaring genre to mandarin.
and therefore, students are no longer have a good command of mandarin as before.
The national language of Singapore is Malay for historical reasons, and it is used in the national anthem.
A native of California and the child of Chinese immigrants from Hong Kong, Kwan speaks Cantonese and Mandarin.
Mayday's songs are written mostly in Min Nan (Twnese dialect) and Mandarin.