Degrees of Affinity: Studies in Comparative Literature

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This book explores the affinity between literature and people, with special attention given to that between Chinese literature and western literature in the 20th century, and underscores the role played by translation therein as well. Professor Wang Zuoliang was pioneering in bringing forth the concept of “affinity” in talking about interactions between literature and people, which has won great compliment from both critics and common readers in China and abroad. As he points out, “momentous changes often occur when a foreign literature satisfies a sore need of an indigenous literature, thus developing a strong affinity.”

About the Author

As a prominent literary critic, literary historian, translator and 20th-centuryChinese poet, Professor Wang Zuoliang (1916‒1995) has played a uniquepart in English education in China. His research interests range widely, from English literature through comparative literature to translation and cultural studies, fields in which he has made outstanding accomplishments.
Table of Contents
序言 Preface

壹 论文学间的契合
On Affinity Between Literatures

第一部分 文学之间
Part One Across Literatures

贰 两位早期的译者
Two Early Translators

叁 鲁迅
Lu Xun

肆 鲁迅与西方文学
Lu Xun and Western Literature

伍 中国的现代诗
Modernist Poetry in China

陆 一个中国诗人
A Chinese Poet

柒 译诗与写诗
The Poet as Translator

捌 我译乔伊斯、彭斯和其他
On Translating Joyce, Burns and Others

第二部分 几类不同的契合
Part Two Kinds of Affinity

玖 查尔斯•兰姆和约翰•韦伯斯特
Charles Lamb and John Webster

拾 肖恩•奥凯西在中国
Sean O'Casey in China

拾壹 论休•麦克迪尔米德
Thoughts on Hugh MacDiarmid

Degrees of Affinity: Studies in Comparative Literature