City Gates

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This is an excellent work that advances people's spirit levels in the experience of nirvana.The scene and ending of City Gates,that the nature demonstrated ifs power,is a breakthrough that rep—resents both,phenomenally,the profundity of traditional influenc—es on contemporary novel characterization,and,essentially,a very good solution to endow literature works with vigor and vitality through the appeal of artistic figures; it is also a useful exploration of resoMng the difficulties in inheriting the cultural power.

About Author

Wang Hai is the vice president of ' Shaanxi Writer's Association and Xianyang Federation of Literary and Art Circies, resident writer of Ocean Universifit of China, honor ary dean of Xianyang Literature Research Institute, Major works of Wang Hai include: The Ghost Mountain, which is a collection of short stories; novels The OLd Tomb, Prisoner, Paradise, Clty Gates. In 2006, one of Wang Hai's novels, Paradise was adapted into Long Gone the Bell Tone, a stage play, by Shaanxi People's Art Theater, The play was awarded the “outstanding play” by the Ministry of Culture of People's Republic of China and was selected to cast on the China Drama Centennial Memorial and National Outstand- ing Drama Performance lunched by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Ministry of Culture of People's Republic of China. The novel was recommended as one of the “mus- read books in Chinese'l on the Frankfurf Internationai Book Fair in 2009, City Gates won the national prize of “Five-One Project” of Shaanxi province in 2012, and was adapted into a movie by the same name by Changchun Film Studio.

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Aria S.Rose's mother could no longer sit still at home.She felt as depressed as the weather.She went to the prefectural government,because she was really eager to see Aria S.Rose settled down with a family of her own.She knew that something would go wrong if Aria S.Rose and Hulky Boldian Li were not married soon.They were adults.She feared that they would make mistakes,which would bring shame and disgrace on her daughter and herself.She was worried about them every day.She did not allow Aria S.Rose to go to Li's place nor sleep out.
Aria S.Rose was sick that day.With a sight of her daughter throwing up,she was nearly scared to death,because she was afraid that Aria S.Rose was pregnant.She persuaded Aria S.Rose to see the doctor,but Aria S.Rose refused.She cried that night.She said,My girl,please go to the hospital tomorrow.I will go with you.Otherwise,I will be worried all day."Aria S.Rose looked her up and down in silence.She said,"You are not the only one that is unmarried and pregnant.It is not a shame.Go the hospital with me.I promise that you will not suffer any pain during abortion."
Aria S.Rose did not say a word,leaving Victor Patrick Sr.outside impatiently listening to the conversation behind the portiere.He barged in and said,"We must keep the shame at home.Do not let anyone else know."He put some money on the table and said to Aria S.Rose,"Do not go to Li's place before the wedding.If you do,I will break your leg."
City Gates