Chinese Made Easy 3rd Ed (Traditional Chracters) Vol 2 - Workbook

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Author: Ma Yamin; Li Xinying;
Language: Traditional Chinese, English
Page: 208
Publication Date: 07/2015
ISBN: 9789620437069
Publisher: Joint Publishing (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
Series: Chinese Made Easy 3rd Ed (Traditional Characters)
The third edition of Chinese Made Easy (Books1-7) is written for primary 5 or 6 students and secondary school and university students who are learning Chinese as a foreign/ second language.

This series is also designed for young students taking exams such as SATⅡ, IGCSE, IB, HSK, or for those students who are starting to learn Chinese on their own. Here is a table for reference:
Books 1-3    IGCSE Foreign Language(UK)
Books 1-4    HSK Levels1-4(China)
Books 1-5    IGCSE Second Language(UK), HSK Levels1-5(China),AP(US),SAT(US)
Books 6-7    HSK Level 6(China), IB BS Level, IB BH Level
This series will introduce approximately 1800 characters.
The textbook and workbook are separate for books 1-4, and are combined for books5-7.
Chinese Made Easy 3rd Ed (Traditional Chracters) Vol 2 - Workbook