Chinese Folk Art: Clothing

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Table of Contents
Chinese Clothing 
Hanfu and Cheongsams
Costumes of Ethnic Minorities
China's Nationalities
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Sample pages of Chinese Folk Art: Clothing (ISBN:9787532265794,753226579X)

Sample pages of Chinese Folk Art: Clothing (ISBN:9787532265794,753226579X)

The costumes of the southern farming ethnic groups and of those living in the mountainous areas. Being hot and rainy the geographical environment of the region where the southern ethnic groups live is rather complicated. Consequently costumes of these ethnic minorities are complex with varied styles. For those living in the mountainous areas,their clothes are heavy with no notable variations with seasons. For those dwelling in the hot and humid valleys,their clothes are light in texture,short and narrow in style. For those residing in flatland areas,their clothes are simple and practical resulting from influences of Han Chinese costumes. With frequent communications between ethnic minorities and Han Chinese who live together in the same area,some ethnic groups obviously assimilate into Han culture,which in turn results in some similarities in clothes designs. Traditional costumes of these minorities are mainly made of cottons,linens,silks,for fireweed cloth,and bark fiber cloth. Patterns of these costumes are of great variety which include paofu,robes,pull-over dresses,front opening dresses,open cross-collar dresses,sleeveless jacket,cloaks lined with felt,capes,trousers,short pants,leggings,long skirts,short skins,etc. Among them,the Miao costume is noted for its fine workmanship and numerous patterns which are as many as several hundreds.
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Chinese Folk Art: Clothing