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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 měimei3magnesium (chemistry)
2桂纶镁 桂綸鎂 guì lún měiGui4 Lun2 mei3Guey Lun-mei (1983-), Taiwanese actress
3菱镁矿 菱鎂礦 líng měi kuàngling2 mei3 kuang4magnesite; magnesium ore
4硫酸镁 硫酸鎂 liú suān měiliu2 suan1 mei3magnesium sulfate
5镁棒 鎂棒 měi bàngmei3 bang4ferrocerium rod; fire steel
6镁光 鎂光 měi guāngmei3 guang1magnesium light
7镁砂 鎂砂 měi shāmei3 sha1magnesium oxide (refractory material)
8镁盐 鎂鹽 měi yánmei3 yan2magnesium salt
9镁砖 鎂磚 měi zhuānmei3 zhuan1magnesium brick (refractory material)
10氢氧化镁 氫氧化鎂 qīng yǎng huà měiqing1 yang3 hua4 mei3magnesium hydroxide Mg(OH)2
11铁镁质 鐵鎂質 tiě měi zhìtie3 mei3 zhi4mafic rock (containing magnesium and iron, so comparatively heavy, making oceanic plates)
12矽镁层 矽鎂層 měi céngxi1 mei3 ceng2sima (geology); silicon and magnesium layer in earth's crust
13氧化镁 氧化鎂 yǎng huà měiyang3 hua4 mei3magnesium oxide MgO

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