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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1烦躁 煩躁 fán zàofan2 zao4jittery; twitchy; fidgety
2急躁 zàoji2 zao4irritable; irascible; impetuous
3暴躁 bào zàobao4 zao4irascible; irritable; violent
4不矜不躁 jīn zàobu4 jin1 bu4 zao4to be neither proud nor irascible (idiom)
5蝉鸣雀躁 蟬鳴雀躁 chán míng què zàochan2 ming2 que4 zao4the chirping of cicadas and sparrows (idiom)
6烦躁不安 煩躁不安 fán zào ānfan2 zao4 bu4 an1to set one's nerves on edge (idiom); dysphoria (medicine)
7浮躁 zàofu2 zao4fickle and impatient; restless; giddy; scatterbrained
8急躁冒进 急躁冒進 zào mào jìnji2 zao4 mao4 jin4to rush things through (idiom)
9焦躁 jiāo zàojiao1 zao4fretful; impatient
10戒骄戒躁 戒驕戒躁 jiè jiāo jiè zàojie4 jiao1 jie4 zao4to guard against pride and impatience (idiom); to remain modest and keep cool
11狂躁 kuáng zàokuang2 zao4rash; impetuous; irritable
12稍安毋躁 shāo ān zàoshao1 an1 wu2 zao4variant of 少安毋躁
13稍安勿躁 shāo ān zàoshao1 an1 wu4 zao4variant of 少安毋躁
14少安毋躁 shǎo ān zàoshao3 an1 wu2 zao4variant of 少安毋躁 ; keep calm, don't get excited; don't be impatient
15心烦气躁 心煩氣躁 xīn fán zàoxin1 fan2 qi4 zao4agitated; annoyed (idiom)
16心浮气躁 心浮氣躁 xīn zàoxin1 fu2 qi4 zao4to be flighty and impetuous; be unsettled and short-tempered (idiom)
17脏躁 臟躁 zàng zàozang4 zao4hysteria
18 zàozao4hot-tempered; impatient
19躁动 躁動 zào dòngzao4 dong4to stir restlessly; to be agitated; commotion; agitation
20躁狂 zào kuángzao4 kuang2manic
21躁狂抑郁症 躁狂抑鬱症 zào kuáng zhèngzao4 kuang2 yi4 yu4 zheng4manic depression
22躁狂症 zào kuáng zhèngzao4 kuang2 zheng4mania; manic episode
23躁郁症 躁鬱症 zào zhèngzao4 yu4 zheng4bipolar disorder; manic depression

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