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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1犹豫 猶豫 yóu you2 yu4to hesitate
2毫不犹豫 毫不猶豫 háo yóu hao2 bu4 you2 yu4without the slightest hesitation
3李豫 Li3 Yu4Li Yu, personal name of ninth Tang emperor Taizong 代宗 (727-779), reigned 762-779
4宿豫 Su4 yu4Suyu district of Suqian city 宿迁市 , Jiangsu
5宿豫区 宿豫區 Su4 yu4 qu1Suyu district of Suqian city 宿迁市 , Jiangsu
6逸豫 yi4 yu4idleness and pleasure
7犹豫不决 猶豫不決 yóu juéyou2 yu4 bu4 jue2hesitancy; indecision; to waver
8犹豫寡断 猶豫寡斷 yóu guǎ duànyou2 yu4 gua3 duan4doubtful; undecided (idiom)
9 Yu4happy; carefree; at one's ease; variant of ; abbr. for Henan province 河南 in central China
10豫告 gàoyu4 gao4variant of 预告 ; to forecast; to predict; advance notice
11豫剧 豫劇 Yu4 ju4Henan opera

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