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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1蜜蜂 fēngmi4 feng1bee; honeybee; Classifiers:
2 fēngfeng1bee; wasp; old variant of ; variant of
3工蜂 gōng fēnggong1 feng1worker bee
4彩虹蜂虎 cǎi hóng fēng cai3 hong2 feng1 hu3(bird species of China) rainbow bee-eater (Merops ornatus)
5大虎头蜂 大虎頭蜂 tóu fēngda4 hu3 tou2 feng1Asian giant hornet (Vespa mandarinia)
6大黄蜂 大黃蜂 huáng fēngda4 huang2 feng1bumblebee
7蜂巢 fēng cháofeng1 chao2beehive; wasp's nest; honeycomb; fig. honeycomb figure
8蜂巢胃 fēng cháo wèifeng1 chao2 wei4reticulum (second stomach of ruminants, with honeycomb pattern); tripe
9蜂毒 fēng feng1 du2wasp poison
10蜂房 fēng fángfeng1 fang2hive; honeycomb
11蜂糕 fēng gāofeng1 gao1sponge cake (light steamed flour or rice cake)
12蜂后 fēng hòufeng1 hou4queen bee
13蜂皇浆 蜂皇漿 fēng huáng jiāngfeng1 huang2 jiang1royal jelly
14蜂胶 蜂膠 fēng jiāofeng1 jiao1propolis
15蜂聚 fēng feng1 ju4to swarm; to congregate in masses
16蜂聚花间 蜂聚花間 fēng huā jiānfeng1 ju4 hua1 jian1Bees swarm among flowers. (idiom)
17蜂蜡 蜂蠟 fēng feng1 la4beeswax
18蜂蜜 fēng feng1 mi4honey
19蜂蜜酒 fēng jiǔfeng1 mi4 jiu3mead
20蜂蜜梳子 fēng shū zifeng1 mi4 shu1 zi5honeycomb
21蜂鸣器 蜂鳴器 fēng míng feng1 ming2 qi4buzzer
22蜂鸟 蜂鳥 fēng niǎofeng1 niao3hummingbird
23蜂起 fēng feng1 qi3to swarm; to rise in masses
24蜂群 fēng qúnfeng1 qun2bee colony; swarm; Classifiers:
25蜂乳 fēng feng1 ru3royal jelly
26蜂王 fēng wángfeng1 wang2queen bee
27蜂王浆 蜂王漿 fēng wáng jiāngfeng1 wang2 jiang1royal jelly
28蜂王精 fēng wáng jīngfeng1 wang2 jing1royal jelly
29蜂王乳 fēng wáng feng1 wang2 ru3royal jelly
30蜂窝 蜂窩 fēng feng1 wo1bee's nest; honeycomb; fig. honeycomb figure
31蜂窝煤 蜂窩煤 fēng méifeng1 wo1 mei2hexagonal household coal briquet
32蜂箱 fēng xiāngfeng1 xiang1beehive
33蜂拥 蜂擁 fēng yōngfeng1 yong1to flock (to see); to mill; to throng
34蜂拥而至 蜂擁而至 fēng yōng ér zhìfeng1 yong1 er2 zhi4to come in great numbers (idiom)
35蜂涌 蜂湧 fēng yǒngfeng1 yong3to swarm; to flock
36蜂螫 fēng zhēfeng1 zhe1bee sting
37凤头蜂鹰 鳳頭蜂鷹 fèng tóu fēng yīngfeng4 tou2 feng1 ying1(bird species of China) crested honey buzzard (Pernis ptilorhynchus)
38胡蜂 fēnghu2 feng1wasp; hornet
39虎头蜂 虎頭蜂 tóu fēnghu3 tou2 feng1hornet
40黄蜂 黃蜂 huáng fēnghuang2 feng1wasp
41黄喉蜂虎 黃喉蜂虎 huáng hóu fēng huang2 hou2 feng1 hu3(bird species of China) European bee-eater (Merops apiaster)
42金小蜂 jīn xiǎo fēngjin1 xiao3 feng1a parisitoid wasp (genus Nasonia)
43狂蜂浪蝶 kuáng fēng làng diékuang2 feng1 lang4 die2lascivious men (idiom)
44蓝喉蜂虎 藍喉蜂虎 lán hóu fēng lan2 hou2 feng1 hu3(bird species of China) blue-throated bee-eater (Merops viridis)
45蓝须夜蜂虎 藍鬚夜蜂虎 lán fēng lan2 xu1 ye4 feng1 hu3(bird species of China) blue-bearded bee-eater (Nyctyornis athertoni)
46栗喉蜂虎 hóu fēng li4 hou2 feng1 hu3(bird species of China) blue-tailed bee-eater (Merops philippinus)
47栗头蜂虎 栗頭蜂虎 tóu fēng li4 tou2 feng1 hu3(bird species of China) chestnut-headed bee-eater (Merops leschenaulti)
48绿喉蜂虎 綠喉蜂虎 hóu fēng lu:4 hou2 feng1 hu3(bird species of China) green bee-eater (Merops orientalis)
49蚂蜂 螞蜂 fēngma3 feng1hornet; variant of 马蜂
50蜜蜂房 fēng fángmi4 feng1 fang2beehive
51母蜂 fēngmu3 feng1queen bee
52捅马蜂窝 捅馬蜂窩 tǒng fēng tong3 ma3 feng1 wo1to poke through a hornets' nest; to attack a difficult task resolutely
53熊蜂 xióng fēngxiong2 feng1drone (bee); bumblebee
54养蜂 養蜂 yǎng fēngyang3 feng1to raise bees
55养蜂人 養蜂人 yǎng fēng rényang3 feng1 ren2beekeeper; apiculturist
56养蜂业 養蜂業 yǎng fēng yang3 feng1 ye4beekeeping; apiculture
57腰细如蜂 腰細如蜂 yāo fēngyao1 xi4 ru2 feng1a slender waist like a wasp's (idiom)
58一窝蜂 一窩蜂 fēngyi1 wo1 feng1like a swarm of bees; everyone swarms around pushing and shouting; a hornet's nest
59招蜂引蝶 zhāo fēng yǐn diézhao1 feng1 yin3 die2(of a flower) to attract bees and butterflies; (fig.) to attract the opposite sex; to flirt

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