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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 shāoshao1somewhat; a little
2稍稍 shāo shāoshao1 shao1somewhat; a little; slightly
3稍微 shāo wēishao1 wei1a little bit
4稍安毋躁 shāo ān zàoshao1 an1 wu2 zao4variant of 少安毋躁
5稍安勿躁 shāo ān zàoshao1 an1 wu4 zao4variant of 少安毋躁
6稍等 shāo děngshao1 deng3to wait a moment
7稍后 稍後 shāo hòushao1 hou4in a little while; in a moment; later on
8稍快板 shāo kuài bǎnshao1 kuai4 ban3allegretto
9稍食 shāo shíshao1 shi2(old) monthly salary of an official
10稍嫌 shāo xiánshao1 xian2more than one would wish; somewhat; a bit too (old, contrived, distracting etc)
11稍许 稍許 shāo shao1 xu3a little; a bit
12稍异 稍異 shāo shao1 yi4differing slightly
13稍早 shāo zǎoshao1 zao3a little early
14稍早时 稍早時 shāo zǎo shíshao1 zao3 shi2a little earlier
15稍纵即逝 稍縱即逝 shāo zòng shìshao1 zong4 ji2 shi4transient; fleeting

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