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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 chèngcheng4steelyard; Roman balance; Classifiers:
2磅秤 bàng chèngbang4 cheng4scale; platform balance
3秤锤 秤錘 chèng chuícheng4 chui2steelyard weights
4秤杆 秤桿 chèng gǎncheng4 gan3the beam of a steelyard; a balance arm
5秤钩 秤鉤 chèng gōucheng4 gou1steelyard hook
6秤盘 秤槃 chèng páncheng4 pan2the tray or pan of a steelyard
7秤坨 chèng tuócheng4 tuo2steelyard weight; standard weight; variant of 秤砣
8秤砣虽小压千斤 秤砣雖小壓千斤 chèng tuó suī xiǎo qiān jīncheng4 tuo2 sui1 xiao3 ya1 qian1 jin1although small, a steelyard weight may tip a hundred pounds (idiom); apparently insignificant details can have a large impact; for want of a nail the battle was lost
9掉秤 diào chèngdiao4 cheng4to lose weight (of cattle)
10杆秤 桿秤 gǎn chènggan3 cheng4a steelyard (a type of balance)
11盘秤 盤秤 pán chèngpan2 cheng4balance consisting of steelyard with a pan; Classifiers:
12折秤 shé chèngshe2 cheng4discrepancy in weight
13弹簧秤 彈簧秤 tán huáng chèngtan2 huang2 cheng4spring balance
14天秤 tiān chèngtian1 cheng4balance scale; Taiwan pr. [tian1 ping2]
15天秤座 tiān chèng zuòTian1 cheng4 zuo4Libra (constellation and sign of the zodiac)

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