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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 láilai2to come; to arrive; to come round; ever since; next
2出来 出來 chū láichu1 lai2to come out; to appear; to arise
3后来 後來 hòu láihou4 lai2afterwards; later
4来说 來說 lái shuōlai2 shuo1to have one's say; to interpret a topic (from a certain point of view); now we come to talk about it, ...
5过来 過來 guò láiguo4 lai2to come over; to manage; to handle; to be able to take care of
6来到 來到 lái dàolai2 dao4to come; to arrive
7以来 以來 láiyi3 lai2since (a previous event)
8带来 帶來 dài láidai4 lai2to bring; to bring about; to produce
9越来越 越來越 yuè lái yuèyue4 lai2 yue4more and more
10来看 來看 lái kànlai2 kan4to come and see; to see a topic from a certain point of view
11本来 本來 běn láiben3 lai2original; originally; at first; it goes without saying; of course
12来自 來自 lái lai2 zi4to come from (a place); From: (in email header)
13将来 將來 jiāng láijiang1 lai2in the future; future; the future; Classifiers:
14从来 從來 cóng láicong2 lai2always; at all times; never (if used in negative sentence)
15用来 用來 yòng láiyong4 lai2to be used for
16未来 未來 wèi láiwei4 lai2future; tomorrow; Classifiers: ; approaching; coming; pending
17上来 上來 shàng láishang4 lai2to come up; to approach; (verb complement indicating success)
18来源 來源 lái yuánlai2 yuan2source (of information etc); origin
19传来 傳來 chuán láichuan2 lai2(of a sound) to come through; to be heard; (of news) to arrive
20近年来 近年來 jìn nián láijin4 nian2 lai2for the past few years
21周恩来 周恩來 zhōu Ēn láiZhou1 En1 lai2Zhou Enlai (1898-1976), Chinese communist leader, prime minister 1949-1976
22来信 來信 lái xìnlai2 xin4incoming letter; send a letter here
23到来 到來 dào láidao4 lai2to arrive; arrival; advent
24前来 前來 qián láiqian2 lai2to come (formal); before; previously
25来不及 來不及 lái bu lai2 bu5 ji2there's not enough time (to do sth); it's too late (to do sth)
26多年来 多年來 duō nián láiduo1 nian2 lai2for the past many years
27往来 往來 wǎng láiwang3 lai2dealings; contacts; to go back and forth
28外来 外來 wài láiwai4 lai2external; foreign; outside
29近来 近來 jìn láijin4 lai2to come in; recently; lately
30一般说来 一般說來 bān shuō láiyi1 ban1 shuo1 lai2generally speaking; in general
31来往 來往 lái wǎnglai2 wang3to come and go; to have dealings with; to be in relation with
32愈来愈 愈來愈 lái yu4 lai2 yu4more and more
33拿来 拿來 láina2 lai2to bring; to fetch; to get
34历来 歷來 láili4 lai2always; throughout (a period of time); (of) all-time
35长期以来 長期以來 cháng láichang2 qi1 yi3 lai2ever since a long time ago
36来讲 來講 lái jiǎnglai2 jiang3as to; considering; for
37来得 來得 lái delai2 de5to emerge (from a comparison); to come out as; to be competent or equal to
38赶来 趕來 gǎn láigan3 lai2to rush over
39醒来 醒來 xǐng láixing3 lai2to waken
40反过来 反過來 fǎn guo láifan3 guo5 lai2conversely; in reverse order; in an opposite direction
41向来 向來 xiàng láixiang4 lai2always (previously)
42一般来说 一般來說 bān lái shuōyi1 ban1 lai2 shuo1generally speaking
43来临 來臨 lái línlai2 lin2to approach; to come closer
44来源于 來源於 lái yuán lai2 yuan2 yu2to originate in
45停下来 停下來 tíng xià láiting2 xia4 lai2to stop
46来回 來回 lái huílai2 hui2to make a round trip; return journey; back and forth; to and fro; repeatedly
47这样一来 這樣一來 zhè yàng láizhe4 yang4 yi1 lai2thus; if this happens then
48来得及 來得及 lái de lai2 de5 ji2there's still time; able to do sth in time
49想来 想來 xiǎng láixiang3 lai2it may be assumed that
50一来 一來 láiyi1 lai2on one hand,...
51自古以来 自古以來 láizi4 gu3 yi3 lai2since ancient times
52自来水 自來水 lái shuǐzi4 lai2 shui3running water; tap water
53来访 來訪 lái fǎnglai2 fang3to pay a visit
54打来 打來 láida3 lai2to come to attack
55听来 聽來 tīng láiting1 lai2to sound (old, foreign, exciting, right etc); to ring (true); to sound as if (i.e. to give the listener an impression); to hear from somewhere
56来历 來歷 lái lai2 li4history; antecedents; origin
57生来 生來 shēng láisheng1 lai2from birth; by one's nature
58来华 來華 lái huálai2 hua2to come to China
59突如其来 突如其來 láitu1 ru2 qi2 lai2to arise abruptly; to arrive suddenly; happening suddenly
60来客 來客 lái lai2 ke4guest
61阿不来提・阿不都热西提 阿不來提・阿不都熱西提 Ā lái · Ā A1 bu4 lai2 ti2 · A1 bu4 du1 re4 xi1 ti2Abdulahat Abdurixit (1942-), PRC engineer and politician, chairman of Xinjiang autonomous region 1994-2003, in 2003 vice-chair of 10th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference; Abdulahat Abdurixit (1942-), PRC engineer and politician, chairman of Xinjiang autonomous region 1994-2003, in 2003 vice-chair of 10th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
62阿来 阿來 Ā láiA1 lai2Alai (1959-), ethnic Tibetan Chinese writer, awarded Mao Dun Literature Prize in 2000 for his novel 尘埃落定 "Red Poppies"
63爱得死去活来 愛得死去活來 ài de huó láiai4 de5 si3 qu4 huo2 lai2to be madly in love
64拔来报往 拔來報往 lái bào wǎngba2 lai2 bao4 wang3to exchange visits frequently (idiom)
65宝丽来 寶麗來 bǎo láiBao3 li4 lai2Polaroid
66悲从中来 悲從中來 bēi cóng zhōng láibei1 cong2 zhong1 lai2overcome by grief (idiom)
67北卡罗来纳 北卡羅來納 běi luó lái Bei3 Ka3 luo2 lai2 na4North Carolina, US state
68北卡罗来纳州 北卡羅來納州 běi luó lái zhōuBei3 Ka3 luo2 lai2 na4 zhou1North Carolina, US state
69本来面目 本來面目 běn lái miàn ben3 lai2 mian4 mu4true colors; true features
70比来 比來 láibi3 lai2lately; recently
71别来无恙 別來無恙 bié lái yàngbie2 lai2 wu2 yang4(literary) I trust you have been well since we last met
72兵来将挡,水来土掩 兵來將擋,水來土掩 bīng lái jiàng dǎng , shuǐ lái yǎnbing1 lai2 jiang4 dang3 , shui3 lai2 tu3 yan3counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir (idiom); different situations call for different action; to adopt measures appropriate to the actual situation
73兵来将敌,水来土堰 兵來將敵,水來土堰 bīng lái jiàng , shuǐ lái yànbing1 lai2 jiang4 di2 , shui3 lai2 tu3 yan4counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir (idiom); different situations call for different action; to adopt measures appropriate to the actual situation
74病来如山倒,病去如抽丝 病來如山倒,病去如抽絲 bìng lái shān dǎo , bìng chōu bing4 lai2 ru2 shan1 dao3 , bing4 qu4 ru2 chou1 si1sickness comes like a landslide, but goes slowly like spinning silk (idiom); expect to convalesce slowly
75波来古 波來古 lái Bo1 lai2 gu3Pleiku, Vietnam
76舶来品 舶來品 lái pǐnbo2 lai2 pin3(old) imported goods; foreign goods
77薄熙来 薄熙來 láiBo2 Xi1 lai2Bo Xilai (1949-), PRC politician, appointed to the Politburo in 2007, sentenced in 2013 to life imprisonment for corruption and misconduct
78不来梅 不來梅 lái méiBu4 lai2 mei2Bremen (city)
79不来梅港 不來梅港 lái méi gǎngBu4 lai2 mei2 gang3Bremerhaven, German port
80不请自来 不請自來 qǐng láibu4 qing3 zi4 lai2to turn up without being invited; unsolicited
81差来差去 差來差去 chāi lái chāi chai1 lai2 chai1 qu4to order sb. about (idiom)
82常来常往 常來常往 cháng lái cháng wǎngchang2 lai2 chang2 wang3to visit frequently; to have frequent dealings (with); to see each other often
83成群而来 成群而來 chéng qún ér láicheng2 qun2 er2 lai2to come in flocks (idiom)
84承往继来 承往繼來 chéng wǎng láicheng2 wang3 ji4 lai2to continue the past into the future (idiom)
85乘兴而来 乘興而來 chéng xìng ér láicheng2 xing4 er2 lai2to come on impulse; to arrive in high spirits (idiom)
86吃不来 吃不來 chī bu láichi1 bu5 lai2to be unaccustomed to certain food; to not be keen on certain food
87重来 重來 chóng láichong2 lai2to start over; to do sth all over again
88出来混迟早要还的 出來混遲早要還的 chū lái hùn chí zǎo yào huán dechu1 lai2 hun4 chi2 zao3 yao4 huan2 de5if you live a life of crime, sooner or later you'll pay for it
89初来乍到 初來乍到 chū lái zhà dàochu1 lai2 zha4 dao4to be a newcomer; just off the boat
90喘不过气来 喘不過氣來 chuǎn bu guò láichuan3 bu5 guo4 qi4 lai2to be unable to breathe
91从来不 從來不 cóng lái cong2 lai2 bu4never
92从来没 從來沒 cóng lái méicong2 lai2 mei2have never; has never
93从来没有 從來沒有 cóng lái méi yǒucong2 lai2 mei2 you3have never; never before
94从实招来 從實招來 cóng shí zhāo láicong2 shi2 zhao1 lai2to own up to the facts
95从外表来看 從外表來看 cóng wài biǎo lái kàncong2 wai4 biao3 lai2 kan4looking from the outside; seen from the outside
96打来回 打來回 lái huída3 lai2 hui2to make a round trip; a return journey
97大日如来 大日如來 láiDa4 ri4 ru2 lai2Vairocana, Buddha of supreme enlightenment
98大限到来 大限到來 xiàn dào láida4 xian4 dao4 lai2to die; one's allocated lifespan is accomplished
99到头来 到頭來 dào tóu láidao4 tou2 lai2in the end; finally; as a result
100得来速 得來速 lái de2 lai2 su4drive-thru (loanword)
101登出来 登出來 dēng chū láideng1 chu1 lai2to publish; to appear (in print)
102颠倒过来 顛倒過來 diān dǎo guò láidian1 dao3 guo4 lai2to invert
103颠来倒去 顛來倒去 diān lái dǎo dian1 lai2 dao3 qu4to harp on; over and over; merely ring changes on a few terms
104独来独往 獨來獨往 lái wǎngdu2 lai2 du2 wang3coming and going alone (idiom); a lone operator; keeping to oneself; unsociable; maverick
105对我来说 對我來說 duì lái shuōdui4 wo3 lai2 shuo1as far as I'm concerned
106多年以来 多年以來 duō nián láiduo1 nian2 yi3 lai2for many years (in the past)
107阿弥陀如来 阿彌陀如來 Ē tuó láiE1 mi2 tuo2 ru2 lai2Amitabha, Buddha of infinite light
108尔来 爾來 ěr láier3 lai2recently; until now; up to the present; lately; also written 尔来 ; recently; until now; up to the present; lately; also written 迩来
109二来 二來 èr láier4 lai2in the second place; secondly
110翻过来 翻過來 fān guò láifan1 guo4 lai2to overturn; to turn upside down
111翻来覆去 翻來覆去 fān lái fan1 lai2 fu4 qu4to toss and turn (sleeplessly); again and again
112反过来说 反過來說 fǎn guò lái shuōfan3 guo4 lai2 shuo1on the other hand
113放马过来 放馬過來 fàng guò láifang4 ma3 guo4 lai2bring it on!; give me all you got!
114飞出个未来 飛出個未來 fēi chū ge wèi láiFei1 chu1 ge5 Wei4 lai2Futurama (US TV animated series, 1999-)
115飞来飞去 飛來飛去 fēi lái fēi fei1 lai2 fei1 qu4to fly about; to fly hither and thither; to flit; to swarm; to spiral
116飞来横祸 飛來橫禍 fēi lái hèng huòfei1 lai2 heng4 huo4sudden and unexpected disaster (idiom)
117飞来艳福 飛來艷福 fēi lái yàn fei1 lai2 yan4 fu2unexpected romance (idiom)
118飞来之祸 飛來之禍 fēi lái zhī huòfei1 lai2 zhi1 huo4unexpected disaster (idiom)
119飞马来报 飛馬來報 fēi lái bàofei1 ma3 lai2 bao4to report (posthaste); to take post to report (idiom)
120纷至沓来 紛至沓來 fēn zhì láifen1 zhi4 ta4 lai2to come thick and fast (idiom)
121风雨欲来 風雨欲來 fēng láifeng1 yu3 yu4 lai2lit. storm clouds approach; troubles lie ahead (idiom)
122福自天来 福自天來 tiān láifu2 zi4 tian1 lai2god-bestowed peace and blessings (idiom)
123盖地而来 蓋地而來 gài ér láigai4 di4 er2 lai2to come in large numbers (idiom)
124古来 古來 láigu3 lai2since ancient times; it has ever been the case that; see also 自古以来
125古往今来 古往今來 wǎng jīn láigu3 wang3 jin1 lai2since ancient times; since times immemorial
126管打来回 管打來回 guǎn lái huíguan3 da3 lai2 hui2to guarantee a promise (idiom)
127过来人 過來人 guò lái rénguo4 lai2 ren2an experienced person; sb who has 'been around (the block)'; sb who has personally experienced it
128海来海去 海來海去 hǎi lái hǎi hai3 lai2 hai3 qu4easy come, easy go (idiom)
129寒来暑往 寒來暑往 hán lái shǔ wǎnghan2 lai2 shu3 wang3as time passes (idiom)
130合不来 合不來 láihe2 bu4 lai2unable to get along together; incompatible
131合得来 合得來 de láihe2 de5 lai2to get along well; compatible; also written 合得来 ; to get along well; compatible; also written 和得来
132曷兴乎来 曷興乎來 xìng láihe2 xing4 hu1 lai2Why not come and do it? (idiom)
133后来居上 後來居上 hòu lái shànghou4 lai2 ju1 shang4lit. late-comer lives above (idiom); the up-and-coming youngster outstrips the older generation; the pupil surpasses the master
134呼来喝去 呼來喝去 lái hu1 lai2 he4 qu4to call to come and shout to go (idiom); to yell orders; always bossing people around
135呼之即来 呼之即來 zhī láihu1 zhi1 ji2 lai2to come when called (idiom); ready and compliant; always at sb's beck and call
136呼之即来,挥之即去 呼之即來,揮之即去 zhī lái , huī zhī hu1 zhi1 ji2 lai2 , hui1 zhi1 ji2 qu4to come when called (idiom); ready and compliant; always at sb's beck and call
137胡来 胡來 láihu2 lai2to act arbitrarily regardless of the rules; to mess with sth; to make a hash of things; to cause trouble
138划不来 划不來 huá bu láihua2 bu5 lai2not worth it
139划得来 划得來 huá de láihua2 de5 lai2worth it; it pays to
140怀来 懷來 huái láiHuai2 lai2Huailai county in Zhangjiakou 张家口 , Hebei
141怀来县 懷來縣 huái lái xiànHuai2 lai2 xian4Huailai county in Zhangjiakou 张家口 , Hebei
142换来换 換來換 huàn lái huànhuan4 lai2 huan4to repeatedly exchange
143毁来性 毀來性 huǐ lái xìnghui3 lai2 xing4destructive; crushing (defeat)
144惠来 惠來 huì láiHui4 lai2Huilai county in Jieyang 揭阳 , Guangdong
145惠来县 惠來縣 huì lái xiànHui4 lai2 xian4Huilai county in Jieyang 揭阳 , Guangdong
146惠然肯来 惠然肯來 huì rán kěn láihui4 ran2 ken3 lai2to be so kind as to come (courteous) (idiom)
147晦往明来 晦往明來 huì wǎng míng láihui4 wang3 ming2 lai2as day follows night and night follows day (idiom)
148机不可失,失不再来 機不可失,失不再來 shī , shī zài láiji1 bu4 ke3 shi1 , shi1 bu4 zai4 lai2opportunity knocks but once (idiom)
149机不可失,时不再来 機不可失,時不再來 shī , shí zài láiji1 bu4 ke3 shi1 , shi2 bu4 zai4 lai2Opportunity knocks but once. (idiom)
150机会带来成功 機會帶來成功 huì dài lái chéng gōngji1 hui4 dai4 lai2 cheng2 gong1Opportunity brings success. (idiom)
151即将来临 即將來臨 jiāng lái línji2 jiang1 lai2 lin2imminent
152挤来挤去 擠來擠去 lái ji3 lai2 ji3 qu4to mill about; to jostle
153几年来 幾年來 nián láiji3 nian2 lai2for the past several years
154几天来 幾天來 tiān láiji3 tian1 lai2for the past few days
155既来之,则安之 既來之,則安之 lái zhī , ān zhīji4 lai2 zhi1 , ze2 an1 zhi1Since they have come, we should make them comfortable (idiom). Since we're here, take it easy.; Since this is so, we should accept it.; Now we have come, let's stay and take the rough with the smooth.; If you can't do anything to prevent it, you might as well sit back and enjoy it.
156计上心来 計上心來 shàng xīn láiji4 shang4 xin1 lai2A plan comes to mind. (idiom)
157继往开来 繼往開來 wǎng kāi láiji4 wang3 kai1 lai2to follow the past and herald the future (idiom); part of a historical transition; forming a bridge between earlier and later stages
158加来海峡 加來海峽 jiā lái hǎi xiáJia1 lai2 Hai3 xia2Strait of Calais in the English channel; Strait of Dover; Pas-de-Calais, département of France
159鉴往知来 鑒往知來 jiàn wǎng zhī láijian4 wang3 zhi1 lai2to observe the past to foresee the future (idiom, taken loosely from Book of Songs); studying ancient wisdom gives insight into what is to come
160接下来 接下來 jiē xià láijie1 xia4 lai2to accept; to take; next; following
161接踵而来 接踵而來 jiē zhǒng ér láijie1 zhong3 er2 lai2to come one after the other
162金钱不能买来幸福 金錢不能買來幸福 jīn qián néng mǎi lái xìng jin1 qian2 bu4 neng2 mai3 lai2 xing4 fu2money can't buy happiness
163近悦远来 近悅遠來 jìn yuè yuǎn láijin4 yue4 yuan3 lai2to satisfy people near and far (idiom)
164酒来话开 酒來話開 jiǔ lái huà kāijiu3 lai2 hua4 kai1Wine loosens one's tongue. (idiom)
165旧的不去,新的不来 舊的不去,新的不來 jiù de , xīn de láijiu4 de5 bu4 qu4 , xin1 de5 bu4 lai2lit. If the old doesn't go, the new will not come.; You can't make progress by clinging to old notions.
166举例来说 舉例來說 lái shuōju3 li4 lai2 shuo1for example
167卷土重来 卷土重來 juǎn chóng láijuan3 tu3 chong2 lai2lit. to return in a swirl of dust (idiom); fig. to regroup and come back even stronger; to make a comeback
168客来扫地 客來掃地 lái sǎo ke4 lai2 sao3 di4to do sth. too late (idiom)
169空穴来风 空穴來風 kōng xué lái fēngkong1 xue2 lai2 feng1lit. wind from an empty cave (idiom); fig. unfounded (story); baseless (claim)
170空穴来风未必无因 空穴來風未必無因 kòng xué lái fēng wèi yīnkong4 xue2 lai2 feng1 wei4 bi4 wu2 yin1wind does not come from an empty cave without reason; there's no smoke without fire (idiom)
171哭得死去活来 哭得死去活來 de huó láiku1 de5 si3 qu4 huo2 lai2to cry one's heart out
172苦尽甘来 苦盡甘來 jìn gān láiku3 jin4 gan1 lai2bitterness finishes, sweetness begins (idiom); the hard times are over, the good times just beginning
173来安 來安 lái ānLai2 an1Lai'an county in Chuzhou 滁州 , Anhui
174来安县 來安縣 lái ān xiànLai2 an1 xian4Lai'an county in Chuzhou 滁州 , Anhui
175来宾 來賓 lái bīnLai2 bin1guest; visitor; Laibin prefecture-level city in Guangxi
176来宾市 來賓市 lái bīn shìLai2 bin1 shi4Laibin prefecture-level city in Guangxi
177来不得 來不得 lái bu lai2 bu5 de2cannot allow (to be present); cannot admit
178来潮 來潮 lái cháolai2 chao2(of water) to rise; rising tide; (of women) to get one's period
179来得容易,去得快 來得容易,去得快 lái de róng , de kuàilai2 de5 rong2 yi4 , qu4 de5 kuai4Easy come, easy go. (idiom)
180来得早不如来得巧 來得早不如來得巧 lái de zǎo lái de qiǎolai2 de5 zao3 bu4 ru2 lai2 de5 qiao3arriving early can't beat coming at the right time; perfect timing
181来电 來電 lái diànlai2 dian4incoming telegram or telephone call; your telegram, telephone call, or message; to send a telegram or make a telephone call here (i.e. to the speaker); to have instant attraction to sb; to have chemistry with sb; to come back (of electricity, after an outage)
182来电答铃 來電答鈴 lái diàn línglai2 dian4 da2 ling2(Tw) ringback tone (heard by the originator of a telephone call)
183来电显示 來電顯示 lái diàn xiǎn shìlai2 dian4 xian3 shi4caller ID
184来而不往非礼也 來而不往非禮也 lái ér wǎng fēi lai2 er2 bu4 wang3 fei1 li3 ye3not to reciprocate is against etiquette (classical); to respond in kind
185来犯 來犯 lái fànlai2 fan4to invade one's territory
186来凤 來鳳 lái fèngLai2 feng4Laifeng county in Enshi Tujia and Miao autonomous prefecture 恩施土家族苗族自治州 , Hubei
187来凤县 來鳳縣 lái fèng xiànLai2 feng4 xian4Laifeng county in Enshi Tujia and Miao autonomous prefecture 恩施土家族苗族自治州 , Hubei
188来福枪 來福槍 lái qiānglai2 fu2 qiang1rifle (loanword); also written 来复枪
189来福线 來福線 lái xiànlai2 fu2 xian4rifling (helical grooves inside the barrel of a gun)
190来复枪 來復槍 lái qiānglai2 fu4 qiang1rifle (loanword); also written 来福枪
191来复线 來復線 lái xiànlai2 fu4 xian4rifling (spiral lines on inside of gun barrel imparting spin to the bullet)
192来港 來港 lái gǎnglai2 Gang3to come to Hong Kong
193来函 來函 lái hánlai2 han2incoming letter; letter from afar; same as 来信
194来鸿 來鴻 lái hónglai2 hong2incoming letter (literary)
195来鸿去燕 來鴻去燕 lái hóng yànlai2 hong2 qu4 yan4lit. the goose comes, the swallow goes (idiom); fig. always on the move
196来回来去 來回來去 lái huí lái lai2 hui2 lai2 qu4repeatedly; back and forth again and again
197来回来去地 來回來去地 lái huí lái delai2 hui2 lai2 qu4 de5backwards and forwards
198来火 來火 lái huǒlai2 huo3to get angry
199来火儿 來火兒 lái huǒ rlai2 huo3 r5to get angry
200来劲 來勁 lái jìnlai2 jin4(dialect) to be full of zeal; high-spirited; exhilarating; to stir sb up
201来历不明 來歷不明 lái mínglai2 li4 bu4 ming2of unknown origin
202来龙去脉 來龍去脈 lái lóng màilai2 long2 qu4 mai4the rise and fall of the terrain (idiom); (fig.) the whole sequence of events; causes and effects
203来路 來路 lái lai2 lu4incoming road; origin; past history
204来路不明 來路不明 lái mínglai2 lu4 bu4 ming2unidentified origin; no-one knows where it comes from; of dubious background
205来M 來M lái mlai2 M(coll.) (of women) to get one's period
206来年 來年 lái niánlai2 nian2next year; the coming year
207来清去白 來清去白 lái qīng báilai2 qing1 qu4 bai2One's coming and going are aboveboard. (idiom)
208来去无羁 來去無羈 lái lai2 qu4 wu2 ji1to come and go of one's own free will (idiom)
209来去无踪 來去無蹤 lái zōnglai2 qu4 wu2 zong1come without a shadow, leave without a footprint (idiom); to come and leave without a trace
210来日 來日 lái lai2 ri4future days; (literary) the next day; (old) past days
211来日方长 來日方長 lái fāng chánglai2 ri4 fang1 chang2the future is long (idiom); there will be ample time for that later; We'll cross that bridge when we get there
212来神 來神 lái shénlai2 shen2to become spirited
213来生 來生 lái shēnglai2 sheng1next life
214来示 來示 lái shìlai2 shi4momentum of sth approaching; (polite) your letter
215来势汹汹 來勢洶洶 lái shì xiōng xiōnglai2 shi4 xiong1 xiong1to bear down menacingly (idiom)
216来苏糖 來蘇糖 lái tánglai2 su1 tang2lyxose (type of sugar)
217来台 來臺 lái táilai2 Tai2to visit Taiwan (esp. from PRC)
218来头 來頭 lái tóulai2 tou2cause; reason; interest; influence
219来文 來文 lái wénlai2 wen2received document; sent document
220来无影,去无踪 來無影,去無蹤 lái yǐng , zōnglai2 wu2 ying3 , qu4 wu2 zong1lit. come without a shadow, leave without a footprint (idiom); to come and go without a trace
221来袭 來襲 lái lai2 xi2to invade; (of a storm etc) to strike; to hit
222来项 來項 lái xianglai2 xiang5income
223来意 來意 lái lai2 yi4Laiyi township in Pingtung County 屏东县 , Taiwan; one's purpose in coming
224来义乡 來義鄉 lái xiāngLai2 yi4 xiang1Laii township in Pingtung County 屏东县 , Taiwan
225来硬的 來硬的 lái yìng delai2 ying4 de5to get tough; to use force
226来由 來由 lái yóulai2 you2reason; cause
227来朝 來朝 lái zhāolai2 zhao1(literary) tomorrow (morning)
228来者不拒 來者不拒 lái zhě lai2 zhe3 bu4 ju4to refuse nobody (idiom); all comers welcome
229来者不善,善者不来 來者不善,善者不來 lái zhě shàn , shàn zhě láilai2 zhe3 bu4 shan4 , shan4 zhe3 bu4 lai2He who comes is surely ill-intentioned, no-one well-meaning will come (idiom).; Be careful not to trust foreigners.; Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!
230来者可追 來者可追 lái zhě zhuīlai2 zhe3 ke3 zhui1the future can yet be shaped (idiom)
231来着 來著 lái zhelai2 zhe5auxiliary showing sth happened in the past
232来踪去迹 來蹤去跡 lái zōng lai2 zong1 qu4 ji4the traces of a person's movements; (fig.) sb's history; the ins and out of a matter
233老来俏 老來俏 lǎo lái qiàolao3 lai2 qiao4old person who dresses up as teenager; mutton dressed as lamb
234老来少 老來少 lǎo lái shàolao3 lai2 shao4old but young at heart
235礼尚往来 禮尚往來 shàng wǎng láili3 shang4 wang3 lai2lit. proper behavior is based on reciprocity (idiom); fig. to return politeness for politeness
236历来如此 歷來如此 lái li4 lai2 ru2 ci3This has always been the case. (idiom)
237历来最低点 歷來最低點 lái zuì diǎnli4 lai2 zui4 di1 dian3all time low (point)
238连带而来 連帶而來 lián dài ér láilian2 dai4 er2 lai2to come together (idiom)
239两国相争,不斩来使 兩國相爭,不斬來使 liǎng guó xiāng zhēng , zhǎn lái shǐliang3 guo2 xiang1 zheng1 , bu4 zhan3 lai2 shi3when two kingdoms are at war, they don't execute envoys (idiom)
240林来疯 林來瘋 lín lái fēngLin2 lai2 feng1Linsanity; craze over Jeremy Lin 林书豪
241乱来 亂來 luàn láiluan4 lai2to act recklessly; to mess around
242轮番攻来 輪番攻來 lún fān gōng láilun2 fan1 gong1 lai2to attack wave after wave (idiom)
243马来 馬來 láiMa3 lai2Malaya; Malaysia
244马来半岛 馬來半島 lái bàn dǎoMa3 lai2 Ban4 dao3Malay Peninsula (possibly including Indonesia until 1945)
245马来鸻 馬來鴴 lái héngMa3 lai2 heng2(bird species of China) Malaysian plover (Charadrius peronii)
246马来人 馬來人 lái rénMa3 lai2 ren2Malay person or people
247马来文 馬來文 lái wénMa3 lai2 wen2Malaysian language
248马来西亚 馬來西亞 lái Ma3 lai2 xi1 ya4Malaysia
249马来西亚人 馬來西亞人 lái rénMa3 lai2 xi1 ya4 ren2Malaysian person or people
250马来西亚语 馬來西亞語 lái Ma3 lai2 xi1 ya4 yu3Malaysian (language)
251马来亚 馬來亞 lái Ma3 lai2 ya4Malaya
252马来语 馬來語 lái Ma3 lai2 yu3Malaysian language
253蛮来生作 蠻來生作 mán lái shēng zuòman2 lai2 sheng1 zuo4to do by coercion (idiom)
254慢慢来 慢慢來 màn màn láiman4 man4 lai2take your time; take it easy
255忙不过来 忙不過來 máng guò láimang2 bu4 guo4 lai2to have more work than one can deal with; to have one's hands full
256眉来眼去 眉來眼去 méi lái yǎn mei2 lai2 yan3 qu4lit. eyes and eyebrows come and go (idiom); to make eyes; to exchange flirting glances with sb
257没来由 沒來由 méi lái yóumei2 lai2 you2without any reason; for no reason
258密来暗往 密來暗往 lái àn wǎngmi4 lai2 an4 wang3to secretly communicate with each other (idiom)
259慕名而来 慕名而來 míng ér láimu4 ming2 er2 lai2to come to a place on account of its reputation (idiom); attracted to visit a famous location
260暮去朝来 暮去朝來 zhāo láimu4 qu4 zhao1 lai2Time flies. (idiom)
261拿来主义 拿來主義 lái zhǔ na2 lai2 zhu3 yi4the attitude of mechanically borrowing (ideas etc)
262南卡罗来纳 南卡羅來納 nán luó lái Nan2 Ka3 luo2 lai2 na4South Carolina, US state
263南卡罗来纳州 南卡羅來納州 nán luó lái zhōuNan2 Ka3 luo2 lai2 na4 zhou1South Carolina, US state
264南来北往 南來北往 nán lái běi wǎngnan2 lai2 bei3 wang3to be always on the move (idiom)
265男人来自火星,女人来自金星 男人來自火星,女人來自金星 nán rén lái huǒ xīng , rén lái jīn xīngNan2 ren2 lai2 zi4 Huo3 xing1 , Nu:3 ren2 lai2 zi4 Jin1 xing1Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus (book by John Gray)
266逆来顺受 逆來順受 lái shùn shòuni4 lai2 shun4 shou4to resign oneself to adversity (idiom); to grin and bear it; to submit meekly to insults, maltreatment, humiliation etc
267年来 年來 nián láinian2 lai2this past year; over the last years
268年以来 年以來 nián láinian2 yi3 lai2since the year ...
269暖风徐来 暖風徐來 nuǎn fēng láinuan3 feng1 xu2 lai2The genial breeze blows gently. (idiom)
270否极泰来 否極泰來 tài láipi3 ji2 tai4 lai2extreme sorrow turns to joy (idiom)
271扑面而来 撲面而來 miàn ér láipu1 mian4 er2 lai2lit. sth hits one in the face; directly in one's face; sth assaults the senses; blatant (advertising); eye-catching; (a smell) assaults the nostrils
272其来甚渐 其來甚漸 lái shèn jiànqi2 lai2 shen4 jian4its coming was gradual (idiom)
273其来有自 其來有自 lái yǒu qi2 lai2 you3 zi4there is a reason for it; (of sth) not incidental
274前不见古人,后不见来者 前不見古人,後不見來者 qián jiàn rén , hòu jiàn lái zhěqian2 bu4 jian4 gu3 ren2 , hou4 bu4 jian4 lai2 zhe3unique; unprecedented (idiom)
275前无古人后无来者 前無古人後無來者 qián rén hòu lái zhěqian2 wu2 gu3 ren2 hou4 wu2 lai2 zhe3to surpass all others of its kind before and since; to have neither predecessors nor successors
276倾巢来犯 傾巢來犯 qīng cháo lái fànqing1 chao2 lai2 fan4to turn out in force ready to attack (idiom)
277倾城而来 傾城而來 qīng chéng ér láiqing1 cheng2 er2 lai2to come from all over the town (idiom)
278绕来绕去 繞來繞去 rào lái rào rao4 lai2 rao4 qu4meandering and circuitous (idiom); to go around in circles and never get anywhere
279人来疯 人來瘋 rén lái fēngren2 lai2 feng1to get hyped up in front of an audience; (of children) to play up in front of guests
280人来人往 人來人往 rén lái rén wǎngren2 lai2 ren2 wang3many people coming and going (idiom)
281日来 日來 láiri4 lai2in the past few days; lately
282如来 如來 láiru2 lai2tathagata (Buddha's name for himself, having many layers of meaning - Sanskrit: thus gone, having been Brahman, gone to the absolute etc)
283三十年来 三十年來 sān shí nián láisan1 shi2 nian2 lai2for the past thirty years
284珊珊而来 珊珊而來 shān shān ér láishan1 shan1 er2 lai2to come in a stately manner (idiom)
285姗姗来迟 姍姍來遲 shān shān lái chíshan1 shan1 lai2 chi2to be late; to arrive slowly; to be slow in the coming
286捎来 捎來 shāo láishao1 lai2to bring sth to sb (news etc)
287少来 少來 shǎo láishao3 lai2refrain (from doing sth); (coll.) Come on!; Give me a break!; Save it!
288少年夫妻老来伴 少年夫妻老來伴 shào nián lǎo lái bànshao4 nian2 fu1 qi1 lao3 lai2 ban4husband and wife in youth, companions in old age
289什么风把你吹来的 什麼風把你吹來的 shén me fēng chuī lái deshen2 me5 feng1 ba3 ni3 chui1 lai2 de5What brings you here? (idiom)
290时不再来 時不再來 shí zài láishi2 bu4 zai4 lai2Time that has passed will never come back. (idiom)
291时来运转 時來運轉 shí lái yùn zhuǎnshi2 lai2 yun4 zhuan3the time comes, fortune turns (idiom); to have a lucky break; things change for the better
292手到拈来 手到拈來 shǒu dào niān láishou3 dao4 nian1 lai2lit. to stretch a hand and grab it (idiom); fig. easy to do
293手到擒来 手到擒來 shǒu dào qín láishou3 dao4 qin2 lai2stretch a hand and grab it (idiom); very easy
294数不过来 數不過來 shǔ guò láishu3 bu4 guo4 lai2can't manage to count; too many to count
295数来宝 數來寶 shǔ lái bǎoshu3 lai2 bao3folk theater consisting of recitation accompanied by clapper board rhythm
296摔下马来 摔下馬來 shuāi xià láishuai1 xia4 ma3 lai2to tumble off a horse
297说不出话来 說不出話來 shuō chū huà láishuo1 bu4 chu1 hua4 lai2speechless
298说来话长 說來話長 shuō lái huà chángshuo1 lai2 hua4 chang2start explaining and it's a long story (idiom); complicated and not easy to express succinctly
299丝来线去 絲來線去 lái xiàn si1 lai2 xian4 qu4endlessly tangled and involved (idiom)
300死去活来 死去活來 huó láisi3 qu4 huo2 lai2to hover between life and death (idiom); to suffer terribly; within an inch of one's life
301送往迎来 送往迎來 sòng wǎng yíng láisong4 wang3 ying2 lai2see 迎来送往
302素来 素來 láisu4 lai2consistently; always (in the past and now)
303所为何来 所為何來 suǒ wèi láisuo3 wei4 he2 lai2What are you here for? (idiom)
304踏破铁鞋无觅处,得来全不费工夫 踏破鐵鞋無覓處,得來全不費工夫 tiě xié chù , lái quán fèi gōng futa4 po4 tie3 xie2 wu2 mi4 chu4 , de2 lai2 quan2 bu4 fei4 gong1 fu5to travel far and wide looking for sth, only to find it easily
305泰来 泰來 tài láiTai4 lai2Tailai county in Qiqihar 齐齐哈尔 , Heilongjiang
306泰来县 泰來縣 tài lái xiànTai4 lai2 xian4Tailai county in Qiqihar 齐齐哈尔 , Heilongjiang
307谈得来 談得來 tán de láitan2 de5 lai2to be able to talk to; to get along with; to be congenial
308特来 特來 láite4 lai2to come with a specific purpose in mind
309天外来客 天外來客 tiān wài lái tian1 wai4 lai2 ke4visitors from outer space
310停顿下来 停頓下來 tíng dùn xià láiting2 dun4 xia4 lai2to take a pause
311同来同往 同來同往 tóng lái tóng wǎngtong2 lai2 tong2 wang3to go together and return together (idiom)
312推来推去 推來推去 tuī lái tuī tui1 lai2 tui1 qu4(idiom) to rudely push and pull others; (idiom) to evade responsibility and push it to others
313外来成语 外來成語 wài lái chéng wai4 lai2 cheng2 yu3loan idiom
314外来词 外來詞 wài lái wai4 lai2 ci2loanword
315外来货 外來貨 wài lái huòwai4 lai2 huo4imported product
316外来人 外來人 wài lái rénwai4 lai2 ren2foreigner
317外来势力 外來勢力 wài lái shì wai4 lai2 shi4 li4foreign influence; external influence
318外来投资 外來投資 wài lái tóu wai4 lai2 tou2 zi1foreign investment
319外来物种 外來物種 wài lái zhǒngwai4 lai2 wu4 zhong3an introduced species
320外来语 外來語 wài lái wai4 lai2 yu3loanword
321往来帐户 往來帳戶 wǎng lái zhàng wang3 lai2 zhang4 hu4current account (in bank)
322未来派 未來派 wèi lái pàiWei4 lai2 pai4Futurism (artistic and social movement of the 20th century)
323未来式 未來式 wèi lái shìwei4 lai2 shi4future tense
324未来学 未來學 wèi lái xuéwei4 lai2 xue2future studies
325未来业绩 未來業績 wèi lái wei4 lai2 ye4 ji4future yield (of investment)
326未来主义 未來主義 wèi lái zhǔ Wei4 lai2 zhu3 yi4Futurism (artistic and social movement of the 20th century)
327乌来 烏來 láiWu1 lai2Wulai township in New Taipei City 新北市 , Taiwan
328乌来乡 烏來鄉 lái xiāngWu1 lai2 xiang1Wulai township in New Taipei City 新北市 , Taiwan
329希伯来 希伯來 láiXi1 bo2 lai2Hebrew
330希伯来人 希伯來人 lái rénXi1 bo2 lai2 ren2Hebrew person; Israelite; Jew
331希伯来书 希伯來書 lái shūXi1 bo2 lai2 shu1Epistle of St Paul to the Hebrews
332希伯来语 希伯來語 lái Xi1 bo2 lai2 yu3Hebrew language
333西来庵 西來庵 lái ānXi1 lai2 an1Xilai Temple (Tainan, Taiwan)
334熙来攘往 熙來攘往 lái rǎng wǎngxi1 lai2 rang3 wang3a place buzzing with activity (idiom)
335熙熙而来 熙熙而來 ér láixi1 xi1 er2 lai2coming in large crowds (idiom)
336喜来登 喜來登 lái dēngXi3 lai2 deng1Sheraton (hotel chain)
337下不来 下不來 xià láixia4 bu4 lai2awkward; embarrassed; cannot be accomplished
338下不来台 下不來臺 xià lái táixia4 bu4 lai2 tai2to be put on the spot; to find oneself in an awkward situation
339仙客来 仙客來 xiān láixian1 ke4 lai2cyclamen (loanword)
340先来后到 先來後到 xiān lái hòu dàoxian1 lai2 hou4 dao4in order of arrival; first come, first served
341闲来无事 閒來無事 xián lái shìxian2 lai2 wu2 shi4at leisure; idle; to have nothing to do
342向来如此 向來如此 xiàng lái xiang4 lai2 ru2 ci3It has always been so. (idiom)
343消息来源 消息來源 xiāo xi lái yuánxiao1 xi5 lai2 yuan2web feed; news feed; syndicated feed
344新来乍到 新來乍到 xīn lái zhà dàoxin1 lai2 zha4 dao4newly arrived (idiom)
345心血来潮 心血來潮 xīn xuè lái cháoxin1 xue4 lai2 chao2to be prompted by a sudden impulse; carried away by a whim; to have a brainstorm
346信手拈来 信手拈來 xìn shǒu niān láixin4 shou3 nian1 lai2to get sth. without effort; to have material at one's fingertips and write freely; to write freely without too much hesitation; to pick at random (idiom)
347信札往来 信札往來 xìn zhá wǎng láixin4 zha2 wang3 lai2exchange of correspondence (idiom)
348兴尽悲来 興盡悲來 xìng jìn bēi láixing4 jin4 bei1 lai2After pleasure comes sadness. (idiom)
349徐徐而来 徐徐而來 ér láixu2 xu2 er2 lai2to come with relaxed and dignified steps (idiom)
350血债要用血来偿 血債要用血來償 xuè zhài yào yòng xuè lái chángxue4 zhai4 yao4 yong4 xue4 lai2 chang2A debt of blood must be paid in blood.; Blood calls for blood.
351血债要用血来还 血債要用血來還 xuè zhài yào yòng xuè lái huánxue4 zhai4 yao4 yong4 xue4 lai2 huan2A debt of blood must be paid in blood.; Blood calls for blood.
352熏风徐来 熏風徐來 xūn fēng láixun1 feng1 xu2 lai2a warm southerly breeze is always gentle (idiom)
353寻来范畴 尋來範疇 xún lái fàn chóuxun2 lai2 fan4 chou2(math.) derived category
354严格来讲 嚴格來講 yán lái jiǎngyan2 ge2 lai2 jiang3strictly speaking
355严格来说 嚴格來說 yán lái shuōyan2 ge2 lai2 shuo1strictly speaking
356言来语去 言來語去 yán lái yan2 lai2 yu3 qu4to talk back and forth; to argue (idiom)
357摇笔即来 搖筆即來 yáo láiyao2 bi3 ji2 lai2to be gifted with the ability of writing quickly; to be brimming with ideas (idiom)
358药师如来 藥師如來 yào shī láiYao4 shi1 ru2 lai2Medicine Buddha (Sanskrit: Bhaisajyaguru)
359夜来香 夜來香 lái xiāngye4 lai2 xiang1tuberose; Cestrum nocturnum, see also 夜香木
360一般来讲 一般來講 bān lái jiǎngyi1 ban1 lai2 jiang3generally speaking
361一觉醒来 一覺醒來 jiào xǐng láiyi1 jiao4 xing3 lai2to wake up from a sleep
362一来二去 一來二去 lái èr yi1 lai2 er4 qu4gradually; little by little; in the course of time
363一来二往 一來二往 lái èr wǎngyi1 lai2 er4 wang3in the course of contacts; gradually (idiom)
364一来一往 一來一往 lái wǎngyi1 lai2 yi1 wang3back and forth; in and out (idiom)
365一路来 一路來 láiyi1 lu4 lai2all the way; all along; since the start
366依我来看 依我來看 lái kànyi1 wo3 lai2 kan4as I see it; in my opinion
367一直以来 一直以來 zhí láiyi1 zhi2 yi3 lai2in the past always; for a long time now; until now
368因往推来 因往推來 yīn wǎng tuī láiyin1 wang3 tui1 lai2to judge the future from the past (idiom)
369迎来送往 迎來送往 yíng lái sòng wǎngying2 lai2 song4 wang3lit. to meet those arriving, to send of those departing (idiom); busy entertaining guests; all time taken over with social niceties
370迎面而来 迎面而來 yíng miàn ér láiying2 mian4 er2 lai2directly; head-on (collision); in one's face (of wind)
371硬来 硬來 yìng láiying4 lai2to use force
372应邀而来 應邀而來 yìng yāo ér láiying4 yao1 er2 lai2to come by request (idiom)
373由此看来 由此看來 yóu kàn láiyou2 ci3 kan4 lai2judging from this; in view of this (idiom)
374由来 由來 yóu láiyou2 lai2origin
375有备而来 有備而來 yǒu bèi ér láiyou3 bei4 er2 lai2to come prepared
376有生以来 有生以來 yǒu shēng láiyou3 sheng1 yi3 lai2since birth; for one's whole life
377有史以来 有史以來 yǒu shǐ láiyou3 shi3 yi3 lai2since the beginning of history
378又来了 又來了 yòu lái leyou4 lai2 le5Here we go again.
379与生俱来 與生俱來 shēng láiyu3 sheng1 ju4 lai2inherent; innate
380元来 元來 yuán láiyuan2 lai2original; former; originally; formerly; at first; so, actually, as it turns out; variant of 原来
381源源而来 源源而來 yuán yuán ér láiyuan2 yuan2 er2 lai2to come in a steady stream (idiom)
382远方来鸿 遠方來鴻 yuǎn fāng lái hóngyuan3 fang1 lai2 hong2letter from afar (literary)
383越来越多 越來越多 yuè lái yuè duōyue4 lai2 yue4 duo1more and more
384越来越严重 越來越嚴重 yuè lái yuè yán zhòngyue4 lai2 yue4 yan2 zhong4to become more serious every day
385越来越糟 越來越糟 yuè lái yuè zāoyue4 lai2 yue4 zao1to get worse and worse (idiom)
386再来 再來 zài láizai4 lai2come again
387在来米 在來米 zài lái zai4 lai2 mi3long-grained non-glutinous rice (Tw)
388在未来 在未來 zài wèi láizai4 wei4 lai2in the future
389早来 早來 zǎo láizao3 lai2to come early; already; early
390早来晚归 早來晚歸 zǎo lái wǎn guīzao3 lai2 wan3 gui1(set phrase) come early and leave late
391彰往察来 彰往察來 zhāng wǎng chá láizhang1 wang3 cha2 lai2to lay open the past and pore over the future; to consider the past and weigh the future (idiom)
392招来 招來 zhāo láizhao1 lai2to attract; to incur
393招之即来 招之即來 zhāo zhī láizhao1 zhi1 ji2 lai2to come as soon as called (idiom)
394真金不怕火来烧 真金不怕火來燒 zhēn jīn huǒ lái shāozhen1 jin1 bu4 pa4 huo3 lai2 shao1see 真金不怕火炼
395直来直去 直來直去 zhí lái zhí zhi2 lai2 zhi2 qu4going directly (without detour); (fig.) direct; straightforward (in one's manner or speech)
396直来直往 直來直往 zhí lái zhí wǎngzhi2 lai2 zhi2 wang3blunt; outspoken
397主要来源 主要來源 zhǔ yào lái yuánzhu3 yao4 lai2 yuan2principle source; main source
398转来转去 轉來轉去 zhuàn lái zhuàn zhuan4 lai2 zhuan4 qu4to rove around; to run around in circles; to walk back and forth
399自拔归来 自拔歸來 guī láizi4 ba2 gui1 lai2to break away from the enemy to join our ranks (idiom)
400自来 自來 láizi4 lai2from the beginning; always; to come of one's own accord
401自来水管 自來水管 lái shuǐ guǎnzi4 lai2 shui3 guan3water mains; service pipe; tap-water pipe
402总的来说 總的來說 zǒng de lái shuōzong3 de5 lai2 shuo1generally speaking; to sum up; in summary; in short
403走来回 走來回 zǒu lái huízou3 lai2 hui2to make a round trip; a return journey
404来访者 來訪者 lái fǎng zhělai2 fang3 zhe3visitor; (psychological counseling) client
405算起来 算起來 suàn láisuan4 qi3 lai2to calculate; to estimate; in total; all told; (fig.) if you think about it
406太阳从西边出来 太陽從西邊出來 tài yáng cóng biān chū láitai4 yang2 cong2 xi1 bian1 chu1 lai2lit. the sun rises in the west (idiom); fig. hell freezes over; pigs can fly

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