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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 shuāishuai1to throw down; to fall; to drop and break
2摔倒 shuāi dǎoshuai1 dao3to fall down; to slip and fall; to throw sb to the ground
3抱摔 bào shuāibao4 shuai1body slam (wrestling move)
4破罐破摔 guàn shuāipo4 guan4 po4 shuai1lit. to smash a cracked pot (idiom); crazy despair in the face of a blemish, defect, error or setback
5破碗破摔 wǎn shuāipo4 wan3 po4 shuai1lit. to smash a cracked pot; fig. to treat oneself as hopeless and act crazily
6摔打 shuāi dashuai1 da5to knock; to grasp sth in the hand and beat it; to toughen oneself up
7摔跌 shuāi diēshuai1 die1to take a fall
8摔断 摔斷 shuāi duànshuai1 duan4to fall and break; to break (bones) by falling
9摔跟头 摔跟頭 shuāi gēn toushuai1 gen1 tou5to fall; fig. to suffer a setback
10摔坏 摔壞 shuāi huàishuai1 huai4to drop and break
11摔机着陆 摔機著陸 shuāi zhuó shuai1 ji1 zhuo2 lu4crash-landing (idiom)
12摔交 shuāi jiāoshuai1 jiao1to trip and fall; to wrestle; wrestling (sports); variant of 摔跤
13摔角 shuāi jiǎoshuai1 jiao3to wrestle; wrestling
14摔破 shuāi shuai1 po4to fall and smash into pieces
15摔伤 摔傷 shuāi shāngshuai1 shang1to injure oneself in a fall
16摔死 shuāi shuai1 si3to fall to one's death
17摔下马来 摔下馬來 shuāi xià láishuai1 xia4 ma3 lai2to tumble off a horse
18一跤摔倒 jiāo shuāi dǎoyi1 jiao1 shuai1 dao3to tumble over and fall down (idiom)

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