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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 bēnben1to hurry; to rush; to run quickly; to elope; (used in given names); variant of ; variant of
2奔跑 bēn pǎoben1 pao3to run
3奔驰 奔馳 bēn chíBen1 chi2to run quickly; to speed; to gallop; Benz (name); Mercedes-Benz, German car maker
4奔走 bēn zǒuben1 zou3to run; to rush about; to be on the go
5奔腾 奔騰 bēn téngben1 teng2Pentium (microprocessor by Intel); (of waves) to surge forward; to roll on in waves; to gallop
6奔放 bēn fàngben1 fang4bold and unrestrained; untrammeled
7奔波 bēn ben1 bo1to rush about; to be constantly on the move
8飞奔 飛奔 fēi bēnfei1 ben1to dash (run fast); to rush; to dart
9奔奔族 bēn bēn ben1 ben1 zu2lit. Rushing Clan, generation born between 1975-1985 and China's most hedonistic and hard-working social group (netspeak)
10奔赴 bēn ben1 fu4to rush to; to hurry to
11奔流 bēn liúben1 liu2to flow at great speed; to pour; racing current
12奔马 奔馬 bēn ben1 ma3(literary) (swift like a) speeding horse
13奔忙 bēn mángben1 mang2to be busy rushing about; to bustle about
14奔命 bēn mìngben1 ming4to rush about on errands; to be kept on the run
15奔三 bēn sānBen1 san1to be pushing 30; Pentium III microprocessor, abbr. for 奔腾三
16奔丧 奔喪 bēn sāngben1 sang1to hasten home for the funeral of a parent or grandparent
17奔四 bēn ben1 si4to be pushing 40
18奔逃 bēn táoben1 tao2to flee; to run away
19奔袭 奔襲 bēn ben1 xi2long-range raid
20奔泻 奔瀉 bēn xièben1 xie4(of torrents) rush down; pour down
21奔逸绝尘 奔逸絕塵 bēn jué chénben1 yi4 jue2 chen2to run so fast that no one can catch up (idiom)
22奔走呼号 奔走呼號 bēn zǒu háoben1 zou3 hu1 hao2to go around campaigning for a cause (idiom)
23奔走相告 bēn zǒu xiāng gàoben1 zou3 xiang1 gao4to spread the news (idiom)
24伯罗奔尼撒 伯羅奔尼撒 luó bēn Bo2 luo2 ben1 ni2 sa1Peloponnese (peninsula in southern Greece)
25出奔 chū bēnchu1 ben1to flee; to escape into exile
26东奔西窜 東奔西竄 dōng bēn cuàndong1 ben1 xi1 cuan4to flee in all directions (idiom)
27东奔西跑 東奔西跑 dōng bēn pǎodong1 ben1 xi1 pao3to run this way and that (idiom); to rush about busily; to bustle about
28东奔西走 東奔西走 dōng bēn zǒudong1 ben1 xi1 zou3to run this way and that (idiom); to rush about busily; to bustle about; to hopscotch; also 东跑西颠
29狂奔 kuáng bēnkuang2 ben1run crazily
30狼奔豕突 láng bēn shǐ lang2 ben1 shi3 tu1the wolf runs and the wild boar rushes (idiom); crowds of evil-doers mill around like wild beasts
31泪奔 淚奔 lèi bēnlei4 ben1(slang) to get emotional
32力疾奔走 bēn zǒuli4 ji2 ben1 zou3to run about despite illness (idiom)
33连奔带跑 連奔帶跑 lián bēn dài pǎolian2 ben1 dai4 pao3to run quickly; to rush; to gallop
34裸奔 luǒ bēnluo3 ben1to streak (run naked)
35梅塞迪斯奔驰 梅塞迪斯奔馳 méi sāi bēn chímei2 sai1 di2 si1 ben1 chi2Mercedes Benz
36梅塞德斯奔驰 梅塞德斯奔馳 méi sài bēn chíMei2 sai4 de2 si1 Ben1 chi2Mercedes Benz; abbr. to 奔驰
37怒涛奔腾 怒濤奔騰 tāo bēn téngnu4 tao1 ben1 teng2angry waves are racing (idiom)
38疲于奔命 疲於奔命 bēn mìngpi2 yu2 ben1 ming4lit. tired of constantly running for one's life (idiom); terribly busy; up to one's ears in work
39热情奔放 熱情奔放 qíng bēn fàngre4 qing2 ben1 fang4bubbling with enthusiasm (idiom)
40私奔 bēnsi1 ben1to elope
41四散奔逃 sàn bēn táosi4 san4 ben1 tao2to scatter in all directions
42万马奔腾 萬馬奔騰 wàn bēn téngwan4 ma3 ben1 teng2lit. ten thousand stampeding horses (idiom); fig. with great momentum; going full speed ahead
43喜大普奔 bēnxi3 da4 pu3 ben1(of news etc) so thrilling that everyone is rejoicing and spreading the word (Internet slang); acronym from 喜闻乐见
44迂回奔袭 迂回奔襲 huí bēn yu1 hui2 ben1 xi2to attack from an unexpected direction
45追奔逐北 zhuī bēn zhú běizhui1 ben1 zhu2 bei3to pursue and attack a fleeing enemy

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