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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 he4to shout loudly
2棒喝 bàng bang4 he4practice in which a novice monk is shouted at or hit with a stick with the purpose of bringing about instant awakening (Buddhism); to rebuke sternly
3嗔喝 chēn chen1 he4to yell at sb in rage
4叱喝 chì chi4 he4to shout at; to berate
5呵喝 he1 he4to shout loudly; to bellow; to berate
6喝彩 cǎihe4 cai3acclaim; cheer; to acclaim; to cheer
7喝道 dàohe4 dao4(of yamen bailiffs etc) to walk ahead of an official, shouting at pedestrians to clear the way
8喝倒彩 dào cǎihe4 dao4 cai3to boo or jeer (as a sign of displeasure at an actor)
9喝令 lìnghe4 ling4to shout an order or command
10喝止 zhǐhe4 zhi3to shout at sb to stop
11呼喝 hu1 he4to shout
12呼来喝去 呼來喝去 lái hu1 lai2 he4 qu4to call to come and shout to go (idiom); to yell orders; always bossing people around
13呼卢喝雉 呼盧喝雉 zhìhu1 lu2 he4 zhi4to shout for the top number to come up (in gambling) (idiom)
14开锣喝道 開鑼喝道 kāi luó dàokai1 luo2 he4 dao4to clear a street by banging gongs and shouting loudly (idiom)
15严声喝问 嚴聲喝問 yán shēng wènyan2 sheng1 he4 wen4to snap out one's questions (idiom)
16吆五喝六 yāo liùyao1 wu3 he4 liu4lit. to shout out hoping for fives and sixes when gambling with dice; a hubbub of gambling

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