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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 xiàxia4to frighten; to scare
2吓唬 嚇唬 xià huxia4 hu5to scare; to frighten
3文攻武吓 文攻武嚇 wén gōng xiàwen2 gong1 wu3 xia4(of a nation) to denounce and threaten with military force; to try to coerce
4出言威吓 出言威嚇 chū yán wēi xiàchu1 yan2 wei1 xia4to speak daggers to sb. (idiom)
5惊吓 驚嚇 jīng xiàjing1 xia4to frighten; to horrify; to terrify
6杀鸡吓猴 殺雞嚇猴 shā xià hóusha1 ji1 xia4 hou2lit. killing the chicken to scare the monkey (idiom); to punish an individual as an example to others; pour encourager les autres
7吓倒 嚇倒 xià dǎoxia4 dao3to be frightened
8吓得发抖 嚇得發抖 xià dǒuxia4 de2 fa1 dou3tremble with fear
9吓疯 嚇瘋 xià fēngxia4 feng1to be scared senseless
10吓坏 嚇壞 xià huàixia4 huai4to be terrified; to terrify sb
11吓昏 嚇昏 xià hūnxia4 hun1to faint from fear; to be frightened into fits; shell-shocked
12吓跑 嚇跑 xià pǎoxia4 pao3to scare away
13吓破胆 嚇破膽 xià dǎnxia4 po4 dan3to be scared out of one's wits; to scare stiff
14吓傻 嚇傻 xià shǎxia4 sha3to terrify; to scare sb
15吓吓叫 嚇嚇叫 xià xià jiàoxia4 xia4 jiao4(Tw) impressive (from Taiwanese 削削叫 , Tai-lo pr. [siah-siah-kiò])
16吓一跳 嚇一跳 xià tiàoxia4 yi1 tiao4startled; to frighten; scared out of one's skin

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