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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 chūchu1to go out; to come out; to occur; to produce; to go beyond; to rise; to put forth; to happen; (used after a verb to indicate an outward direction or a positive result); classifier for dramas, plays, operas etc; variant of (classifier for plays or chapters of classical novels)
2出来 出來 chū láichu1 lai2to come out; to appear; to arise
3出现 出現 chū xiànchu1 xian4(sports) to go out of bounds; to go over the line; to qualify for the next round of competition; (Tw) (fig.) to make the grade; to achieve success; to appear; to arise; to emerge; to show up
4提出 chūti2 chu1to raise (an issue); to propose; to put forward; to suggest; to post (on a website); to withdraw (cash)
5指出 zhǐ chūzhi3 chu1to indicate; to point out
6作出 zuò chūzuo4 chu1to put out; to issue; to put out; to come up with; to make (a choice, decision, proposal, response, comment etc); to issue (a permit, statement, explanation, apology, reassurance to the public etc); to draw (conclusion); to deliver (speech, judgment); to devise (explanation); to extract
7发出 發出 chūfa1 chu1to issue (an order, decree etc); to send out; to dispatch; to produce (a sound); to let out (a laugh)
8出发 出發 chū chu1 fa1to set off; to start (on a journey)
9出去 chū chu1 qu4to go out
10看出 kàn chūkan4 chu1to make out; to see
11演出 yǎn chūyan3 chu1to act (in a play); to perform; to put on (a performance); performance; concert; show; Classifiers:
12出版 chū bǎnchu1 ban3to publish
13出口 chū kǒuchu1 kou3an exit; Classifiers: ; to speak; to export; (of a ship) to leave port
14走出 zǒu chūzou3 chu1to leave (a room etc); to go out through (a door etc)
15得出 chūde2 chu1to obtain (results); to arrive at (a conclusion)
16拿出 chūna2 chu1to take out; to put out; to provide; to put forward (a proposal); to come up with (evidence)
17露出 chūlu4 chu1to expose; to show; also pr. [lou4 chu1]
18放出 fàng chūfang4 chu1to let off; to give out
19伸出 shēn chūshen1 chu1to extend
20说出 說出 shuō chūshuo1 chu1to speak out; to declare (one's view)
21取出 chūqu3 chu1to take out; to extract; to draw out
22出于 出於 chū chu1 yu2due to; to stem from
23找出 zhǎo chūzhao3 chu1to find; to search out
24掏出 tāo chūtao1 chu1to fish out; to take out (from a pocket, bag etc)
25出生 chū shēngchu1 sheng1to utter; to give voice; to be born
26输出 輸出 shū chūshu1 chu1to export; to output
27出门 出門 chū ménchu1 men2to go out; to leave home; to go on a journey; away from home; (of a woman) to get married
28出席 chū chu1 xi2to attend; to participate; present
29支出 zhī chūzhi1 chu1to spend; to pay out; expense
30出售 chū shòuchu1 shou4to sell; to offer for sale; to put on the market
31排出 pái chūpai2 chu1to discharge
32杰出 傑出 jié chūjie2 chu1outstanding; distinguished; remarkable; prominent; illustrious
33出色 chū chu1 se4remarkable; outstanding
34显出 顯出 xiǎn chūxian3 chu1to express; to exhibit
35出卖 出賣 chū màichu1 mai4to offer for sale; to sell; to sell out or betray
36付出 chūfu4 chu1to come back out of retirement; to get involved again after having withdrawn; to pay; to invest (energy or time in a friendship etc)
37出路 chū chu1 lu4to emerge; a way out (lit. and fig.); opportunity for advancement; a way forward; outlet (for one's products)
38出土 chū chu1 tu3to dig up; to appear in an excavation; unearthed; to come up out of the ground
39抽出 chōu chūchou1 chu1to take out; to extract
40出血 chū xuèchu1 xue4to bleed; bleeding; (fig.) to spend money in large amounts
41超出 chāo chūchao1 chu1to exceed; to overstep; to go too far; to encroach
42生出 shēng chūsheng1 chu1to give birth; to grow (whiskers etc); to generate; to produce
43推出 tuī chūtui1 chu1to push out; to release; to launch; to publish; to recommend
44派出 pài chūpai4 chu1to send; to dispatch
45传出 傳出 chuán chūchuan2 chu1to transmit outwards; to disseminate; efferent (nerve)
46退出 tuì chūtui4 chu1to withdraw; to abort; to quit; to log out (computing)
47出发点 出發點 chū diǎnchu1 fa1 dian3starting point; (fig.) basis; motive
48出身 chū shēnchu1 shen1to be born of; to come from; family background; class origin
49出国 出國 chū guóchu1 guo2to go abroad; to leave the country; emigration
50展出 zhǎn chūzhan3 chu1to put on display; to be on show; to exhibit
51选出 選出 xuǎn chūxuan3 chu1to pick out; to select; to elect
52流出 liú chūliu2 chu1to flow out; to disgorge; to effuse
53冲出 衝出 chōng chūchong1 chu1to rush out
54长出 長出 zhǎng chūzhang3 chu1to sprout (leaves, buds, a beard etc)
55喷出 噴出 pēn chūpen1 chu1spout; spray; belch; to well up; to puff out; to spurt out
56想出 xiǎng chūxiang3 chu1to figure out; to work out (a solution etc); to think up; to come up with (an idea etc)
57射出 shè chūshe4 chu1emission; ejaculation
58算出 suàn chūsuan4 chu1to figure out
59派出所 pài chū suǒpai4 chu1 suo3local police station
60出动 出動 chū dòngchu1 dong4to start out on a trip; to dispatch troops
61外出 wài chūwai4 chu1to go out; to go away (on a trip etc)
62跳出 tiào chūtiao4 chu1to jump out; fig. to appear suddenly
63出产 出產 chū chǎnchu1 chan3to produce (by natural growth, or by manufacture, mining etc); to yield; to turn out; produce; products
64渗出 滲出 shèn chūshen4 chu1to seep out; to exude
65出面 chū miànchu1 mian4to appear personally; to step in; to step forth; to show up
66出自 chū chu1 zi4to come from
67出入 chū chu1 ru4to go out and come in; entrance and exit; expenditure and income; discrepancy; inconsistent
68出世 chū shìchu1 shi4to show; to take out and show to others; to display; to take up an official post; to have an accident; to meet with a mishap; to be born; to come into being; to withdraw from worldly affairs
69引出 yǐn chūyin3 chu1to extract; to draw out
70认出 認出 rèn chūren4 chu1recognition; to recognize
71出场 出場 chū chǎngchu1 chang3to leave the factory (of finished goods); (of a performer) to come onto the stage to perform; (of an athlete) to enter the arena to compete; (fig.) to enter the scene (e.g. a new product); (of an examinee etc) to leave the venue
72查出 chá chūcha2 chu1to find out; to discover
73析出 chūxi1 chu1to separate out
74出神 chū shénchu1 shen2spellbound; entranced; lost in thought
75出力 chū chu1 li4to exert oneself
76日出 chūri4 chu1sunrise
77列出 liè chūlie4 chu1to list; to make a list
78出名 chū míngchu1 ming2well-known for sth; to become well known; to make one's mark
79跑出 pǎo chūpao3 chu1to run out
80出差 chū chāichu1 chai1to go on an official or business trip
81挤出 擠出 chūji3 chu1to squeeze out; to extrude; to drain; to find the time; to burst out
82出兵 chū bīngchu1 bing1to send troops
83抛出 拋出 pāo chūpao1 chu1to toss; to throw out
84出头 出頭 chū tóuchu1 tou2to get out of a predicament; to stick out; to take the initiative; remaining odd fraction after a division; a little more than
85出走 chū zǒuchu1 zou3to leave home; to go off; to run away
86献出 獻出 xiàn chūxian4 chu1to offer; to give (as tribute); to devote (one's life); to sacrifice (oneself)
87导出 導出 dǎo chūdao3 chu1to derive; derived; derivation; to entail; to induce; to export (data)
88喜出望外 chū wàng wàixi3 chu1 wang4 wai4to be pleased beyond one's expectations (idiom); overjoyed at the turn of events
89出奇 chū chu1 qi2extraordinary; exceptional; unusual
90进出 進出 jìn chūjin4 chu1to enter or exit; to go through
91出海 chū hǎichu1 hai3to go out to sea; (neologism) to expand into overseas markets
92飞出 飛出 fēi chūfei1 chu1to fly out
93装出 裝出 zhuāng chūzhuang1 chu1to assume (an air of)
94救出 jiù chūjiu4 chu1to rescue; to pluck from danger
95出版社 chū bǎn shèchu1 ban3 she4publishing house
96出家 chū jiāchu1 jia1to leave home (to become a Buddhist monk or nun)
97交出 jiāo chūjiao1 chu1to hand over
98摆出 擺出 bǎi chūbai3 chu1(following a noun) full of ...; abounding in ...; to assume; to adopt (a look, pose, manner etc); to bring out for display
99出院 chū yuànchu1 yuan4to leave hospital; to be discharged from hospital
100出外 chū wàichu1 wai4to go out; to leave for another place
101出击 出擊 chū chu1 ji1to sally; to attack
102出乎 chū chu1 hu1due to; to stem from; to go beyond (also fig. beyond reason, expectations etc); to go against (expectations)
103出菜 chū càichu1 cai4(at a restaurant) to bring a dish to a customer; to serve food
104出菜秀 chū cài xiùchu1 cai4 xiu4dinner show; dinner and floor show
105出惊 出驚 chū jīngchu1 jing1see 吃惊
106出溜屁 chū liu chu1 liu5 pi4silent fart
107出汁 chū zhīchu1 zhi1dashi (soup stock used in Japanese cuisine) (orthographic borrowing from Japanese)
108出罪 chū zuìchu1 zui4(law) to exempt from punishment
109滴滴出行 chū xíngDi1 di1 Chu1 xing2Didi Chuxing Technology Co., aka DiDi, app-based transportation company, headquartered in Beijing, founded in 2012
110公出 gōng chūgong1 chu1to be away on business
111拉不出屎来怨茅房 拉不出屎來怨茅房 chū shǐ lái yuàn máo fángla1 bu4 chu1 shi3 lai2 yuan4 mao2 fang2lit. to blame the toilet because one is having difficulty completing a bowel movement (idiom); fig. to blame others for problems caused by one's own shortcomings
112闪出 閃出 shǎn chūshan3 chu1to flash; to sparkle; to appear suddenly
113是骡子是马,拉出来遛遛 是騾子是馬,拉出來遛遛 shì luó zi shì , chū lai liù liushi4 luo2 zi5 shi4 ma3 , la1 chu1 lai5 liu4 liu5see 是騾子是馬是骡子是马牵出来遛遛
114是骡子是马,牵出来遛遛 是騾子是馬,牽出來遛遛 shì luó zi shì , qiān chū lai liù liushi4 luo2 zi5 shi4 ma3 , qian1 chu1 lai5 liu4 liu5lit. to see whether it's a mule or a horse, take it out for a walk (idiom); fig. the proof of the pudding is in the eating; to show what one is made of
115先进先出 先進先出 xiān jìn xiān chūxian1 jin4 xian1 chu1(computing, inventory management etc) first in, first out
116笑料百出 xiào liào bǎi chūxiao4 liao4 bai3 chu1entertaining; hilarious
117涌出 湧出 yǒng chūyong3 chu1to gush; to gush out; to pour out
118自谋出路 自謀出路 móu chū zi4 mou2 chu1 lu4(idiom) to take matters into one's own hands; to go it alone; to fend for oneself; to find one's own way forward (esp. to find oneself a job)
119左耳入,右耳出 zuǒ ěr , yòu ěr chūzuo3 er3 ru4 , you4 er3 chu1in one ear and out the other
120爱如己出 愛如己出 ài chūai4 ru2 ji3 chu1to love a child as one's own (idiom)
121按需出版 àn chū bǎnan4 xu1 chu1 ban3publishing on demand
122熬出头 熬出頭 áo chū tóuao2 chu1 tou2to break clear of all the troubles and hardships; to achieve success; to make it
123拔萃出群 cuì chū qúnba2 cui4 chu1 qun2to stand out among one's fellows (idiom)
124搬出去 bān chū ban1 chu1 qu4to move out (vacate); to shift sth out
125半路出家 bàn chū jiāban4 lu4 chu1 jia1switch to a job one was not trained for
126半路杀出的程咬金 半路殺出的程咬金 bàn shā chū de chéng yǎo jīnban4 lu4 sha1 chu1 de5 Cheng2 Yao3 jin1see 半路杀出个程咬金
127半路杀出个程咬金 半路殺出個程咬金 bàn shā chū chéng yǎo jīnban4 lu4 sha1 chu1 ge4 Cheng2 Yao3 jin1lit. Cheng Yaojin ambushes the enemy (saying); fig. sb shows up unexpectedly and disrupts the plan; sb whose presence is regarded as irksome
128半排出期 bàn pái chū ban4 pai2 chu1 qi1half-life
129爆出 bào chūbao4 chu1to burst out; to appear unexpectedly; to break (media story)
130辈出 輩出 bèi chūbei4 chu1to come forth in large numbers
131悖入悖出 bèi bèi chūbei4 ru4 bei4 chu1ill-gotten, ill-spent (idiom)
132蹦出来 蹦出來 bèng chū laibeng4 chu1 lai5to crop up; to pop up; to emerge abruptly
133迸发出 迸發出 bèng chūbeng4 fa1 chu1to burst forth; to burst out
134鼻出血 chū xuèbi2 chu1 xue4nosebleed
135闭门不出 閉門不出 mén chūbi4 men2 bu4 chu1to be confined to the house (idiom)
136别出机杼 別出機杼 bié chū zhùbie2 chu1 ji1 zhu4distinctive; to find some other way; to be original in conception (idiom)
137别出心裁 別出心裁 bié chū xīn cáibie2 chu1 xin1 cai2to hit on sth new (idiom); to display originality; to adopt an original approach
138兵出无名 兵出無名 bīng chū míngbing1 chu1 wu2 ming2to act without justification (idiom)
139病从口入,祸从口出 病從口入,禍從口出 bìng cóng kǒu , huò cóng kǒu chūbing4 cong2 kou3 ru4 , huo4 cong2 kou3 chu1Illness enters by the mouth, trouble comes out by the mouth (idiom). A loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble.
140拨出 撥出 chūbo1 chu1to broadcast; to air (a TV program etc); to pull out; to allocate (funds); to dial
141不出所料 chū suǒ liàobu4 chu1 suo3 liao4as expected
142不知出于何种原因 不知出於何種原因 zhī chū zhǒng yuán yīnbu4 zhi1 chu1 yu2 he2 zhong3 yuan2 yin1for whatever reason
143才华出众 才華出眾 cái huá chū zhòngcai2 hua2 chu1 zhong4outstanding talent (idiom); incomparable artistic merit
144才貌出众 才貌出眾 cái mào chū zhòngcai2 mao4 chu1 zhong4to have outstanding talent and appearance (idiom)
145才藻出众 才藻出眾 cái zǎo chū zhòngcai2 zao3 chu1 zhong4above average in literary talent (idiom)
146采出 採出 cǎi chūcai3 chu1to extract; to mine
147仓皇出逃 倉皇出逃 cāng huáng chū táocang1 huang2 chu1 tao2to run off in a great panic (idiom)
148层出不穷 層出不窮 céng chū qióngceng2 chu1 bu4 qiong2more and more emerge; innumerable succession; breeding like flies (idiom)
149层出叠见 層出疊見 céng chū dié jiànceng2 chu1 die2 jian4to emerge one after another (idiom)
150层见迭出 層見迭出 céng jiàn dié chūceng2 jian4 die2 chu1to occur frequently; to occur repeatedly
151长坂坡七进七出 長坂坡七進七出 cháng bǎn jìn chūchang2 ban3 po1 qi1 jin4 qi1 chu1famous scene in Romance of the Three Kingdoms in which Zhao Yun 赵云 charges seven times through the ranks of Cao Cao's armies
152超群出众 超群出眾 chāo qún chū zhòngchao1 qun2 chu1 zhong4to make a conspicuous figure (idiom)
153撤出 chè chūche4 chu1to withdraw; to leave; to retreat; to pull out
154迟出早归 遲出早歸 chí chū zǎo guīchi2 chu1 zao3 gui1to go out late and come back early (idiom)
155冲口而出 衝口而出 chōng kǒu ér chūchong1 kou3 er2 chu1to blurt out without thinking (idiom)
156重出江湖 chóng chū jiāng chong2 chu1 jiang1 hu2(of a person) to return to the fray after a period of inactivity; to jump back into the thick of things; (of sth that was once popular) to be resurrected; to make a comeback
157筹出 籌出 chóu chūchou2 chu1to plan out; to prepare
158丑态百出 醜態百出 chǒu tài bǎi chūchou3 tai4 bai3 chu1to act like a buffoon; to behave in a revolting manner (idiom)
159出埃及记 出埃及記 chū āi Chu1 ai1 ji2 ji4Book of Exodus; Second Book of Moses
160出版商 chū bǎn shāngchu1 ban3 shang1publisher
161出版物 chū bǎn chu1 ban3 wu4publications
162出版者 chū bǎn zhěchu1 ban3 zhe3publisher
163出榜 chū bǎngchu1 bang3to publish class list of successful exam candidates
164出榜安民 chū bǎng ān mínchu1 bang3 an1 min2to issue a proclamation to reassure the people (idiom)
165出包 chū bāochu1 bao1to contract out; to run into problems
166出奔 chū bēnchu1 ben1to flee; to escape into exile
167出殡 出殯 chū bìnchu1 bin4funeral; funeral procession
168出操 chū cāochu1 cao1to drill; to exercise; to go outdoors for physical exercise
169出草 chū cǎochu1 cao3(of Taiwan aborigines) to go on a headhunting expedition
170出岔子 chū chà zichu1 cha4 zi5to go wrong; to take a wrong turning
171出场费 出場費 chū chǎng fèichu1 chang3 fei4appearance fee
172出厂价 出廠價 chū chǎng jiàchu1 chang3 jia4invoice; factory price
173出超 chū chāochu1 chao1trade surplus; favorable balance of trade
174出车 出車 chū chēchu1 che1to dispatch a vehicle; (of a vehicle or its driver) to set off
175出丑 出醜 chū chǒuchu1 chou3shameful; scandalous; to be humiliated; to make a fool of sb or oneself; to make sb lose face
176出臭子儿 出臭子兒 chū chòu rchu1 chou4 zi3 r5to make a bad move (in a game of chess)
177初出茅庐 初出茅廬 chū chū máo chu1 chu1 mao2 lu2venturing from one's thatched hut for the first time (idiom); young and inexperienced; novice; greenhorn
178出处 出處 chū chùchu1 chu4source (esp. of quotation or literary allusion); origin; where sth comes from
179出错 出錯 chū cuòchu1 cuo4to make a mistake; error
180出错信息 出錯信息 chū cuò xìn chu1 cuo4 xin4 xi1error message (computing)
181出大差 chū chāichu1 da4 chai1lit. to go on a long trip; fig. to be sent to the execution ground
182出道 chū dàochu1 dao4to make one's first public performance (of an entertainer etc); to start one's career
183出点子 出點子 chū diǎn zichu1 dian3 zi5to express an opinion; to offer advice
184出尔反尔 出爾反爾 chū ěr fǎn ěrchu1 er3 fan3 er3old: to reap the consequences of one's words (idiom, from Mencius); modern: to go back on one's word; to blow hot and cold; to contradict oneself; inconsistent
185出饭 出飯 chū fànchu1 fan4to swell on steaming (of hard rice grain)
186出访 出訪 chū fǎngchu1 fang3to go and visit in an official capacity or for investigation
187出份子 chū fèn zichu1 fen4 zi5to club together (to offer a gift); to hold a whip-round
188出风口 出風口 chū fēng kǒuchu1 feng1 kou3air vent; air outlet
189出锋头 出鋒頭 chū fēng touchu1 feng1 tou5to push oneself forward; to seek fame; to be in the limelight; same as 出锋头 ; to push oneself forward; to seek fame; to be in the limelight
190出伏 chū chu1 fu2end of 三伏 (the hottest period of the year)
191出港 chū gǎngchu1 gang3to leave harbor; departure (at airport)
192出港大厅 出港大廳 chū gǎng tīngchu1 gang3 da4 ting1departure lounge
193出格 chū chu1 ge2(of a girl) to marry (literary); to overstep the bounds of what is proper; to take sth too far; (of a measuring device) to go off the scale
194出恭 chū gōngchu1 gong1to defecate (euphemism); to go to the toilet
195出谷迁乔 出谷遷喬 chū qiān qiáochu1 gu3 qian1 qiao2to move into a new residence (idiom)
196出官 chū guānchu1 guan1to leave the capital for an official post
197出轨 出軌 chū guǐchu1 gui3derailment (railway accident); to leave the rails; fig. to overstep bounds; fig. to have an extramarital affair
198出柜 出櫃 chū guìchu1 gui4to come out of the closet; to reveal one's sexual orientation
199出汗 chū hànchu1 han4to perspire; to sweat
200出航 chū hángchu1 hang2to set out (on a trip)
201出号 出號 chū hàochu1 hao4large-sized (of clothes, shoes); (old) to give an order; (old) to quit one's job in a store
202出乎意料 chū liàochu1 hu1 yi4 liao4beyond expectation (idiom); unexpected
203出乎意外 chū wàichu1 hu1 yi4 wai4beyond expectation (idiom); unexpected
204出乎预料 出乎預料 chū liàochu1 hu1 yu4 liao4beyond expectation (idiom); unexpected
205出活 chū huóchu1 huo2to finish a job on time; to produce the goods
206出货 出貨 chū huòchu1 huo4to take money or valuables out of storage; to recover; to ship goods; to extract (chemicals from solution)
207出辑 出輯 chū chu1 ji2to release an album (of a musician)
208出继 出繼 chū chu1 ji4to become adopted as heir
209出家皈依 chū jiā guī chu1 jia1 gui1 yi1to give up one's home and embrace religion (idiom)
210出家人 chū jiā rénchu1 jia1 ren2monk; nun (Buddhist or Daoist)
211出价 出價 chū jiàchu1 jia4to get married (of woman); to bid
212出尖 chū jiānchu1 jian1out of the ordinary; outstanding; egregious
213出尖儿 出尖兒 chū jiān rchu1 jian1 r5erhua variant of 出尖
214出将入相 出將入相 chū jiàng xiàngchu1 jiang4 ru4 xiang4to have both civil and military abilities (idiom)
215出借 chū jièchu1 jie4to cross a border; to go out of bounds (sport); to lend; to put out a loan
216出警 chū jǐngchu1 jing3to dispatch police to the scene of crime, accident etc
217出境 chū jìngchu1 jing4to appear on camera; to play a role in a film; to leave a country or region; outbound (tourism)
218出境检查 出境檢查 chū jìng jiǎn cháchu1 jing4 jian3 cha2emigration control
219出局 chū chu1 ju2to send off (player for a foul); to knock out (i.e. to beat in a knock-out tournament); to eliminate; to call out; to kill off; to pull out of (a competition); to retire (a runner in baseball); out (i.e. man out in baseball)
220出具 chū chu1 ju4to issue (document, certificate etc); to provide
221出口产品 出口產品 chū kǒu chǎn pǐnchu1 kou3 chan3 pin3export product
222出口成章 chū kǒu chéng zhāngchu1 kou3 cheng2 zhang1(idiom) (of one's speech) eloquent; articulate
223出口粗野 chū kǒu chu1 kou3 cu1 ye3to swear like a trooper (idiom)
224出口调查 出口調查 chū kǒu diào cháchu1 kou3 diao4 cha2exit poll
225出口额 出口額 chū kǒu échu1 kou3 e2export amount
226出口货 出口貨 chū kǒu huòchu1 kou3 huo4exports; goods for export
227出口气 出口氣 chū kǒu chu1 kou3 qi4to take one's revenge; to score off sb
228出口商 chū kǒu shāngchu1 kou3 shang1exporter; export business
229出口商品 chū kǒu shāng pǐnchu1 kou3 shang1 pin3export product; export goods
230出来混迟早要还的 出來混遲早要還的 chū lái hùn chí zǎo yào huán dechu1 lai2 hun4 chi2 zao3 yao4 huan2 de5if you live a life of crime, sooner or later you'll pay for it
231出老千 chū lǎo qiānchu1 lao3 qian1to cheat (in gambling)
232出了事 chū le shìchu1 le5 shi4sth bad happened
233出类拔萃 出類拔萃 chū lèi cuìchu1 lei4 ba2 cui4to excel the common (idiom); surpassing; preeminent; outstanding
234出粮 出糧 chū liángchu1 liang2(dialect) to pay salary
235出列 chū lièchu1 lie4to go out hunting; (military) to leave one's place in the ranks; to fall out; (fig.) to emerge; to become prominent
236出溜 chū liuchu1 liu5to slip; to slide
237出笼 出籠 chū lóngchu1 long2just out of the steamer basket 蒸笼 ; to appear (of products, publications, sometimes derog., "lots of shoddy material is appearing nowadays")
238出喽子 出嘍子 chū lóu zichu1 lou2 zi5variant of 出娄子 ; to run into difficulties; to cause trouble; variant of 出娄子
239出漏子 chū lòu zichu1 lou4 zi5to take a wrong turn; to go wrong
240出炉 出爐 chū chu1 lu2to take out of the furnace; fresh out of the oven; fig. newly announced; recently made available
241出乱子 出亂子 chū luàn zichu1 luan4 zi5to go wrong; to get into trouble
242出落 chū luòchu1 luo4to grow (prettier etc); to mature into; to blossom
243出马 出馬 chū chu1 ma3to set out (on a campaign); to stand for election; to throw one's cap in the ring
244出卖灵魂 出賣靈魂 chū mài líng húnchu1 mai4 ling2 hun2to sell one's soul
245出满勤,干满点 出滿勤,幹滿點 chū mǎn qín , gàn mǎn diǎnchu1 man3 qin2 , gan4 man3 dian3to be assiduous and work full hours
246出毛病 chū máo bìngchu1 mao2 bing4a problem appears; to break down
247出门不换 出門不換 chū mén huànchu1 men2 bu4 huan4no returns (idiom)
248出门迎迓 出門迎迓 chū mén yíng chu1 men2 ying2 ya4to step out to welcome sb. (idiom)
249出苗 chū miáochu1 miao2to sprout; to come out (of seedling); to bud
250出没 出沒 chū chu1 mo4to come and go; to roam about (mostly unseen); (of a ghost) to haunt (a place); (of a criminal) to stalk (the streets); (of the sun) to rise and set
251出没无常 出沒無常 chū chángchu1 mo4 wu2 chang2to appear and disappear unpredictably
252出没无定 出沒無定 chū dìngchu1 mo4 wu2 ding4to appear and disappear randomly (idiom)
253出谋划策 出謀劃策 chū móu huà chu1 mou2 hua4 ce4to put forward plans and ideas (also derogatory); to give advice (idiom)
254出谋献策 出謀獻策 chū móu xiàn chu1 mou2 xian4 ce4to give counsel (idiom)
255出纳 出納 chū chu1 na4cashier; to receive and hand over payment; to lend and borrow books
256出纳员 出納員 chū yuánchu1 na4 yuan2cashier; teller; treasurer
257出难题 出難題 chū nán chu1 nan2 ti2to raise a tough question
258出盘 出盤 chū pánchu1 pan2to sell up; to wind up a business
259出披漏 chū lòuchu1 pi1 lou4to slip up; to blunder; to make omissions; to make mistakes|||variant of 出紕漏 |出纰漏 [chu1 pi1 lou4]
260出品 chū pǐnchu1 pin3to produce an item; output; items that are produced
261出品人 chū pǐn rénchu1 pin3 ren2producer (film)
262出其不意 chū chu1 qi2 bu4 yi4to do sth when least expected (idiom); to catch sb off guard
263出其不意,攻其不备 出其不意,攻其不備 chū , gōng bèichu1 qi2 bu4 yi4 , gong1 qi2 bu4 bei4to catch an enemy off guard with a surprise attack (idiom, from Sunzi's "The Art of War" 孙子兵法 )
264出其不意攻其不备 出其不意攻其不備 chū gōng bèichu1 qi2 bu4 yi4 gong1 qi2 bu4 bei4catch an enemy off guard with a surprise attack (idiom, from Sunzi's "The Art of War" 孙子兵法 )
265出奇制胜 出奇制勝 chū zhì shèngchu1 qi2 zhi4 sheng4to win by a surprise move
266出气 出氣 chū chu1 qi4to give vent to anger
267出气口 出氣口 chū kǒuchu1 qi4 kou3gas or air outlet; emotional outlet
268出气筒 出氣筒 chū tǒngchu1 qi4 tong3(metaphorical) punching bag; undeserving target of sb's wrath
269出千 chū qiānchu1 qian1see 出老千
270出钱 出錢 chū qiánchu1 qian2to pay
271出鞘 chū qiàochu1 qiao4(of a sword etc) to unsheath
272出勤 chū qínchu1 qin2to go to work; to be present (at work, school etc); to be away on business
273出清 chū qīngchu1 qing1to clear out accumulated items; (retailing) to hold a clearance sale
274出糗 chū qiǔchu1 qiu3(coll.) to have sth embarrassing happen
275出圈 chū quānchu1 quan1to muck out; to clean muck from a cowshed, pigsty etc
276出圈儿 出圈兒 chū quān rchu1 quan1 r5to overstep the norm; to go out of bounds
277出缺 chū quēchu1 que1to fall vacant; a job opening at a high level
278出让 出讓 chū ràngchu1 rang4to transfer (one's property or rights to sb else)
279出人命 chū rén mìngchu1 ren2 ming4fatal; resulting in sb's death
280出人头地 出人頭地 chū rén tóu chu1 ren2 tou2 di4to stand out among one's peers (idiom); to excel
281出人意表 chū rén biǎochu1 ren2 yi4 biao3to exceed all expectations; to come as a surprise
282出人意料 chū rén liàochu1 ren2 yi4 liao4unexpected (idiom); surprising
283出人意外 chū rén wàichu1 ren2 yi4 wai4turned out other than expected (idiom); unexpected
284出任 chū rènchu1 ren4to take up a post; to start in a new job
285出入境管理局 chū jìng guǎn Chu1 ru4 Jing4 Guan3 li3 ju2Exit and Entry Administration Bureau (PRC)
286出入境检验检疫局 出入境檢驗檢疫局 chū jìng jiǎn yàn jiǎn chu1 ru4 jing4 jian3 yan4 jian3 yi4 ju2entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau
287出入口 chū kǒuchu1 ru4 kou3gateway
288出入门 出入門 chū ménchu1 ru4 men2entrance and exit door
289出入平安 chū píng ānchu1 ru4 ping2 an1lit. peace when you come or go; peace wherever you go
290出入相抵 chū xiāng chu1 ru4 xiang1 di3to make both ends meet (idiom)
291出入相友 chū xiāng yǒuchu1 ru4 xiang1 you3mutual help among neighbors (idiom)
292出赛 出賽 chū sàichu1 sai4to compete; to take part (in a sports event)
293出丧 出喪 chū sāngchu1 sang1to hold a funeral procession
294出山 chū shānchu1 shan1to leave the mountain (of a hermit); to come out of obscurity to a government job; to take a leading position
295出身富贵 出身富貴 chū shēn guìchu1 shen1 fu4 gui4born with a silver spoon in one's mouth (idiom)
296出身名门 出身名門 chū shēn míng ménchu1 shen1 ming2 men2to be sprung from noble ancestors; to be of good ancestry (idiom)
297出身清白 chū shēn qīng báichu1 shen1 qing1 bai2One's family background was clear and clean. (idiom)
298出身微贱 出身微賤 chū shēn wēi jiànchu1 shen1 wei1 jian4to have risen from humble beginnings (idiom)
299出神入化 chū shén huàchu1 shen2 ru4 hua4to reach perfection (idiom); a superb artistic achievement
300出神音乐 出神音樂 chū shén yīn yuèchu1 shen2 yin1 yue4trance (music genre)
301出生地 chū shēng chu1 sheng1 di4birthplace
302出生地点 出生地點 chū shēng diǎnchu1 sheng1 di4 dian3place of birth
303出生率 chū shēng chu1 sheng1 lu:4birthrate
304出生缺陷 chū shēng quē xiànchu1 sheng1 que1 xian4birth defect
305出生日期 chū shēng chu1 sheng1 ri4 qi1date of birth
306出生入死 chū shēng chu1 sheng1 ru4 si3from the cradle to the grave (idiom); to go through fire and water; brave; willing to risk life and limb
307出生证 出生證 chū shēng zhèngchu1 sheng1 zheng4birth certificate; Classifiers:
308出生证明 出生證明 chū shēng zhèng míngchu1 sheng1 zheng4 ming2birth certificate; Classifiers:
309出生证明书 出生證明書 chū shēng zhèng míng shūchu1 sheng1 zheng4 ming2 shu1birth certificate; Classifiers:
310出师 出師 chū shīchu1 shi1to finish apprenticeship; to graduate; to send out troops (under a commander)
311出使 chū shǐchu1 shi3to go abroad as ambassador; to be sent on a diplomatic mission
312出手 chū shǒuchu1 shou3to dispose of; to spend (money); to undertake a task
313出手大方 chū shǒu fangchu1 shou3 da4 fang5to spend money freely; to be very generous (idiom)
314出书 出書 chū shūchu1 shu1to publish books
315出双入对 出雙入對 chū shuāng duìchu1 shuang1 ru4 dui4to go places together as a couple (idiom)
316出水 chū shuǐchu1 shui3to discharge water; to appear out of the water; to break the surface
317出水芙蓉 chū shuǐ róngchu1 shui3 fu2 rong2as a lotus flower breaking the surface (idiom); surpassingly beautiful (of young lady's face or old gentleman's calligraphy)
318出水口 chū shuǐ kǒuchu1 shui3 kou3water outlet; drainage outlet
319出馊主意 出餿主意 chū sōu zhǔ chu1 sou1 zhu3 yi4to machinate; to propose devious schemes
320出台 出臺 chū táichu1 tai2to officially launch (a policy, program etc); to appear on stage; to appear publicly; (of a bar girl) to leave with a client
321出逃 chū táochu1 tao2to run away; to flee (the country)
322出题 出題 chū chu1 ti2to draw up the theme (for discussion)
323出庭 chū tíngchu1 ting2to appear in court
324出头露角 出頭露角 chū tóu jiǎochu1 tou2 lu4 jiao3to come up or rise in the world (idiom)
325出头鸟 出頭鳥 chū tóu niǎochu1 tou2 niao3to stand out (among a group); distinguished
326出头有日 出頭有日 chū tóu yǒu chu1 tou2 you3 ri4The day will come for sb. to raise his head. (idiom)
327出脱 出脫 chū tuōchu1 tuo1to manage to sell; to dispose of sth (by selling); to get property off one's hands; to find excuses (to get off a charge); to extricate sb (from trouble); to vindicate; to become prettier (of child)
328出亡 chū wángchu1 wang2to go into exile
329出问题 出問題 chū wèn chu1 wen4 ti2to have sth go wrong; to have a problem arise; to give problems
330出息 chū chu1 xi1to yield interest, profit etc; to exhale (Buddhism)
331出席表决比例 出席表決比例 chū biǎo jué chu1 xi2 biao3 jue2 bi3 li4proportion of those present and voting
332出席者 chū zhěchu1 xi2 zhe3attendant
333出戏 出戲 chū chu1 xi4(of an actor) to disengage from the performance (e.g. after the show ends); (of an audience) to lose interest in the performance
334出息 chū xichu1 xi5future prospects; profit; to mature; to grow up
335出险 出險 chū xiǎnchu1 xian3to get out of trouble; to escape from danger; a danger appears; threatened by danger
336出现意外 出現意外 chū xiàn wàichu1 xian4 yi4 wai4(to appear) unexpected(ly)
337出新 chū xīnchu1 xin1to make new advances; to move forwards
338出行 chū xíngchu1 xing2to go out somewhere (relatively short trip); to set off on a journey (longer trip)
339出血热 出血熱 chū xuè chu1 xue4 re4hemorrhage fever
340出血性 chū xuè xìngchu1 xue4 xing4hemorrhagic
341出血性登革热 出血性登革熱 chū xuè xìng dēng chu1 xue4 xing4 deng1 ge2 re4dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF)
342出巡 chū xúnchu1 xun2to go on an inspection tour
343出言 chū yánchu1 yan2to speak; words
344出言不逊 出言不遜 chū yán xùnchu1 yan2 bu4 xun4to speak rudely
345出言唐突 chū yán táng chu1 yan2 tang2 tu1to make a blunt remark (idiom)
346出言威吓 出言威嚇 chū yán wēi xiàchu1 yan2 wei1 xia4to speak daggers to sb. (idiom)
347出言无状 出言無狀 chū yán zhuàngchu1 yan2 wu2 zhuang4to use rude language (idiom)
348出演 chū yǎnchu1 yan3to appear (in a show etc); an appearance (on stage etc)
349出洋 chū yángchu1 yang2to go abroad (old)
350出洋相 chū yáng xiàngchu1 yang2 xiang4to make a fool of oneself
351出迎 chū yíngchu1 ying2to greet; to go out to meet
352出游 出遊 chū yóuchu1 you2to go on a tour; to have an outing
353出淤泥而不染 chū ér rǎnchu1 yu1 ni2 er2 bu4 ran3lit. to grow out of the mud unsullied (idiom); fig. to be principled and incorruptible
354出狱 出獄 chū chu1 yu4to be released from prison
355出月 chū yuèchu1 yue4next month; after this month
356出月子 chū yuè zichu1 yue4 zi5to complete the month of confinement following childbirth; cf 坐月子
357出招 chū zhāochu1 zhao1to make a move (in martial arts or figuratively)
358出诊 出診 chū zhěnchu1 zhen3to visit a patient at home (of a doctor); house call
359出阵挑战 出陣挑戰 chū zhèn tiǎo zhànchu1 zhen4 tiao3 zhan4to challenge an opponent to fight (idiom)
360出征 chū zhēngchu1 zheng1to go into battle; to campaign (military)
361出钟 出鐘 chū zhōngchu1 zhong1(of a prostitute) to do an outcall; to accompany a customer to their place
362出众 出眾 chū zhòngchu1 zhong4to stand out; outstanding
363出资 出資 chū chu1 zi1to fund; to put money into sth; to invest
364出自肺腑 chū fèi chu1 zi4 fei4 fu3from the bottom of one's heart (idiom)
365出租 chū chu1 zu1to rent
366出租车 出租車 chū chēchu1 zu1 che1taxi; (Tw) rental car
367出租汽车 出租汽車 chū chēchu1 zu1 qi4 che1taxi; cab (PRC); hire car (Tw); Classifiers:
368出租司机 出租司機 chū chu1 zu1 si1 ji1taxi driver
369传出神经 傳出神經 chuán chū shén jīngchuan2 chu1 shen2 jing1efferent nerve (transmitting out from the brain); efferent neuron; motor nerve
370闯出名堂 闖出名堂 chuǎng chū míng tangchuang3 chu1 ming2 tang5to make a name for oneself
371匆匆出迎 cōng cōng chū yíngcong1 cong1 chu1 ying2to hurry out and greet someone (idiom)
372大出其丑 大出其醜 chū chǒuda4 chu1 qi2 chou3to put sb. to shame (idiom)
373大出其汗 chū hànda4 chu1 qi2 han4to sweat buckets (idiom)
374大出所料 chū suǒ liàoda4 chu1 suo3 liao4to be way beyond expectation (idiom)
375大出洋相 chū yáng xiàngda4 chu1 yang2 xiang4to make an exhibition of oneself (idiom)
376大进大出 大進大出 jìn chūda4 jin4 da4 chu1large-scale import and export
377呆呆出神 dāi dāi chū shéndai1 dai1 chu1 shen2to be in a state of thinking deeply about something (idiom)
378待如己出 dài chūdai4 ru2 ji3 chu1to treat a child like one's own (idiom)
379淡出 dàn chūdan4 chu1to fade out (cinema); to withdraw from (politics, acting etc); to fade from (memory)
380当行出色 當行出色 dāng háng chū dang1 hang2 chu1 se4to excel in one's field
381导出值 導出值 dǎo chū zhídao3 chu1 zhi2value deduced by calculation; derived value
382道出 dào chūdao4 chu1to speak; to tell; to voice
383登出 dēng chūdeng1 chu1to log out (computer); to publish; to be published; to appear (in a newspaper etc)
384登出来 登出來 dēng chū láideng1 chu1 lai2to publish; to appear (in print)
385点出 點出 diǎn chūdian3 chu1to point out; to indicate
386定出 dìng chūding4 chu1to lay down (a rule, a plan of action); to draw up; booked out (i.e. already fully booked); to determine; to fix upon; to set (a target, a price etc)
387读出 讀出 chūdu2 chu1to read out loud; (computing) to read (data); readout (of a scientific instrument)
388独出心裁 獨出心裁 chū xīn cáidu2 chu1 xin1 cai2to display originality (idiom); to do things differently
389独出一时 獨出一時 chū shídu2 chu1 yi1 shi2incomparable; head and shoulders above the competition
390杜门不出 杜門不出 mén chūdu4 men2 bu4 chu1to shut the door and remain inside; fig. to cut off contact
391夺门而出 奪門而出 duó mén ér chūduo2 men2 er2 chu1to rush out through a door (idiom)
392发出指示 發出指示 chū zhǐ shìfa1 chu1 zhi3 shi4to issue instructions
393罚出场 罰出場 chū chǎngfa2 chu1 chang3(of a referee) to send a player off the field
394翻空出奇 fān kōng chū fan1 kong1 chu1 qi2to overturn empty convention, and display originality (idiom); new and different ideas
395非出本心 fēi chū běn xīnfei1 chu1 ben3 xin1not one's real intention (idiom)
396飞出个未来 飛出個未來 fēi chū ge wèi láiFei1 chu1 ge5 Wei4 lai2Futurama (US TV animated series, 1999-)
397纷纷出笼 紛紛出籠 fēn fēn chū lóngfen1 fen1 chu1 long2to keep up a steady flow; to swarm out (idiom)
398峰值输出功能 峰值輸出功能 fēng zhí shū chū gōng néngfeng1 zhi2 shu1 chu1 gong1 neng2peak power output (of an electrical device etc)
399浮出 chūfu2 chu1to emerge
400浮出水面 chū shuǐ miànfu2 chu1 shui3 mian4to float up (idiom); to become evident; to surface; to appear
401芙蓉出水 róng chū shuǐfu2 rong2 chu1 shui3lit. lotus rises from the water (idiom); fig. to blossom (of poem or art)
402赶出 趕出 gǎn chūgan3 chu1to drive away
403革出 chūge2 chu1to expel; to kick out
404革出教门 革出教門 chū jiào ménge2 chu1 jiao4 men2to excommunicate (from a church)
405革出山门 革出山門 chū shān ménge2 chu1 shan1 men2to excommunicate (from a Buddhist monastery)
406功率输出 功率輸出 gōng shū chūgong1 lu:4 shu1 chu1power output (of an electrical device etc)
407拱手出让 拱手出讓 gǒng shǒu chū rànggong3 shou3 chu1 rang4to give sth. to sb. with both hands (idiom)
408勾出 gōu chūgou1 chu1to delineate; to articulate; to evoke; to draw out; to tick off
409狗嘴里吐不出象牙 狗嘴裏吐不出象牙 gǒu zuǐ li chū xiàng gou3 zui3 li5 tu3 bu4 chu1 xiang4 ya2no ivory comes from the mouth of a dog (idiom); no good words are to be expected from a scoundrel
410鬼出电入 鬼出電入 guǐ chū diàn gui3 chu1 dian4 ru4to move in and out with lightning speed (idiom)
411诡计百出 詭計百出 guǐ bǎi chūgui3 ji4 bai3 chu1to show off numerous artful tricks (idiom)
412滚滚流出 滾滾流出 gǔn gǔn liú chūgun3 gun3 liu2 chu1to flow out in torrents; to gush out
413国家新闻出版广电总局 國家新聞出版廣電總局 guó jiā xīn wén chū bǎn guǎng diàn zǒng Guo2 jia1 Xin1 wen2 Chu1 ban3 Guang3 dian4 Zong3 ju2State Administration for Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT); abbr. to 广电总局
414行行出状元 行行出狀元 háng háng chū zhuàng yuánhang2 hang2 chu1 zhuang4 yuan2lit. in every trade, a master appears (idiom); fig. You can produce outstanding achievements in any task, provided you put it enough love and diligence
415好事不出门,恶事传千里 好事不出門,惡事傳千里 hǎo shì chū mén , è shì chuán qiān hao3 shi4 bu4 chu1 men2 , e4 shi4 chuan2 qian1 li3lit. good deeds do not go beyond the door, evil deeds spread a thousand miles; a good deed goes unnoticed, but scandal spreads fast (idiom)
416何出此言 chū yánhe2 chu1 ci3 yan2where do these words stem from?; why do you (he, etc) say such a thing?
417核出口控制 chū kǒu kòng zhìhe2 chu1 kou3 kong4 zhi4nuclear export control
418和盘托出 和盤托出 pán tuō chūhe2 pan2 tuo1 chu1lit. to put everything out including the tray; to reveal everything; to make a clean breast of it all
419红杏出墙 紅杏出牆 hóng xìng chū qiánghong2 xing4 chu1 qiang2lit. the red apricot tree leans over the garden wall (idiom); fig. a wife having an illicit lover
420后进先出 後進先出 hòu jìn xiān chūhou4 jin4 xian1 chu1to come late and leave first; last in, first out (LIFO)
421呼出 chūhu1 chu1to exhale; to breathe out
422呼之欲出 zhī chūhu1 zhi1 yu4 chu1lit. ready to appear at the call (idiom); fig. on the verge of coming out into the open; (of a person's choice etc) on the point of being disclosed; (of an artistic depiction) vividly portrayed
423花样百出 花樣百出 huā yàng bǎi chūhua1 yang4 bai3 chu1a great variety (idiom)
424滑出 huá chūhua2 chu1to slip out
425滑出跑道 huá chū pǎo dàohua2 chu1 pao3 dao4runway (at airport)
426皇冠出版 huáng guān chū bǎnHuang2 guan1 chu1 ban3Crown publishers, Hong Kong
427皇冠出版集团 皇冠出版集團 huáng guān chū bǎn tuánHuang2 guan1 Chu1 ban3 Ji2 tuan2Crown publishing group, Hong Kong
428汇出 匯出 huì chūhui4 chu1to remit (funds); (computing) to export (data)
429汇出行 匯出行 huì chū hánghui4 chu1 hang2remitting bank
430混出名堂 hùn chū míng tanghun4 chu1 ming2 tang5to make it; to be somebody
431祸从口出 禍從口出 huò cóng kǒu chūhuo4 cong2 kou3 chu1Trouble issues from the mouth (idiom). A loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble.
432机变百出 機變百出 biàn bǎi chūji1 bian4 bai3 chu1to have a thousand tricks up one's sleeve (idiom)
433挤压出 擠壓出 chūji3 ya1 chu1to extrude
434寄出 chūji4 chu1to brandish (a figurative weapon, i.e. some measure intended to deal with the situation); to resort to (some tactic); to mail; to send by post
435计出万全 計出萬全 chū wàn quánji4 chu1 wan4 quan2to make a perfectly safe plan (idiom)
436计无所出 計無所出 suǒ chūji4 wu2 suo3 chu1to be unable to think of a way (idiom)
437检出 檢出 jiǎn chūjian3 chu1to detect; to examine and discover; to sense
438结出 結出 jiē chūjie1 chu1to bear (fruit)
439借出 jiè chūjie4 chu1to lend
440进出境 進出境 jìn chū jìngjin4 chu1 jing4entering and leaving a country
441进出口 進出口 jìn chū kǒujin4 chu1 kou3import and export
442禁止外出 jìn zhǐ wài chūjin4 zhi3 wai4 chu1to forbid sb to go out; to curfew; to ground (as disciplinary measure)
443净身出户 凈身出戶 jìng shēn chū jing4 shen1 chu1 hu4to leave a marriage with nothing (no possessions or property)
444揪出 jiū chūjiu1 chu1to uncover; to ferret out (the culprit)
445掘出 jué chūjue2 chu1to exhume; to unearth; to dig out
446看不出 kàn bu chūkan4 bu5 chu1can't see; can't make out; unable to tell
447科班出身 bān chū shēnke1 ban1 chu1 shen1to be a professional by training (idiom)
448口出不逊 口出不遜 kǒu chū xùnkou3 chu1 bu4 xun4to make impertinent remarks; to talk harshly (idiom)
449口出狂言 kǒu chū kuáng yánkou3 chu1 kuang2 yan2to speak conceited nonsense; to come out with arrogant claptrap
450亏本出售 虧本出售 kuī běn chū shòukui1 ben3 chu1 shou4to sell at a loss
451阑出 闌出 lán chūlan2 chu1to leave impulsively; to send out (merchandise) without authorization
452离家出走 離家出走 jiā chū zǒuli2 jia1 chu1 zou3to leave home (to live somewhere else)
453里出外进 裡出外進 chū wài jìnli3 chu1 wai4 jin4uneven; in disorder; everything sticking out
454里进外出 裡進外出 jìn wài chūli3 jin4 wai4 chu1too many people coming and going (idiom)
455亮出 liàng chūliang4 chu1to suddenly reveal; to flash (one's ID, a banknote etc)
456量入为出 量入為出 liàng wéi chūliang4 ru4 wei2 chu1to assess one's income and spend accordingly (idiom); to live within one's means; You can only spend what you earn.
457灵魂出窍 靈魂出竅 líng hún chū qiàoling2 hun2 chu1 qiao4out-of-body experience
458另出头绪 另出頭緒 lìng chū tóu ling4 chu1 tou2 xu4to begin a new narrative section from scratch (idiom)
459流露出 liú chūliu2 lu4 chu1to display (talent); to exude (pleasure)
460漏洞百出 lòu dòng bǎi chūlou4 dong4 bai3 chu1(of an argument, theory etc) full of flaws (idiom)
461屡出狂言 屢出狂言 chū kuáng yánlu:3 chu1 kuang2 yan2repeated gaffes
462滤出 濾出 chūlu:4 chu1to filter out
463露出马脚 露出馬腳 chū jiǎolu4 chu1 ma3 jiao3to reveal the cloven foot (idiom); to unmask one's true nature; to give the game away
464卖出 賣出 mài chūmai4 chu1to step out; to take a (first) step; to sell; to reach (a price in an auction)
465慢工出巧匠 màn gōng chū qiǎo jiàngman4 gong1 chu1 qiao3 jiang4patient work makes a skilled craftsman
466慢工出细货 慢工出細貨 màn gōng chū huòman4 gong1 chu1 xi4 huo4patient work makes a fine product
467忙进忙出 忙進忙出 máng jìn máng chūmang2 jin4 mang2 chu1very busy
468毛出在羊身上 máo chū zài yáng shēn shàngmao2 chu1 zai4 yang2 shen1 shang4lit. wool comes from the sheep's back (idiom); One gets the benefit, but the price has been paid.; Nothing comes for free.
469门里出身 門裡出身 mén chū shēnmen2 li3 chu1 shen1to be born in a family with a certain traditional skill; to come from a craft family (idiom)
470名师出高徒 名師出高徒 míng shī chū gāo ming2 shi1 chu1 gao1 tu2A famous teacher trains a fine student (idiom). A cultured man will have a deep influence on his successors.
471拿不出手 chū shǒuna2 bu4 chu1 shou3not presentable; shoddy and too embarrassing to show
472拿出手 chū shǒuna2 chu1 shou3not presentable; not fit to be seen in company
473脑出血 腦出血 nǎo chū xuènao3 chu1 xue4cerebral hemorrhage
474内出血 內出血 nèi chū xuènei4 chu1 xue4internal bleeding; internal hemorrhage
475撵出 攆出 niǎn chūnian3 chu1to expel; to drive out; to oust
476努出 chūnu3 chu1to extend; to push out (hands as a gesture); to pout (i.e. push out lips)
477呕出物 嘔出物 ǒu chū ou3 chu1 wu4vomitus
478拍出 pāi chūpai1 chu1to sell at auction; to reach a given price at auction
479旁见侧出 旁見側出 páng jiàn chūpang2 jian4 ce4 chu1indirect portrayal (idiom)
480喷薄欲出 噴薄欲出 pēn chūpen1 bo2 yu4 chu1to be on the verge of eruption (idiom); (of the sun) to emerge in all its brilliance
481喷出岩 噴出岩 pēn chū yánpen1 chu1 yan2extrusive rock (geology); extrusive rock (geology)
482泼出去的水 潑出去的水 chū de shuǐpo1 chu1 qu4 de5 shui3spilt water; (fig.) sth that can not be retrieved; spilt milk
483破浪而出 làng ér chūpo4 lang4 er2 chu1to put out to sea (idiom)
484破门而出 破門而出 mén ér chūpo4 men2 er2 chu1to break through the door and dash out into the open (idiom)
485破绽百出 破綻百出 zhàn bǎi chūpo4 zhan4 bai3 chu1(of an argument, theory etc) full of flaws (idiom)
486签出 簽出 qiān chūqian1 chu1to log off
487遣送出境 qiǎn sòng chū jìngqian3 song4 chu1 jing4to deport
488枪打出头鸟 槍打出頭鳥 qiāng chū tóu niǎoqiang1 da3 chu1 tou2 niao3the shot hits the bird that pokes its head out (idiom); nonconformity gets punished
489乔装出行 喬裝出行 qiáo zhuāng chū xíngqiao2 zhuang1 chu1 xing2to travel in disguise (idiom)
490倾巢出动 傾巢出動 qīng cháo chū dòngqing1 chao2 chu1 dong4to turn out in full force (of enemy, bandits, etc.) (idiom)
491倾巢出犯 傾巢出犯 qīng cháo chū fànqing1 chao2 chu1 fan4to swarm out to attack (idiom)
492倾巢而出 傾巢而出 qīng cháo ér chūqing1 chao2 er2 chu1the whole nest came out (idiom); to turn out in full strength
493青出于蓝而胜于蓝 青出於藍而勝於藍 qīng chū lán ér shèng lánqing1 chu1 yu2 lan2 er2 sheng4 yu2 lan2lit. the color blue is made out of indigo but is more vivid than indigo (idiom); fig. the student surpasses the master
494情人眼里出西施 情人眼裡出西施 qíng rén yǎn chū shīqing2 ren2 yan3 li3 chu1 Xi1 shi1lit. in the eyes of a lover appears 西施 (idiom); fig. beauty is in the eye of the beholder
495驱逐出境 驅逐出境 zhú chū jìngqu1 zhu2 chu1 jing4to deport; to expel
496人才辈出 人才輩出 rén cái bèi chūren2 cai2 bei4 chu1no lack of talented persons (idiom)
497人怕出名,猪怕壮 人怕出名,豬怕壯 rén chū míng , zhū zhuàngren2 pa4 chu1 ming2 , zhu1 pa4 zhuang4Man should fear fame as pigs fear fattening (idiom).
498人怕出名猪怕肥 人怕出名豬怕肥 rén chū míng zhū féiren2 pa4 chu1 ming2 zhu1 pa4 fei2lit. people fear getting famous like pigs fear fattening up (for the slaughter); fig. fame has its price
499人怕出名猪怕壮 人怕出名豬怕壯 rén chū míng zhū zhuàngren2 pa4 chu1 ming2 zhu1 pa4 zhuang4lit. people fear getting famous like pigs fear fattening up (for the slaughter); fig. fame has its price
500认不出 認不出 rèn bu chūren4 bu5 chu1not able to recognize
501日出而作,日入而息 chū ér zuò , ér ri4 chu1 er2 zuo4 , ri4 ru4 er2 xi1lit. to get up at sunrise and work until sunset (proverb); fig. to lead a plain and hardworking life
502日出日落 chū luòri4 chu1 ri4 luo4sunrise and sunset
503如出一口 chū kǒuru2 chu1 yi1 kou3with one voice; unanimously (idiom)
504如出一辙 如出一轍 chū zhéru2 chu1 yi1 zhe2to be precisely the same; to be no different
505入不敷出 chūru4 bu4 fu1 chu1income does not cover expenditure; unable to make ends meet
506三振出局 sān zhèn chū san1 zhen4 chu1 ju2see 三振
507散出 sàn chūsan4 chu1to spill out
508杀出重围 殺出重圍 shā chū chóng wéisha1 chu1 chong2 wei2to force one's way out of encirclement; to break through
509杀进杀出 殺進殺出 shā jìn shā chūsha1 jin4 sha1 chu1to execute a lightning raid; (investment) to buy, then quickly sell; (tourism) to visit a destination for only a short stay
510深居简出 深居簡出 shēn jiǎn chūshen1 ju1 jian3 chu1to live a secluded life (idiom)
511深入浅出 深入淺出 shēn qiǎn chūshen1 ru4 qian3 chu1to explain a complicated subject matter in simple terms (idiom); (of language) simple and easy to understand
512深入显出 深入顯出 shēn xiǎn chūshen1 ru4 xian3 chu1see 深入浅出
513神出鬼没 神出鬼沒 shén chū guǐ shen2 chu1 gui3 mo4lit. to appear and disappear unpredictably like a spirit or a ghost (idiom); fig. elusive
514渗出物 滲出物 shèn chū shen4 chu1 wu4exudate
515师出无名 師出無名 shī chū míngshi1 chu1 wu2 ming2lit. to go to war without just cause (idiom); to act without justification
516师出有名 師出有名 shī chū yǒu míngshi1 chu1 you3 ming2lit. to have sufficient reason to send troops (idiom); to do something with good reason; to have just cause
517诗出于愤 詩出於憤 shī chū fènshi1 chu1 yu2 fen4Indignation gives birth to poems. (idiom)
518石油输出国组织 石油輸出國組織 shí yóu shū chū guó zhīShi2 you2 Shu1 chu1 guo2 Zu3 zhi1Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
519使出 shǐ chūshi3 chu1to leave port; to put off; to use; to exert
520释出 釋出 shì chūshi4 chu1to release; to make available; to liberate; disengagement
521事出有因 shì chū yǒu yīnshi4 chu1 you3 yin1there is good reason for sth. (idiom)
522释放出狱 釋放出獄 shì fàng chū shi4 fang4 chu1 yu4to release from jail
523视同己出 視同己出 shì tóng chūshi4 tong2 ji3 chu1to regard sb as one's own child
524输出管 輸出管 shū chū guǎnshu1 chu1 guan3vas efferens
525输出品 輸出品 shū chū pǐnshu1 chu1 pin3export item; product for export
526数出 數出 shǔ chūshu3 chu1to count out (a sum of money etc)
527双进双出 雙進雙出 shuāng jìn shuāng chūshuang1 jin4 shuang1 chu1to be together constantly (idiom)
528水落石出 shuǐ luò shí chūshui3 luo4 shi2 chu1as the water recedes, the rocks appear (idiom); the truth comes to light
529说不出话来 說不出話來 shuō chū huà láishuo1 bu4 chu1 hua4 lai2speechless
530说不出 說不出 shuō bu chūshuo1 bu5 chu1unable to say
531思不出位 chū wèisi1 bu4 chu1 wei4to not entertain high aspirations (idiom)
532四出文钱 四出文錢 chū wén qiánsi4 chu1 wen2 qian2coin minted in the reign of Emperor Ling of Han 汉灵帝 , with a square hole in the middle and four lines radiating out from each corner of the square (hence the name 四出文 )
533四出游说 四出游說 chū yóu shuìsi4 chu1 you2 shui4barnstorm (idiom)
534四出张罗 四出張羅 chū zhāng luosi4 chu1 zhang1 luo5to get sth. (from all sources) (idiom)
535四面出击 四面出擊 miàn chū si4 mian4 chu1 ji1to hit out in all directions (idiom)
536随口而出 隨口而出 suí kǒu ér chūsui2 kou3 er2 chu1to escape one's lips (idiom)
537岁出 歲出 suì chūsui4 chu1annual expenditure
538太阳从西边出来 太陽從西邊出來 tài yáng cóng biān chū láitai4 yang2 cong2 xi1 bian1 chu1 lai2lit. the sun rises in the west (idiom); fig. hell freezes over; pigs can fly
539弹出 彈出 tán chūtan2 chu1to eject; to exit from; to pop up
540弹射出 彈射出 tán shè chūtan2 she4 chu1to catapult; to shoot
541逃不出 táo chūtao2 bu4 chu1unable to escape; can't get out
542特出 chūte4 chu1outstanding; prominent
543腾出 騰出 téng chūteng2 chu1to make (some time or space) available (for sb)
544腾出手 騰出手 téng chū shǒuteng2 chu1 shou3to get one's hands free (to do sth else)
545提出建议 提出建議 chū jiàn ti2 chu1 jian4 yi4to propose; to raise a suggestion
546提出抗辩 提出抗辯 chū kàng biànti2 chu1 kang4 bian4to plead (not guilty); to enter a plea
547提出任务 提出任務 chū rèn wuti2 chu1 ren4 wu5to set tasks (idiom)
548提出异议 提出異議 chū ti2 chu1 yi4 yi4to disagree; to object; to differ; to challenge (a statement)
549天才出自勤奋 天才出自勤奮 tiān cái chū qín fèntian1 cai2 chu1 zi4 qin2 fen4genius comes from hard effort; Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration (Thomas Edison)
550挑出 tiǎo chūtiao3 chu1corbel (in architecture)
551跳出釜底进火坑 跳出釜底進火坑 tiào chū jìn huǒ kēngtiao4 chu1 fu3 di3 jin4 huo3 keng1out of the frying pan into the fire (idiom)
552跳出火坑 tiào chū huǒ kēngtiao4 chu1 huo3 keng1lit. to jump out of a fire pit (idiom); to escape from a living hell; to free oneself from a life of torture
553挺身而出 tǐng shēn ér chūting3 shen1 er2 chu1to step forward bravely
554同出一辙 同出一轍 tóng chū zhétong2 chu1 yi1 zhe2to be of an identical nature (idiom)
555凸出 chūtu1 chu1prominent; outstanding; to give prominence to; to protrude; to project; to protrude; to stick out
556推陈出新 推陳出新 tuī chén chū xīntui1 chen2 chu1 xin1to push out the old and bring in the new (idiom); to innovate
557退出运行 退出運行 tuì chū yùn xíngtui4 chu1 yun4 xing2to decommission
558脱出 脫出 tuō chūtuo1 chu1to break away; to extricate; to escape; to leave the confines of
559脱口而出 脫口而出 tuō kǒu ér chūtuo1 kou3 er2 chu1to blurt out; to let slip (an indiscreet remark)
560脱颖而出 脫穎而出 tuō yǐng ér chūtuo1 ying3 er2 chu1to reveal one's talent (idiom); to rise above others; to distinguish oneself
561外出访问 外出訪問 wài chū fǎng wènwai4 chu1 fang3 wen4to make an official visit (often abroad)
562微服出行 wēi chū xíngwei1 fu2 chu1 xing2to travel incognito (idiom)
563未出货 未出貨 wèi chū huòwei4 chu1 huo4not yet dispatched
564闻出 聞出 wén chūwen2 chu1to identify by smell; to detect a scent; to sniff out
565文艺演出 文藝演出 wén yǎn chūwen2 yi4 yan3 chu1theatrical performance; Classifiers:
566无出其右 無出其右 chū yòuwu2 chu1 qi2 you4matchless; without equal; there is nothing better
567无形输出 無形輸出 xíng shū chūwu2 xing2 shu1 chu1invisible export
568喜出非分 chū fēi fènxi3 chu1 fei1 fen4to be overjoyed (idiom)
569系出名门 系出名門 chū míng ménxi4 chu1 ming2 men2to come from a distinguished family
570夏出冬蛰 夏出冬蟄 xià chū dōng zhéxia4 chu1 dong1 zhe2to come out in summer and sleep in winter (idiom)
571显露出 顯露出 xiǎn chūxian3 lu4 chu1to appear; to come out in the open
572笑话百出 笑話百出 xiào hua bǎi chūxiao4 hua5 bai3 chu1to make oneself utterly ridiculous (idiom)
573泄出 xiè chūxie4 chu1to leak out; to release (liquid or gas)
574新出炉 新出爐 xīn chū xin1 chu1 lu2fresh out of the oven; fig. novelty just announced; recently made available
575新出生 xīn chū shēngxin1 chu1 sheng1newly born
576新闻出版总署 新聞出版總署 xīn wén chū bǎn zǒng shǔXin1 wen2 Chu1 ban3 Zong3 shu3General Administration of Press and Publication (PRC state censorship organization)
577秀才不出门,能知天下事 秀才不出門,能知天下事 xiù cai chū mén , néng zhī tiān xià shìxiu4 cai5 bu4 chu1 men2 , neng2 zhi1 tian1 xia4 shi4a learned person need not leave his home to know what's going on in the world (idiom)
578秀才不出门,全知天下事 秀才不出門,全知天下事 xiù cai chū mén , quán zhī tiān xià shìxiu4 cai5 bu4 chu1 men2 , quan2 zhi1 tian1 xia4 shi4a learned person need not leave his home to know what's going on in the world (idiom)
579秀出班行 xiù chū bān hángxiu4 chu1 ban1 hang2a notch above the others (idiom)
580寻出 尋出 xún chūxun2 chu1to find out; to search out; to uncover; to discover
581巡回演出 巡迴演出 xún huí yǎn chūxun2 hui2 yan3 chu1(theater etc) to tour; to be on tour; to give itinerant performances
582哑巴吃黄连,有苦说不出 啞巴吃黃連,有苦說不出 ba chī huáng lián , yǒu shuō bu chūya3 ba5 chi1 huang2 lian2 , you3 ku3 shuo1 bu5 chu1to be forced to suffer in silence (idiom); unable to speak of one's bitter suffering; sometimes written 啞子吃黃連哑子吃黄连有苦说不出
583言出必行 yán chū xíngyan2 chu1 bi4 xing2to suit the action to the word (idiom)
584言出如山 yán chū shānyan2 chu1 ru2 shan1Promises must be kept. (idiom)
585演出地点 演出地點 yǎn chū diǎnyan3 chu1 di4 dian3performance place; Classifiers:
586演出者 yǎn chū zhěyan3 chu1 zhe3performer
587眼泪笑出 眼淚笑出 yǎn lèi xiào chūyan3 lei4 xiao4 chu1to laugh till tears come (idiom)
588羊毛出在羊身上 yáng máo chū zài yáng shēn shàngyang2 mao2 chu1 zai4 yang2 shen1 shang4lit. wool comes from the sheep's back (idiom); One gets the benefit, but the price has been paid.; Nothing comes for free.
589洋相百出 yáng xiàng bǎi chūyang2 xiang4 bai3 chu1to make a spectacle of oneself (idiom)
590怏怏而出 yàng yàng ér chūyang4 yang4 er2 chu1to withdraw sulkily (idiom)
591腰椎间盘突出 腰椎間盤突出 yāo zhuī jiān pán chūyao1 zhui1 jian1 pan2 tu1 chu1slipped disk; vertebral herniation; prolapsed disk
592腰椎间盘突出症 腰椎間盤突出症 yāo zhuī jiān pán chū zhèngyao1 zhui1 jian1 pan2 tu1 chu1 zheng4herniated lumbar disk
593一鼻孔出气 一鼻孔出氣 kǒng chū yi1 bi2 kong3 chu1 qi4lit. to breathe through the same nostril (idiom); fig. two people say exactly the same thing (usually derog.); to sing from the same hymn sheet
594一哄而出 hōng ér chūyi1 hong1 er2 chu1to rush noisily out
595一言既出,驷马难追 一言既出,駟馬難追 yán chū , nán zhuīyi1 yan2 ji4 chu1 , si4 ma3 nan2 zhui1lit. once said, a team of horses cannot unsay it (idiom); a promise must be kept
596已作出保 zuò chū bǎoyi3 zuo4 chu1 bao3to do sth under oath (idiom)
597溢出 chūyi4 chu1to overflow; to spill over; (computing) overflow
598逸出题外 逸出題外 chū wàiyi4 chu1 ti2 wai4to digress from the subject (idiom)
599溢出效应 溢出效應 chū xiào yìngyi4 chu1 xiao4 ying4spillover effect
600逸口而出 kǒu ér chūyi4 kou3 er2 chu1to escape one's lips (idiom)
601引蛇出洞 yǐn shé chū dòngyin3 she2 chu1 dong4lit. to pull a snake from its hole; to expose a malefactor (idiom)
602英雄辈出 英雄輩出 yīng xióng bèi chūying1 xiong2 bei4 chu1to give birth to a multitude of heroes (idiom)
603营业支出 營業支出 yíng zhī chūying2 ye4 zhi1 chu1operating expenses
604颖脱而出 穎脫而出 yǐng tuō ér chūying3 tuo1 er2 chu1to come to the fore (idiom)
605应急出口 應急出口 yìng chū kǒuying4 ji2 chu1 kou3emergency exit
606有苦说不出 有苦說不出 yǒu shuō bu chūyou3 ku3 shuo1 bu5 chu1having unspeakable bitter suffering; (often used after 哑巴吃黄连 )
607有力出力 yǒu chū you3 li4 chu1 li4Let those with strength contribute strength. (idiom)
608有钱出钱 有錢出錢 yǒu qián chū qiányou3 qian2 chu1 qian2Let those with money contribute money. (idiom)
609鱼贯而出 魚貫而出 guàn ér chūyu2 guan4 er2 chu1to file out; to walk out in a line
610约出 約出 yuē chūyue1 chu1to arrange to go on a date with sb
611越出界线 越出界線 yuè chū jiè xiànyue4 chu1 jie4 xian4to exceed; to overstep the limit
612运出 運出 yùn chūyun4 chu1shipment; to dispatch; to ship out; to send
613运出运费 運出運費 yùn chū yùn fèiyun4 chu1 yun4 fei4outward freight (accountancy)
614再出现 再出現 zài chū xiànzai4 chu1 xian4to reappear
615在家出家 zài jiā chū jiāzai4 jia1 chu1 jia1to observe all monastic rules while retaining family ties (idiom)
616在家靠父母,出门靠朋友 在家靠父母,出門靠朋友 zài jiā kào , chū mén kào péng youzai4 jia1 kao4 fu4 mu3 , chu1 men2 kao4 peng2 you5one depends on one's parents when at home, and on one's friends when away from home (idiom)
617在家靠父母,出外靠朋友 zài jiā kào , chū wài kào péng youzai4 jia1 kao4 fu4 mu3 , chu1 wai4 kao4 peng2 you5one depends on one's parents when at home, and on one's friends when away from home (idiom)
618在家千日好,出门一时难 在家千日好,出門一時難 zài jiā qiān hǎo , chū mén shí nánzai4 jia1 qian1 ri4 hao3 , chu1 men2 yi1 shi2 nan2lit. at home, one can spend a thousand days in comfort, but spending a day away from home can be challenging (idiom); fig. there's no place like home
619早出晚归 早出晚歸 zǎo chū wǎn guīzao3 chu1 wan3 gui1to leave early and return late (idiom)
620贼出关门 賊出關門 zéi chū guān ménzei2 chu1 guan1 men2to close the barn door after the horse is stolen (idiom)
621中国大百科全书出版社 中國大百科全書出版社 zhōng guó bǎi quán shū chū bǎn shèZhong1 guo2 Da4 Bai3 ke1 Quan2 shu1 Chu1 ban3 she4Encyclopedia of China Publishing House
622中国航天技术进出口公司 中國航天技術進出口公司 zhōng guó háng tiān shù jìn chū kǒu gōng Zhong1 guo2 Hang2 tian1 Ji4 shu4 Jin4 Chu1 kou3 Gong1 si1China National Aero-Technology Import-Export Corporation (CATIC)
623中国进出口银行 中國進出口銀行 zhōng guó jìn chū kǒu yín hángZhong1 guo2 Jin4 chu1 kou3 Yin2 hang2The Export-Import Bank of China (state-owned bank)
624中国精密机械进出口公司 中國精密機械進出口公司 zhōng guó jīng xiè jìn chū kǒu gōng Zhong1 guo2 Jing1 mi4 Ji1 xie4 Jin4 Chu1 kou3 Gong1 si1China Precision Machinery Import-Export Corporation (CPMIEC)
625中航技进出口有限责任公司 中航技進出口有限責任公司 zhōng háng jìn chū kǒu yǒu xiàn rèn gōng Zhong1 hang2 ji4 Jin4 chu1 kou3 You3 xian4 Ze2 ren4 Gong1 si1China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation (CATIC)
626昼伏夜出 晝伏夜出 zhòu chūzhou4 fu2 ye4 chu1nocturnal; to hide by day and come out at night
627逐出 zhú chūzhu2 chu1to expel; to evict; to drive out
628自出机杼 自出機杼 chū zhùzi4 chu1 ji1 zhu4to produce original writing (idiom)
629自出心裁 chū xīn cáizi4 chu1 xin1 cai2to think up sth. new (idiom)
630自驾汽车出租 自駕汽車出租 jià chē chū zi4 jia4 qi4 che1 chu1 zu1self-drive car rental
631走出低谷 zǒu chū zou3 chu1 di1 gu3to bottom out
632走进走出 走進走出 zǒu jìn zǒu chūzou3 jin4 zou3 chu1to go in and out (idiom)
633足不出户 足不出戶 chū zu2 bu4 chu1 hu4lit. not putting a foot outside; to stay at home
634作出让步 作出讓步 zuò chū ràng zuo4 chu1 rang4 bu4to make a concession; to compromise

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