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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1小伙子 xiǎo huǒ zixiao3 huo3 zi5young man; young guy; lad; youngster; Classifiers:
2大伙 huǒda4 huo3everybody; everyone; we all
3伙伴 huǒ bànhuo3 ban4partner; companion; comrade
4伙计 伙計 huǒ jihuo3 ji5partner; fellow; mate; waiter; servant; shop assistant
5伙食 huǒ shíhuo3 shi2food; meals
6 huǒhuo3companion; partner; group; classifier for groups of people; to combine; together; meals (abbr. for 伙食
7合伙 huǒhe2 huo3to act jointly; to form a partnership
8包伙 bāo huǒbao1 huo3see 包饭
9成群打伙 chéng qún huǒcheng2 qun2 da3 huo3to move around in groups (idiom)
10搭伙 huǒda1 huo3to join up with sb; to become partner; to take meals regularly in cafeteria
11大伙儿 大伙兒 huǒ rda4 huo3 r5erhua variant of 大伙
12店伙 diàn huǒdian4 huo3shop assistant; shop clerk
13犯罪团伙 犯罪團伙 fàn zuì tuán huǒfan4 zui4 tuan2 huo3a criminal gang
14合伙人 huǒ rénhe2 huo3 ren2partner; associate
15合作伙伴 zuò huǒ bànhe2 zuo4 huo3 ban4cooperative partner
16坏家伙 壞家伙 huài jiā huǒhuai4 jia1 huo3bad guy; scoundrel; dirty bastard
17伙夫 huǒ huo3 fu1mess cook (old)
18伙食费 伙食費 huǒ shí fèihuo3 shi2 fei4food expenses; board expenses; meals (cost)
19伙同 huǒ tónghuo3 tong2to collude; in collusion with
20伙颐 伙頤 huǒ huo3 yi2variant of 夥颐
21结伙 結伙 jié huǒjie2 huo3to form a gang
22结伙抢劫 結伙搶劫 jié huǒ qiǎng jiéjie2 huo3 qiang3 jie2to commit armed robbery (idiom)
23纠伙行劫 糾伙行劫 jiū huǒ xíng jiéjiu1 huo3 xing2 jie2to band together and commit robbery (idiom)
24聚伙 huǒju4 huo3to gather a crowd; a mob
25开伙 開伙 kāi huǒkai1 huo3to start providing food; to open today's service in a canteen
26贸易伙伴 貿易伙伴 mào huǒ bànmao4 yi4 huo3 ban4trading partner
27入伙 huǒru4 huo3to join a group; to become a member
28散伙 sàn huǒsan4 huo3to disband; (of a partnership, group etc) to break up
29散伙饭 散伙飯 sàn huǒ fànsan4 huo3 fan4farewell dinner party
30同伙 tóng huǒtong2 huo3colleague; co-conspirator; accomplice
31团伙 團伙 tuán huǒtuan2 huo3(criminal) gang; gang member; accomplice; crony
32小伙 xiǎo huǒxiao3 huo3young guy; lad; youngster; Classifiers:
33小伙儿 小伙兒 xiǎo huǒ rxiao3 huo3 r5erhua variant of 小伙
34性伙伴 xìng huǒ bànxing4 huo3 ban4sexual partner
35战略伙伴 戰略伙伴 zhàn lüè huǒ bànzhan4 lu:e4 huo3 ban4strategic partner

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