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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 liángliang2to measure
2量杯 liáng bēiliang2 bei1measuring cup; graduated measuring cylinder
3量表 liáng biǎoliang2 biao3gauge; meter; scale
4量测 量測 liáng liang2 ce4to measure; measurement
5量程 liáng chéngliang2 cheng2range (of scales or measuring equipment)
6量尺寸 liáng chǐ cùnliang2 chi3 cun4to take sb's measurements
7量度 liáng liang2 du4to measure; measurement
8量规 量規 liáng guīliang2 gui1gauge (i.e. measuring device)
9量计 量計 liáng liang2 ji4gauge
10量角器 liáng jiǎo liang2 jiao3 qi4protractor; angle gauge
11量具 liáng liang2 ju4measuring device
12量瓶 liáng píngliang2 ping2measuring flask; graduated measuring cylinder
13量器 liáng liang2 qi4measuring vessel; measuring apparatus
14量身 liáng shēnliang2 shen1to take sb's measurements; to measure sb up
15量身定制 量身定製 liáng shēn dìng zhìliang2 shen1 ding4 zhi4tailor-made
16量体裁衣 量體裁衣 liáng cái liang2 ti3 cai2 yi1lit. measure the body then tailor the suit (idiom); fig. to act according to actual circumstances; To live within one's means.
17量体温 量體溫 liáng wēnliang2 ti3 wen1to take sb's temperature
18量体重 量體重 liáng zhòngliang2 ti3 zhong4to weigh (body weight)
19量筒 liáng tǒngliang2 tong3graduated measuring cylinder; volumetric cylinder
20量油尺 liáng yóu chǐliang2 you2 chi3dipstick; oil measuring rod

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