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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 xiéxie2demonic; iniquitous; nefarious; evil; unhealthy influences that cause disease (Chinese medicine); old variant of
2邪不敌正 邪不敵正 xié zhèngxie2 bu4 di2 zheng4good will always triumph over evil (idiom)
3邪不干正 xié gān zhèngxie2 bu4 gan1 zheng4evil will not triumph over virtue (idiom)
4邪财 邪財 xié cáixie2 cai2windfall; easy money; ill-gotten gains
5邪荡 邪蕩 xié dàngxie2 dang4obscene
6邪道 xié dàoxie2 dao4depraved life; evil ways; fornication
7邪典电影 邪典電影 xié diǎn diàn yǐngxie2 dian3 dian4 ying3cult film
8邪恶 邪惡 xié èxie2 e4sinister; vicious; wicked; evil
9邪恶轴心 邪惡軸心 xié è zhóu xīnxie2 e4 zhou2 xin1the Axis of Evil
10邪乎 xié huxie2 hu5extraordinary; severe; exaggerated; overstated; fantastic; incredible
11邪教 xié jiàoxie2 jiao4evil cult
12邪径 邪徑 xié jìngxie2 jing4depraved life; evil ways; fornication
13邪灵 邪靈 xié língxie2 ling2evil spirits
14邪路 xié xie2 lu4see 邪道
15邪门 邪門 xié ménxie2 men2strange; unusual; evil ways; dishonest practices
16邪门歪道 邪門歪道 xié mén wāi dàoxie2 men2 wai1 dao4lit. devil's gate, crooked path (idiom); corrupt practices; crooked methods; dishonesty
17邪魔 xié xie2 mo2evil spirit
18邪目觊觎 邪目覬覦 xié xie2 mu4 ji4 yu2to cast a covetous eye on (idiom)
19邪念 xié niànxie2 nian4wicked idea; evil thought; evil desire
20邪僻 xié xie2 pi4abnormal; improper; beyond the pale
21邪气 邪氣 xié xie2 qi4evil influence; unhealthy trend; pathogeny (cause of disease) in TCM; as opposed to vital energy 正气
22邪术 邪術 xié shùxie2 shu4sorcery
23邪说 邪說 xié shuōxie2 shuo1harmful teachings; evil doctrine
24邪祟 xié suìxie2 sui4evil spirit
25邪正不分 xié zhèng fēnxie2 zheng4 bu4 fen1to not distinguish between good and bad (idiom)
26邪正盛衰 xié zhèng shèng shuāixie2 zheng4 sheng4 shuai1healthy energy; evil struggle (idiom)
27邪知邪见 邪知邪見 xié zhī xié jiànxie2 zhi1 xie2 jian4false wisdom and erroneous views (Buddhism)

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