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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 tiàotiao4to jump; to hop; to skip over; to bounce; to palpitate
2跳舞 tiào tiao4 wu3to dance
3跳跃 跳躍 tiào yuètiao4 yue4to jump; to leap; to bound; to skip
4跳动 跳動 tiào dòngtiao4 dong4to throb; to pulse; to bounce; to jiggle; to jump about
5跳出 tiào chūtiao4 chu1to jump out; fig. to appear suddenly
6跳进 跳進 tiào jìntiao4 jin4to plunge into; to jump into
7跳高 tiào gāotiao4 gao1high jump (athletics)
8跳板 tiào bǎntiao4 ban3springboard; jumping-off point; gangplank
9跳槽 tiào cáotiao4 cao2to change jobs; job-hopping
10跳出釜底进火坑 跳出釜底進火坑 tiào chū jìn huǒ kēngtiao4 chu1 fu3 di3 jin4 huo3 keng1out of the frying pan into the fire (idiom)
11跳出火坑 tiào chū huǒ kēngtiao4 chu1 huo3 keng1lit. to jump out of a fire pit (idiom); to escape from a living hell; to free oneself from a life of torture
12跳弹 跳彈 tiào dàntiao4 dan4love egg (sex toy); ricochet
13跳挡 跳擋 tiào dǎngtiao4 dang3(of a car) to slip out of gear; to pop out of gear
14跳电 跳電 tiào diàntiao4 dian4(of a circuit breaker or switch) to trip
15跳房子 tiào fáng zitiao4 fang2 zi5hopscotch; to play hopscotch
16跳河 tiào tiao4 he2to drown oneself by jumping into the river
17跳级 跳級 tiào tiao4 ji2to jump a year (at college)
18跳级生 跳級生 tiào shēngtiao4 ji2 sheng1student who jumps a year
19跳集体舞 跳集體舞 tiào tiao4 ji2 ti3 wu3to do ensemble dancing; to dance in a group
20跳价 跳價 tiào jiàtiao4 jia4price jump
21跳脚 跳腳 tiào jiǎotiao4 jiao3to stomp or hop about (in anxiety, anger etc); to dance on one's feet; hopping mad (anxious, etc)
22跳进黄河说不清 跳進黃河說不清 tiào jìn huáng shuō qīngtiao4 jin4 huang2 he2 shuo1 bu4 qing1lit. even jumping into the Yellow River can't get you clean; fig. to become inexorably mixed up; mired in controversy; in deep trouble
23跳进黄河洗不清 跳進黃河洗不清 tiào jìn huáng qīngtiao4 jin4 Huang2 He2 xi3 bu4 qing1lit. even jumping into the Yellow River can't get you clean; fig. to become inexorably mixed up; mired in controversy; in deep trouble
24跳井 tiào jǐngtiao4 jing3to jump into a well (to drown oneself, esp. of ladies in fiction)
25跳楼 跳樓 tiào lóutiao4 lou2to jump from a building (to kill oneself); fig. to sell at a large discount (in advertising)
26跳马 跳馬 tiào tiao4 ma3vault (gymnastics)
27跳皮筋 tiào jīntiao4 pi2 jin1to play rubber band jump rope
28跳票 tiào piàotiao4 piao4bounced (bank) check
29跳频 跳頻 tiào píntiao4 pin2frequency-hopping spread spectrum
30跳棋 tiào tiao4 qi2Chinese checkers
31跳伞 跳傘 tiào sǎntiao4 san3to parachute; to bail out; parachute jumping
32跳上跳下 tiào shàng tiào xiàtiao4 shang4 tiao4 xia4to jump up and down (idiom)
33跳绳 跳繩 tiào shéngtiao4 sheng2to jump rope; jump rope
34跳水 tiào shuǐtiao4 shui3to dive (into water); (sports) diving; to commit suicide by jumping into water; (fig.) (of stock prices etc) to fall dramatically
35跳台 跳臺 tiào táitiao4 tai2diving platform; diving tower; landing platform
36跳台滑雪 跳臺滑雪 tiào tái huá xuětiao4 tai2 hua2 xue3ski jumping
37跳跳踏踏 tiào tiào ta tatiao4 tiao4 ta5 ta5to skip about; to go from one thing to another (idiom)
38跳跳糖 tiào tiào tángtiao4 tiao4 tang2Pop Rocks; popping candy
39跳一只脚 跳一隻腳 tiào zhī jiǎotiao4 yi1 zhi1 jiao3to hop on one leg
40跳远 跳遠 tiào yuǎntiao4 yuan3long jump (athletics)
41跳蚤市场 跳蚤市場 tiào zǎo shì chǎngtiao4 zao3 shi4 chang3flea market
42跳蚤 tiào zaotiao4 zao5flea
43跳闸 跳閘 tiào zhátiao4 zha2(of a circuit breaker or switch) to trip
44跳蛛 tiào zhūtiao4 zhu1jumping spider (family Salticidae)
45跳楼价 跳樓價 tiào lóu jiàtiao4 lou2 jia4extremely low price; knockdown price

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