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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 jiǎngjiang3to speak; to explain; to negotiate; to emphasise; to be particular about; as far as sth is concerned; speech; lecture
2讲话 講話 jiǎng huàjiang3 hua4a speech; to speak; to talk; to address; Classifiers:
3讲究 講究 jiǎng jiujiang3 jiu5to pay particular attention to; carefully selected for quality; tastefully chosen
4讲到 講到 jiǎng dàojiang3 dao4to preach; a sermon; to talk about sth
5讲述 講述 jiǎng shùjiang3 shu4to talk about; to narrate; to give an account
6讲解 講解 jiǎng jiějiang3 jie3to explain
7讲课 講課 jiǎng jiang3 ke4teach; lecture
8讲演 講演 jiǎng yǎnjiang3 yan3to lecture; to speak publicly
9讲座 講座 jiǎng zuòjiang3 zuo4a course of lectures; Classifiers:
10讲授 講授 jiǎng shòujiang3 shou4to lecture; to teach (a college course)
11讲台 講臺 jiǎng táijiang3 tai2platform; rostrum; lectern; (teacher's) desk
12讲求 講求 jiǎng qiújiang3 qiu2to stress; to emphasize; particular about sth; to strive for
13讲学 講學 jiǎng xuéjiang3 xue2to lecture (on branch of learning)
14讲理 講理 jiǎng jiang3 li3to argue; to reason with sb; to talk sense; to be reasonable
15讲不通 講不通 jiǎng tōngjiang3 bu4 tong1it does not make sense
16讲辞 講辭 jiǎng jiang3 ci2lectures
17讲和 講和 jiǎng jiang3 he2to make peace; to reconcile
18讲价 講價 jiǎng jiàjiang3 jia4to bargain (over price); to haggle
19讲解员 講解員 jiǎng jiě yuánjiang3 jie3 yuan2guide
20讲论 講論 jiǎng lùnjiang3 lun4to discuss
21讲明 講明 jiǎng míngjiang3 ming2to explain
22讲评 講評 jiǎng píngjiang3 ping2to criticize; to evaluate
23讲师 講師 jiǎng shījiang3 shi1instructor; lecturer
24讲史 講史 jiǎng shǐjiang3 shi3historical tales
25讲坛 講壇 jiǎng tánjiang3 tan2a platform (to speak)
26讲堂 講堂 jiǎng tángjiang3 tang2lecture hall; Classifiers:
27讲题 講題 jiǎng jiang3 ti2topic of a lecture
28讲习 講習 jiǎng jiang3 xi2to lecture; to instruct
29讲习班 講習班 jiǎng bānjiang3 xi2 ban1instructional workshop
30讲习会 講習會 jiǎng huìjiang3 xi2 hui4discussion forum; seminar; assembly
31讲闲话 講閒話 jiǎng xián huàjiang3 xian2 hua4gossip; make unfavorable comments; to gossip; to make unfavorable comments
32讲筵 講筵 jiǎng yánjiang3 yan2the teacher's seat
33讲义 講義 jiǎng jiang3 yi4teaching materials
34讲义气 講義氣 jiǎng jiang3 yi4 qi4to be loyal (to one's friends); to value loyalty
35讲桌 講桌 jiǎng zhuōjiang3 zhuo1lectern; podium

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