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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 zāngzang1dirty; filthy
2脏辫 髒辮 zāng biànzang1 bian4dreadlocks
3脏病 髒病 zāng bìngzang1 bing4(coll.) venereal disease
4脏弹 髒彈 zāng dànzang1 dan4dirty bomb; dirty bomb
5脏话 髒話 zāng huàzang1 hua4profanity; obscene language; speaking rudely
6脏乱 髒亂 zāng luànzang1 luan4dirty and disordered; in a mess
7脏乱差 髒亂差 zāng luàn chàzang1 luan4 cha4(coll.) squalid; squalor
8脏煤 髒煤 zāng méizang1 mei2dirty coal; muck (from a colliery)
9脏水 髒水 zāng shuǐzang1 shui3dirty water; sewage
10脏土 髒土 zāng zang1 tu3dirty soil; muck; trash
11脏污 髒污 zāng zang1 wu1to dirty; to sully; to stain
12脏兮兮 髒兮兮 zāng zang1 xi1 xi1dirty; filthy
13脏脏 髒髒 zāng zāngzang1 zang1dirty
14脏脏包 髒髒包 zāng zāng bāozang1 zang1 bao1pastry bun filled with chocolate and covered with cocoa powder
15脏字 髒字 zāng zang1 zi4obscenity

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