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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 nàinai4capable of enduring; able to tolerate; patient; durable; hardy; resistant
2耐心 nài xīnnai4 xin1to be patient; patience
3耐力 nài nai4 li4endurance
4耐操 nài cāonai4 cao1(Tw) (of a person) to have stamina; (of a product) durable; (mainland China) (vulgar) (usu. of a woman) alternative form of 耐肏 (enthusiastic as a sexual partner)
5耐穿 nài chuānnai4 chuan1durable; proof against wear and tear
6耐烦 耐煩 nài fánnai4 fan2patient (not impatient)
7耐腐蚀 耐腐蝕 nài shínai4 fu3 shi2proof against corrosion
8耐高温 耐高溫 nài gāo wēnnai4 gao1 wen1heat-resistant
9耐寒 nài hánnai4 han2coldproof; resistant to cold
10耐火 nài huǒnai4 huo3refractory (material); fire-resistant
11耐火土 nài huǒ nai4 huo3 tu3fireproof stone; flame-resistant material
12耐火砖 耐火磚 nài huǒ zhuānnai4 huo3 zhuan1refractory brick; firebrick
13耐碱 耐鹼 nài jiǎnnai4 jian3alkali-resistant
14耐久 nài jiǔnai4 jiu3durable; long-lasting
15耐看 nài kànnai4 kan4able to withstand careful appreciation; well worth a second look
16耐克 nài Nai4 ke4Nike, Inc.
17耐劳 耐勞 nài láonai4 lao2hardy; able to resist hardship
18耐涝品种 耐澇品種 nài lào pǐn zhǒngnai4 lao4 pin3 zhong3waterlogging-tolerant variety (agriculture)
19耐磨 nài nai4 mo2wear resistant
20耐热 耐熱 nài nai4 re4heat resistant; fireproof
21耐人寻味 耐人尋味 nài rén xún wèinai4 ren2 xun2 wei4thought-provoking; worth thinking over; to provide food for thought
22耐蚀 耐蝕 nài shínai4 shi2to resist corrosion
23耐受 nài shòunai4 shou4to tolerate; endurance
24耐受力 nài shòu nai4 shou4 li4tolerance; ability to survive; hardiness
25耐受性 nài shòu xìngnai4 shou4 xing4tolerance (to heat, acid etc); resistance
26耐水 nài shuǐnai4 shui3waterproof
27耐水性 nài shuǐ xìngnai4 shui3 xing4waterproof
28耐酸 nài suānnai4 suan1acid-resistant
29耐洗 nài nai4 xi3wash-resistant
30耐洗涤性 耐洗滌性 nài xìngnai4 xi3 di2 xing4washing or color fastness; launderability
31耐心帮助 耐心幫助 nài xīn bāng zhùnai4 xin1 bang1 zhu4forbearance; tolerance; patient help
32耐心烦 耐心煩 nài xīn fánnai4 xin1 fan2(coll.) patience
33耐性 nài xìngnai4 xing4patience; endurance
34耐药性 耐藥性 nài yào xìngnai4 yao4 xing4drug resistance; drug tolerance (medicine)
35耐用 nài yòngnai4 yong4durable
36耐用品 nài yòng pǐnnai4 yong4 pin3durable goods

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