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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 féngfeng2to sew; to stitch
2缝合 縫合 féng feng2 he2to sew together; suture (in surgery); to sew up (a wound)
3缝补 縫補 féng feng2 bu3to darn (clothing); to sew and mend
4缝缝连连 縫縫連連 féng féng lián liánfeng2 feng2 lian2 lian2needlework; sewing and mending
5缝穷 縫窮 féng qióngfeng2 qiong2to sew and mend clothes for a pittance
6缝纫 縫紉 féng rènfeng2 ren4to sew; to stitch; to sew; tailoring
7缝纫机 縫紉機 féng rèn feng2 ren4 ji1sewing machine; Classifiers:
8缝线 縫線 féng xiànfeng2 xian4sewing thread; suture
9缝衣工人 縫衣工人 féng gōng rénfeng2 yi1 gong1 ren2needleworker
10缝衣匠 縫衣匠 féng jiàngfeng2 yi1 jiang4tailor
11缝衣针 縫衣針 féng zhēnfeng2 yi1 zhen1sewing needle
12缝针 縫針 féng zhēnfeng2 zhen1a stitch; surgical stitches
13缝针迹 縫針跡 féng zhēn feng2 zhen1 ji4seam
14缝制 縫製 féng zhìfeng2 zhi4to sew; to make (clothes, bedding)
15缝缀 縫綴 féng zhuìfeng2 zhui4to patch together; to mend

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