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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1素质 素質 zhìsu4 zhi4inner quality; basic essence
2 su4raw silk; white; plain, unadorned; vegetarian (food); essence; nature; element; constituent; usually; always; ever
3素材 cáisu4 cai2source material (in literature and art)
4素养 素養 yǎngsu4 yang3(personal) accomplishment; attainment in self-cultivation
5素描 miáosu4 miao2sketch
6素不相能 xiāng néngsu4 bu4 xiang1 neng2unable to get along (idiom)
7素不相识 素不相識 xiāng shísu4 bu4 xiang1 shi2to be total strangers (idiom)
8素菜 càisu4 cai4vegetable dish
9素餐尸位 素餐屍位 cān shī wèisu4 can1 shi1 wei4practically sinecure office (idiom)
10素常 chángsu4 chang2ordinarily; usually
11素车白马 素車白馬 chē bái su4 che1 bai2 ma3funeral procession (traditional) (idiom)
12素净 素淨 jingsu4 jing5simple and neat; quiet (colors); unobtrusive; (of food) light; not greasy or strongly flavored
13素口骂人 素口罵人 kǒu rénsu4 kou3 ma4 ren2to not practice what one preaches (idiom)
14素来 素來 láisu4 lai2consistently; always (in the past and now)
15素昧平生 mèi píng shēngsu4 mei4 ping2 sheng1to have never met sb before (idiom); entirely unacquainted; a complete stranger; not to know sb from Adam
16素面 miànsu4 mian4vegetable noodle dish; face (of a woman) without makeup; solid color (unpatterned)
17素面朝天 miàn cháo tiānsu4 mian4 chao2 tian1lit. to present oneself confidently to the emperor, without makeup (as did the sister of Yang Guifei 杨贵妃 ) (idiom); fig. (of a woman) to show one's natural features, without makeup; to present oneself just as one is, without artifice
18素朴 素樸 su4 pu3simple; unadorned; unsophisticated; naive
19素日 su4 ri4usually
20素食 shísu4 shi2vegetables; vegetarian food
21素食者 shí zhěsu4 shi2 zhe3vegetarian
22素食主义 素食主義 shí zhǔ su4 shi2 zhu3 yi4vegetarianism
23素手 shǒusu4 shou3white hand; empty-handed
24素数 素數 shùsu4 shu4prime number
25素未谋面 素未謀面 wèi móu miànsu4 wei4 mou2 mian4to never see each other (idiom)
26素馅 素餡 xiànsu4 xian4vegetable filling
27素雅 su4 ya3simple yet elegant
28素筵 yánsu4 yan2a face without makeup; vegetarian feast; food offerings to Buddha
29素有 yǒusu4 you3to have; to have always had
30素原促进 素原促進 yuán jìnsu4 yuan2 cu4 jin4antigen (medicine)
31素斋 素齋 zhāisu4 zhai1vegetarian food
32素质差 素質差 zhì chàsu4 zhi4 cha4so uneducated!; so ignorant!
33素质教育 素質教育 zhì jiào su4 zhi4 jiao4 yu4all-round education (contrasted with 应试教育 , exam-oriented education)
34素妆淡描 素妝淡描 zhuāng dàn miáosu4 zhuang1 dan4 miao2to have a simple makeup (idiom)
35素鸡 素雞 su4 ji1vegetarian chicken, a soybean product
36素人 rénsu4 ren2untrained, inexperienced person; layman; amateur
37素肉 ròusu4 rou4vegetarian meat substitute

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