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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 xiàoxiao4laugh; smile; Classifiers: ; old variant of
2笑容 xiào róngxiao4 rong2smile; smiling expression; Classifiers:
3笑声 笑聲 xiào shēngxiao4 sheng1laughter
4笑话 笑話 xiào huàxiao4 hua4joke; jest; Classifiers: ; to laugh at; to mock
5笑脸 笑臉 xiào liǎnxiao4 lian3smiling face; smiley :) ☺; Classifiers:
6笑傲江湖 xiào ào jiāng xiao4 ao4 jiang1 hu2to enjoy the carefree and unrestrained life of a wanderer (idiom)
7笑比合口 xiào kǒuxiao4 bi3 he2 kou3to keep on laughing (idiom)
8笑柄 xiào bǐngxiao4 bing3a matter for ridicule; an object of ridicule; laughingstock
9笑不可仰 xiào yǎngxiao4 bu4 ke3 yang3to double up with laughter (idiom)
10笑不可抑 xiào xiao4 bu4 ke3 yi4to laugh irrepressibly
11笑点 笑點 xiào diǎnxiao4 dian3funny bits; humorous parts; jokes; punchline
12笑点低 笑點低 xiào diǎn xiao4 dian3 di1amused by even the weakest joke; ready to laugh at the smallest thing
13笑掉大牙 xiào diào xiao4 diao4 da4 ya2to laugh one's head off; ridiculous; jaw-dropping
14笑哈哈 xiào xiao4 ha1 ha1to laugh heartily
15笑话百出 笑話百出 xiào hua bǎi chūxiao4 hua5 bai3 chu1to make oneself utterly ridiculous (idiom)
16笑口常开 笑口常開 xiào kǒu cháng kāixiao4 kou3 chang2 kai1grinning all the time (idiom)
17笑口弥勒 笑口彌勒 xiào kǒu Xiao4 kou3 Mi2 le4laughing Maitreya
18笑里藏刀 笑裡藏刀 xiào cáng dāoxiao4 li3 cang2 dao1lit. a dagger hidden in smiles (idiom); friendly manners belying hypocritical intentions; when the fox preaches, look to the geese
19笑里藏奸 笑裡藏奸 xiào cáng jiānxiao4 li3 cang2 jian1a smile conceals wicked intentions
20笑脸儿 笑臉兒 xiào liǎn rxiao4 lian3 r5erhua variant of 笑脸
21笑脸相迎 笑臉相迎 xiào liǎn xiāng yíngxiao4 lian3 xiang1 ying2to welcome sb with a smiling face (idiom)
22笑料 xiào liàoxiao4 liao4source of laughter; laughing stock; butt; joke (person)
23笑林 xiào línXiao4 lin2Jokes (title of an ancient collection of jokes, often used in the title of modern collections of jokes)
24笑貌 xiào màoxiao4 mao4smiling face
25笑眯眯 xiào xiao4 mi1 mi1beaming; all smiles
26笑面虎 xiào miàn xiao4 mian4 hu3man with a big smile and evil intentions
27笑纳 笑納 xiào xiao4 na4to kindly accept (an offering)
28笑鸥 笑鷗 xiào ōuxiao4 ou1(bird species of China) laughing gull (Leucophaeus atricilla)
29笑贫不笑娼 笑貧不笑娼 xiào pín xiào chāngxiao4 pin2 bu4 xiao4 chang1the notion in society that it's better to get ahead in the world by abandoning one's scruples than to suffer poverty; lit. despising poverty but not prostitution (idiom)
30笑破肚皮 xiào xiao4 po4 du4 pi2to split one's sides laughing
31笑容可掬 xiào róng xiao4 rong2 ke3 ju1smiling wholeheartedly (idiom); beaming from ear to ear
32笑谈 笑談 xiào tánxiao4 tan2object of ridicule; laughingstock; to laugh over sth; to make light chat
33笑纹 笑紋 xiào wénxiao4 wen2laugh lines (on the face)
34笑涡 笑渦 xiào xiao4 wo1dimple; see 笑窝
35笑嘻嘻 xiào xiao4 xi1 xi1grinning; smiling
36笑靥 笑靨 xiào xiao4 ye4dimple; smiling face
37笑意 xiào xiao4 yi4smiling expression
38笑吟吟 xiào yín yínxiao4 yin2 yin2smiling; with a smile
39笑盈盈 xiào yíng yíngxiao4 ying2 ying2smilingly; to be all smiles
40笑语 笑語 xiào xiao4 yu3talking and laughing; cheerful talk
41笑语连天 笑語連天 xiào lián tiānxiao4 yu3 lian2 tian1to talk and laugh merrily and incessantly (idiom)
42笑逐颜开 笑逐顏開 xiào zhú yán kāixiao4 zhu2 yan2 kai1smile spread across the face (idiom); beaming with pleasure; all smiles; joy written across one's face

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