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,🔴,,ebay liú duì kuà jìng diàn shāng de xiàn zhuàng dài fān qiáng shì pín zěn me xià zǎi wǎng guān shòu shì jiè tuī jiàn gòu ér tóng wán zhù
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1物流 liúwu4 liu2distribution (business); logistics
2 duìdui4right; correct; couple; pair; towards; at; for; to face; opposite; to treat (sb a certain way); to match together; to adjust; to fit; to suit; to answer; to reply; classifier: couple
3跨境 kuà jìngkua4 jing4cross-border
4 diàndian4lightning; electricity; electric (bound form); to get (or give) an electric shock; phone call or telegram etc; to send via telephone or telegram etc
5 shāngshang1commerce; merchant; dealer; to consult; 2nd note in pentatonic scale; quotient (as in 智商 , intelligence quotient); Shang Dynasty (c. 1600-1046 BC); surname Shang
6 dede5of; ~'s (possessive particle); (used after an attribute); (used to form a nominal expression); (used at the end of a declarative sentence for emphasis); also pr. [di4] or [di5] in poetry and songs
7现状現狀 xiàn zhuàngxian4 zhuang4current situation
8 Yi4easy; amiable; to change; to exchange; prefix corresponding to the English adjective suffix "-able" or "-ible"; surname Yi; abbr. for 易经 , the Book of Changes
9 Lu4road; Classifiers: ; journey; route; line (bus etc); sort; kind; surname Lu
10代理 dài dai4 li3to act on behalf of sb in a responsible position; to act as an agent or proxy; surrogate; (computing) proxy
11 fānfan1to turn over; to flip over; to overturn; to rummage through; to translate; to decode; to double; to climb over or into; to cross
12牆, 墻 qiángqiang2wall; Classifiers: ; variant of , wall
13视频視頻 shì pínshi4 pin2video
14怎么怎麼 zěn mezen3 me5how?; what?; why?
15下载下載 xià zǎixia4 zai3to download; also pr. [xia4 zai4]
16 wǎngwang3net; network
17 guānGuan1government official; governmental; official; public; organ of the body; Classifiers: ; government official; governmental; official; public; organ of the body; Classifiers:
18魔兽世界魔獸世界 shòu shì jièMo2 shou4 Shi4 jie4World of Warcraft (video game)
19服务器服務器 fu2 wu4 qi4server (computer); Classifiers:
20推荐推薦 tuī jiàntui1 jian4to recommend; recommendation
21义乌義烏 Yi4 wu1Yiwu county level city in Jinhua 金华 , Zhejiang
22 gòugou4to buy; to purchase
23儿童兒童 ér tónger2 tong2child; Classifiers:
24玩具 wán wan2 ju4plaything; toy
25 ru4to enter; to go into; to join; to become a member of; to confirm or agree with; abbr. for 入声
26 zhùzhu4to halt; to stay; to be stationed (of troops, diplomats etc)

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