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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 mièmie4to extinguish or put out; to go out (of a fire etc); to exterminate or wipe out; to drown
2灭亡 滅亡 miè wángmie4 wang2to be destroyed; to become extinct; to perish; to die out; to destroy; to exterminate
3灭绝 滅絕 miè juémie4 jue2to extinguish; to become extinct; to die out
4灭茬 滅茬 miè chámie4 cha2to clear stubble from fields (agriculture)
5灭虫宁 滅蟲寧 miè chóng nìngmie4 chong2 ning4bephenium, anti-parasitic worm medicine
6灭除 滅除 miè chúmie4 chu2to eliminate; to kill off
7灭此朝食 滅此朝食 miè zhāo shímie4 ci3 zhao1 shi2lit. not to have breakfast until the enemy is destroyed; anxious to do battle (idiom)
8灭掉 滅掉 miè diàomie4 diao4to eliminate
9灭顶 滅頂 miè dǐngmie4 ding3to be drowned (figurative and literal)
10灭度 滅度 miè mie4 du4to extinguish worries and the sea of grief; nirvana (Buddhism)
11灭火 滅火 miè huǒmie4 huo3to extinguish a fire; firefighting
12灭火器 滅火器 miè huǒ mie4 huo3 qi4fire extinguisher
13灭迹焚尸 滅跡焚屍 miè fén shīmie4 ji4 fen2 shi1to burn a corpse to destroy evidence (idiom)
14灭尽天良 滅盡天良 miè jìn tiān liángmie4 jin4 tian1 liang2to be utterly without conscience (idiom)
15灭绝净尽 滅絕凈盡 miè jué jìng jìnmie4 jue2 jing4 jin4to be totally exterminated (idiom)
16灭绝人性 滅絕人性 miè jué rén xìngmie4 jue2 ren2 xing4to be devoid of all humanity; inhuman; bestial
17灭绝种族 滅絕種族 miè jué zhǒng mie4 jue2 zhong3 zu2genocide
18灭菌 滅菌 miè jūnmie4 jun1to sterilize
19灭口 滅口 miè kǒumie4 kou3to kill sb to prevent them from divulging a secret; to silence sb
20灭门 滅門 miè ménmie4 men2to exterminate an entire family
21灭失 滅失 miè shīmie4 shi1loss (of sth through natural disaster, theft etc) (law)
22灭鼠药 滅鼠藥 miè shǔ yàomie4 shu3 yao4rat poison
23灭音器 滅音器 miè yīn mie4 yin1 qi4muffler (of an internal combustion engine)
24灭种 滅種 miè zhǒngmie4 zhong3to commit genocide; to become extinct; extinction of a race
25灭种罪 滅種罪 miè zhǒng zuìmie4 zhong3 zui4genocide
26灭族 滅族 miè mie4 zu2extermination of an entire family (ancient Chinese punishment)

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